Sunday, February 25, 2007

Be an Inspiration

I was inspired to write a post about.. well.. "Inspiration". I read andianka's post about helping the people who were victims of the storm Reming.. and it reminded me of this topic that's been on my mind for months.

I believe one of the greatest gift one can give to a person is "Inspiration".

We can help people survive daily by giving them relief goods (yes, it's a big help too), some stuffs they need, aid them financially, treat them from this and that. But all that is temporary, after all that... what happens?

Don't get me wrong here ok? It's pretty much important to help them after the storm and give them exactly what they need physically and all that. And I do value and appreciate that there are people who shares and there are people who are getting all they help they need.

What I am trying to share is... that it's also great to give and live like an "Inspiration" to others as well.

It's like a kid getting sick and being treated kindly by a nurse or a doctor and she suddenly gets inspired that she wanted to be like a nurse or a doctor someday so that she could help many people as well.

It's like a kid who has been raised in a poverty-stricken place and that kid meets a person who is very much rich and yet down-to-earth who taught him or even just showed him that it does not need money to have money... and that EVERYONE has a chance to be like him and be MORE than what he is.

It's like Jesus who inspired Christians to live a righteous life (and i mean WHOLEHEARTEDLY) not for the sake of the religion but because it's how they see it fit. And just like Jesus who was an inspiration to His disciples telling everyone "yet, all this you can do and more."

It's like Mother Teresa who inspired many women (as well as men) to tend to the needy and was always sharing about world peace.

It's like Princess Diana who inspired many little girls (like me) to be strong and be a great help to the sick as well.

It's like Jose Rizal (well not the one about him being a womanizer but it could be as well) who inspired other writers to speak what is TRUE for them and was never afraid to die for the country and for what he believed in.

You see, every great person has an INSPIRATION. Every great master that lived in this planet somehow saw someone, envisioned someone that inspired them to be WHO THEY ARE and WHO THEY WANT TO BE.

and maybe even little things you do, might inspire somebody and wouldn't it be nice to hear about them becoming GREAT and achieving what they want someday just simply because one way or another he/she was inspired by something you did...

It's not about the material things that you give, but it's because you gave something to that person's soul to make him do more.

It's what everybody needs... an inspiration... to be who they want to be.

Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be. -Ralph W. Emerson.

To do something, however small, to make others happier and better, is the highest ambition, the most elevating hope, which can inspire a human being -John Lubbock

This world would be a lovely place if everybody inspire each other right?

That's what leaders do...

Leaders establish the vision for the future and set the strategy for getting
there; they cause change. They motivate and inspire others to go in the right
direction and they, along with everyone else, sacrifice to get there. -John
And of course one cannot be called a leader if he/she did not make other people leaders like himself/herself.

We all want to help each other and the best you can do is to inspire and enrich one another.

So, set out and be an inspiration to everyone. Have a great Sunday! :)

{ I just finished Birds of Prey by J.A. Jance. Me and Tin read it together i suppose but I guess she might be busy. Review on ESPRESSO BREAK WP. Don't worry tin no spoilers or anything... on second thought... dont read it tin. Haha. after na lang. Just posted a quote that mentioned PHILIPPINES there. }


Sidney said...

This is why teachers are so important. They are supposed to inspire their students.
But it is true that we can all try to inspire people to do better.
Sidney | Homepage | 02.25.07 - 2:59 am

Eli said...

Nice post.

My father inspires me not to be him.

Pam said...

i really like how you write.


take care and be an inspiration always!

Andianka said...

hey...glad to be an inspiration to your entry. you're making me blush as pink as your layout. anyway, you're right. being an inspiration to others is the greatest achievement we could ever do.

(i was nominated nga pala sa filipino blog ni, help me naman with the campaign oh. hehe...thanks!)
andianka | Homepage | 02.25.07 - 4:49 am |

L.A. said...

Wow Inspiration! Sana ako din maging ganun..Ikaw pa Tina am sure your an inspiration to others.

Wait Tina diba member ka ng NewMaria??? Guess what, Liz yung name nung maker nun at sya yung una kung nakilala sa Starbucks at kasabay ko din pauwi.

Running na yung WP ko kaso hindi pa ako nagpopost dun kasi minsan nagloloko..pero aus naman na...

