Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Healthy Gourmet

Yesterday, Pearl (who stayed overnight at our house) and I were late for almost an hour for our supposed to be "preliminary defense". As usual, it was cancelled and instead our admin just told us to submit our thesis (Chapter 1-3).

I'm attending a two-day Healthy Gourmet Cooking Class under Philippine Institute of Naturopathic Sciences. All the recipes will be veggies and pasta, basically healthy food. It also talked about Food Safety and Sanitation. I had fun and learned a lot specially about sanitizing food. All the recipes are yum and basically easy to prepare and the ingredients would be easy to find. (Now, I wanna be a chef! Haha. Joke. Just wanna learn how to fix food the healthy way.)

Did you know?

Did you know food that are prepared in microwave can cause illness? It is the most ignored cause of illness. Banned in Russia by year 1976 and is not used in Mcdonald's.

Eating microwaved food:
  • Increases cholesterol
  • Increases white blood cell numbers
  • Decreases red blood cell numbers
  • Causes production of radiolytic compounds (compounds unknown in nature)

You can heat food quickly in a convection oven. It's just an ordinary oven with a fan.

You can also easily and quickly heat up food, even frozen pasta, by using a saucepan with a lid and a little water, to moisten it from the steam.

Did you know that Chicken is the most bacteria filled meat (contains Salmonella and the likes...) while Pork is the most parasite-filled meat?

Do you know how long it takes to cleanly wash your hands? Sing Happy Birthday and that's how long it takes to wash your hands.

Updated:Espresso Break


Pam said...

down ang rakista as of the moment: 6:10 pm..hehehe...experiencing technical difficulties kaya bloghop lang muna..

anyhow..sarap naman nung gourmet chorva na yun..hehe.. yumyum!!

and yes..that microwave thingy is lethal..actually, we seldom use our microwave.
pam | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 5:10 am |

Pot said...

Waw. Trivias! Di ko lam na ganun pala katindi yung microwave oven.. Kaya wala kaming ganyan eh!.. Buti na lang.. hehe.

I want to learn culinary arts this summer, kaso malabo. Haha, daming aasikasuhin para sa shifting..
Pot | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 7:35 am |

Mousey said...

ang dami dami ngang frozen products sa market ngayon. just heat in micro viola! ready to eat. pero di ako bumibili mas prefer ko pa yung talagang lutong bahay.

sa panahon ngayon na lahat na lang ay instant ok daw saving time & energy pero mas mabuti pang noong wala pa ang mga high tech na yan maaliwalas ang buhay.
at kung noon wala naman mga shampoo, lotion at toothpaste nabuhay naman sila.
mousey | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 7:45 am |

Angelo said...

Hi Tina! Good thing you're learning about healthy eating, our Filipino diet is relatively cholesterol and fat rich! But Lechon kawali is soooo good.... I didn't know all that stuff about microwaving, I'm gonna have to look more into that and start cutting down. Thanks for the tips! Have a great day :D
Angelo | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 8:49 am |

Abigail said...

wow galing ah
abigail | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 8:59 am |

Dimaks said...

If you have your own resto, don't forget to treat us ok? :D A 1-treat eat-all-you-can will be nice.

re: pork, maybe that's the reason why its forbidden as stated in Chapter 11 in Leviticus.
dimaks | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 11:24 am |

Glenna said...

waw! wat an interesting class naman! thanks for sharing those things about microwaved food.

glenna | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 12:54 pm |

Nicole said...

hi ate tina!! wow ang dami kong natutunan sa post mo ha!!! nako delikado pala sa microwave mahilig pa naman ako magpainit ng food gamit un, and ung sa pag wash ng hands ganun pala dapat ka tagal gawin ko nga un.. hahaha! anyway.. take care ate tina!! mwah
nicole | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 5:16 pm |

Ychel said...

wow!!! dimaks is ryt wen u have ur resto dont forget to treat us..good tips tho..

if u want some italian recipes i can help my papi is a good chef he cooks sooo well! pasta and everything..lolz..

oh..i heat my milk in the microwave every morning and most of our food..we have that oven but it will took long..

take care tina..goodluck on ur thesis :P advance hapi bee-day!
ychel | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 5:44 pm |

Ghee said...

katakot ka nmn,yun pa nmn ang hilig ko,chicken,pork at beef,lalo na pag steak

pero yun lang ang iniiwasan ko,frozen food na ilalagay mo lang sa microwave oven.i cook kahit na pagod na ako sa trabaho the whole day
ghee | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 7:56 pm |

Eli said...

yayks... no more chicken for me..

tahnks sa info..galing!
eli | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 10:27 pm |

Lalaine said...

thank god ala kaming oven hehe
lalaine | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 10:51 pm |

Chino said...

aaaaww..i love chicken pa naman.. huhuhuhuhu.. panu ang microwave-popcorn?... huhuhuhuhu
chino | Homepage | 02.07.07 - 11:34 pm |

Richmond said...

I only had an hour of sleep last night because of our thesis... and we'll pass it tomorrow.
Richmond | Homepage | 02.08.07 - 1:38 am |

Bea said...

your surely know how to make use of your time.

thanks for sharing those helpful info. ingatz lagi.
bea | Homepage | 02.08.07 - 3:28 am |

Iskoo said...

buti nalang we dont have microwave at home, malakas din naman kasi sa kuryente. ngayon ko lang naman about pork and chicken. nice post, dami akong natutunan.
iskoo | Homepage | 02.08.07 - 3:44 am |