Monday, June 25, 2007

K Loves What?

We finally got our own Green Bag yesterday. :)


Thanks to Ria Jose's comment I knew(for sure) when the DCE would be held:

"The Davao Cyber Expo has been moved to July 4 - 6, 2007. The venue is now in the ground floor of NCCC Mall (Matina/Maa)."

Updated: Coffee Milk

Got this idea from Ate Bea, and it sounded fun.

Go to and on the search bar, write your name followed by the word "loves" and then click the search button... and let's see what would appear from your search.

From mine? :P (I kind of arranged it.. ok? So, it could be a nice story..)

  • My name is Kristina and I am from Douglasville, Georgia.(I am from DAVAO!!) I am a senior textile designer who loves dancing(I am trying to love dancing..), anything that has to do with the arts and music.
  • Kristina Loves The Camera. (uhmm, the camera itself yes... but posing? hehe sometimes lang noh!) Kristina loves creating beautiful family portraits and works on location as a family photographer in Ghent, Kempsville, Churchland, Northern Suffolk.. (yes.. but I've never been to Ghent, Kempsville, Churchland......)
  • Kristina loves cooking for friends, and has been known to whip up a tricky dessert in the wee hours of the morning. She is an accomplished photographer. ( cooking for friends? I wonder if they would love it. tricky dessert in the wee hours of the morning? I only know how to whip up coffee during mornings.. hehe. Accomplished photographer? Now, that's something! )
  • Kristina loves photography, and especially taking pictures of sunrises.
  • kristina loves one tree hill show ( what's that? )
  • Kristina Loves Nerds!!!! (NOT TRUE!)
  • Kristina loves to shop. Really, really loves to shop. Kristina loves to shop so much that she once went missing during an end-of-season sale. (so... uhmm yes... i love to shop.. but getting lost? hahaha. fat chance.)
  • Kristina Contes.(I am not a Contes.) Loves milk. (TruE!!!)
  • Kristina loves a good laugh, smiling faces and Psalm 27. ( nice... )
  • Kristina is a warm, vivacious, fun loving teenager ( could be... hehe..)
  • Kristina is fluent in Croatian(in Bisaya!), loves to travel and is a total bookworm. (true trueeee....)
  • Kristina loves to travel and cook. ( yuppp)
  • Kristina loves reading and planning adventures. (double TRUE!!!)
  • Kristina loves camping, river rafting and mountaineering, as well as ice skating, swimming and gymnastics.
  • Kristina loves every minute she spends at camp,
  • KRISTINA also loves to ride her bike in the park.
  • Kristina loves listening to music ( trueee... but I get less chance to listen to music nowadays..)
  • Kristina loves movies and video games, and spends her little free time with her friends and family
  • Kristina loves Barney, music, and dance
  • Kristina loves yoga. Yoga has given her the ability to fly while staying grounded on the earth. (woo. I'd love to learn yoga.)
  • Kristina loves working with kids and loves to teach them new skills
  • In her spare time Kristina loves to knit touques. (what's a touque?)
  • Kristina loves to pamper her friends and
  • Kristina loves exploring with this game
  • Most of all Kristina loves the life of the mind.

You can also use "needs" or "wants" or even "likes" if you want. :)

All in all I learned that most Kristina's online loves photography, music, arts, movies and adventures. :P Hehe.


cat said...

una ako!!

Looks like you and the other named Kristinas shared the same interest.

CM said...

that looks fun! hehe. How could they predict? :P

Donya Quixote said...

i have moved blahgs. i is conformist. yey. click link for redirection. :D

mousey said...

wala yatang akong nakita heheh kundi mousey koves mousey hahah...

happy monday! thanks a lot for always dropping at my blog tina dear!

bokbok said...

All in all I learned that most Bokbok's online loves photography, music, arts, movies and adventures.


Ria Jose said...

You're going to the DCE then?

bluepanjeet said...

cool. leaves me wondering what my search results would be..

IT Outsource Philippines said...


Tina said...

Hi! I've been seeing your name around blogs and minsan napagkakamalan ko na ako yung ngcomment, but you comment with a small t. Haha. Anyway, Hi! I'm Tina din, and what's even cooler is that my real name is also Kristina. :) How about that? :) How cool. Anyway, I hope you don't mind me linking you. Minsan lang ako makakita ng katukayo. :D God bless!

Ferdz said...

Sinubukan ko sya! Kaso ang weird ng mga lumabas na mga results, me mga flowers, vampires and all. Hahaha

joanna said...

ang saya naman nyan.. matry nga din yan.. hehehe.. nainggit daw ba.. naaliw naman ako dyan.. nagbabasa ka din pala ng mga svu.. dati mahilig din ako nyan kaso wala na akong mahanap na mga may librong ganyan.. ang mahal naman kasi pag binili eh..

ychel said...

hehe! its cool i tried looking mine. kaya lang i dont know wat name to use eh. can be richelle or ychel. ang galing!lolz..haha

gonna try to do this one time. pag alang magawa.haha!

take care tina. :) mwahugs.

fruityoaty said...

Hehe, that Google game is nifty... but it'd never work for my "real first name". My parents made up my name... Everytime I Google my name, nothing comes up except for 2 search results (and only because I used my real name online -- so those 2 are 100% related to me).

Yup, but the good thing is... I'm UNIQUE, lol...

utakGAGO said...

natawa ako sa "kristina loves barney". =)) i used to watch that purple dinosaur and nowadays, whenever i hear that word = IT CRACKS ME UP SO BAD.


wala, nagcomment lang. :)

what's the green bag?

MeL said...

Ginawa ko sya ngaun and guess what.. almost 1.55 million ang search results. Weee.

pam said...

i will do this next time i guess. INTERESTING KAYA siya! haha. :)