Oi yun nga xenxa na ha hindi na ako masyado nakakablog hop ngayon...super dami kacng ginawa sa school ang nagagawa ko lang eh yung p[agbblog hindi na ako mabloghop kasi andami kung ginagawa,,,,waaaaaaaaaaaaah

Ah yung ituloy ang isulong, SEO yun search engine kunwari meron kng blog kailangan andun yung word na yun pag ngsearch ka sa yahoo tapos ikaw yung una dun sa particular date...ikw yung mananalo eh kailangan sa dami nyon kasama dun pag snearch yung word na ituloy ang isulong dapat ikw yung no. sa searxh...gets na???

haha amahirap manalo dyan eh...
L.A | Homepage | 02.25.07 - 5:01 am |

Sexy Mom said...

it's true inspiration gets a lot of things going. nice post!
sexy mom | Homepage | 02.25.07 - 7:26 am |

Tresebry said...

ang galing mo tlga magsulat! buti ka pa! ako nabobobo na! haha!
tresebry | Homepage | 02.25.07 - 7:44 am |

Tin said...

Nice post.

Ako naman, na-iinspire sa mga thoughts and moral lessons na nababasa ko sa mga book. Even sa mga movies, like, yung les miserables. Hay. Idol ko talaga si Victor Hugo.
tin | Homepage | 02.25.07 - 8:38 am |

Ghee said...

yeah,inspiration...thats what we need..we could get and we could give to others thru our own special way

Nice post Tina!
ghee | Homepage | 02.25.07 - 9:04 am |

RV said...

inspiration is really effective because it provides a symbolic value to people; even if in surface it seems to provide nothing; it provides deep effects.

people need more than physical sufficiencies; they need some things that they integrate with their lives.

inspiration is great, but then again, people need more.
rv | Homepage | 02.25.07 - 9:50 am |

Chino said...

inspiration seems quite fleeting nowadays.. most of the time something blocks it...
chino | Homepage | 02.26.07 - 12:46 am |

BrVince said...

let's say... helpo the person next to us, baka pala yung katulong natin, we need to help? or the kid just outside our house? or the person next door, who need somebody to listen with?
brVince | Homepage | 02.26.07 - 2:42 am |

Nona said...

Everytime I heared Bob Marley song, it inspires me to live, to fight for my freedom, freedom to speak, my rights...and all.
nona | Homepage | 02.26.07 - 3:26 am |

Robyn said...

Nice entry...
Robyn | Homepage | 02.26.07 - 6:35 am |

Sanipriya said...

wow. i like that. thanks for the thought. nice read.

sometimes, simple things can also inspire others. sometimes, being YOU can inspire others.

ayun, share lang, i was inspired by my mom. i wish i was like her. i recently published a post about it. hehe.

i liked this post. thanks for sharing and continue inspiring others.
sanipriya | Homepage | 02.26.07 - 12:40 pm |

Aisha said...

korek ka jan sis imagine life w/o inspiration nlng ang panget dba
Aisha | Homepage | 02.26.07 - 9:09 pm |

Richmond said...

according nga kay sa Maslow's Hierarchy of needsa... kelangan munang tugunan ang Pdysiologic needs bago and emotional, security atbp.

Kaya nga anf mahihirap hindi nakakapagf areal kasi di nila matugunan ang physiologic needs nila.

Uhm... wala lang...
Richmons | Homepage | 02.26.07 - 10:56 pm |

Nicole said...

nice post ate!!! im inspired by reading your post, tama yan lahat, ang sarap ng feeling if someone treats you as a special inspiration diba? nakooo tumpak ka jan ate, ahihihi.. ingat ka lagi ha.. mwaahh!
nicole | Homepage | 02.26.07 - 11:28 pm |

Angelo said...

What an inspirational post Tina You mentioned a lot of people who have inspired me too, even Princess Di, coz she stuck it to the Monarchy.... I'm a republican (not the George Bush kind though) and hate the monarchy.... I hope Canada will become a republic one day.... But anyways, in your own right, I think you inspire people with your blogs! Cheers :D
Angelo | Homepage | 02.27.07 - 12:35 am |

Mousey said...

nice post! and thanks!
for inspiring us always.
mousey | Homepage | 02.27.07 - 3:22 am |

Dimaks said...

thunders, storms, little creatures like ants inspire me
dimaks | Homepage | 02.27.07 - 3:39 am |

Ann said...

Inspiration is really a big factor in fulfilling our dreams.

I agree with bro vince, minsan kasi ang layo ng tingin natin sa mga dapat tulungan. Andyan pala sa tabi natin ang nangangailangan.
ann | Homepage | 02.27.07 - 6:13 am |