Saturday, June 16, 2007

Ocean's Drowning

Random: Don't mind the title. It's not true.

It's me.

I'm drowning!

Drowning in a sea of sale books. Hehe.

It's the 65th anniversary of National Bookstore that's why their hard bound books are on sale for Php65.00. But, I reckon they were all second-hand books, but it doesn't matter it's in good condition plus it has a plastic cover (one thing book sales don't have). I convinced my parents to buy them since, it's so rare to find those books for only 65. Once we were outside NBS, I took my dad to a Book Sale and made him glance at the second-hand books they are selling and the price ranges from 150 - 500. Yes, 500!!! Grabe. Second-hand? 500? Mhmmph. I even saw my favorite author there and it's hard-bound but it's very expensive... it was for 400+. I can buy lots of books with that amount, so I ignored it.

I'm sure there are still lots of 65php hard-bound books in SM NBS. Try checking it out it's beside their magazine rack and they have other books displayed at the entertainment plaza too. Well, at least the last time I checked. I'm not sure if Gaisano NBS have the same promo.


I really want to see Ocean's Thirteen because of Matt Damon, George Clooney, and Brad Pitt. Muwahaha. We were supposed to watch it last week but everyone's busy. I hope it's still around tomorrow and we can watch it together with Dad like we did with Ocean's Twelve. I do hope Mom would join us this time, she prefers shopping over movies and if you force her, she'd sleep inside!! Hehe. Hey, wait ......It's Father's Day tomorrow right? I wonder what I'd cook up for Dad... maybe a tribute for him?


I need to have my own goal book. The farthest I have done... was having it online. I know it helps to have my goals online (and a lot have come to pass because of it), but it's totally different to have a goal book. I have my clear book already and it's waiting. I just need to make it!!!!


Instead of the usual every other WEEK exam our school made it "one exam per month". Now, that's new... but I guess I won't enjoy that much, I'm graduating... D-U-H.


Sorry, I just can't come up with anything clear and constructed.... Oh well.

Have a great weekend!


CM said...

Muka ngang maganda yung Ocean's 13. Nabasa ko sa newspaper na box office nga yan kasi mas mataas pa ang sales niya kesa sa Spiderman and Pirates.

Nagpunta ako sa NBS sa MOA kahapon pero walang sale. Sayang naman. :( bagsak presyo ang mga books!

Wow, you're graduating na! You should be happy! Matatapos na ang schooling mo. Work work work naman. Hehehehe.

MeL said...

Batang NBS ka ba talaga? LOL. Sa Booksale, laging on sale ang books dun. haha. Watch mo na yun Ocean's 13, maganda talaga. :)

Regarding sa Paypal, baka naman may kakilala ka na taga-US (or sa ibang bansa na pwede sa Paypal) then hingi ka na lang ng favor kung pwede sa paypal acct nya ipadala muna. then, padala sayo dba? Sayang ang opportunity, dear. Cash = books. LOL :)

nicole said...

hi there ate tins!!!! wahihihi.. nako happy anniversary sa national bookstore!! woohoo my favorite store!! hehehe.. anyway nice ocean 13.. i want to watch that too... sabay tayo? joke.. hehehe

new layout! i love it!! take care ate. mwah

tina said...

tin: maganda dawww noh? wanna watch it talaga. hehe. naku wala doon ? sayang naman.

haha yeah.. im happy. ahihih.

Mel: naku kasama ako sa NBS book club noon! hinahanap ko card ko for remembrance. ahiih san na kaya un... thanks sa info.. ill try to ask anyone. meantime gamit ko reviewme. ahihi.

Nicole: Hi.. nicoleee! haha. sige sabay tayo! haha

PogiChinoy said...

0o0o0 I definitely want to watch Oceans 13 as well.

But maybe when my leg heals. >_<

joanna said...

ako din gusto ko panoorin yung ocean's 13.. kaso hindi na ata showing.. booksale pa rin ba hanggang ngayon?? parang gusto ko ring bumili eh.. mahilig din kasi kong magbasa..

Ferdz said...

Hey! Gusto ko yung bago mong theme. Bagay! Dito walang sale na ganyan. Gusto ko pa naman bumili ng bagong mababasa

ychel said...

awww!!i love the new layie. simple and soo nice! very relaxing and itsura. :) i love it!

aha! oceans 13. since medyo matagal pa yan baka pirata na lang ang gawin ko.lolz!

ur really book addicted.haha! go and have fun.;)

take care tina..

Bam the Great said...

Tina! :)

Ang galing mo talaga gumawa ng lay-out. :) Ang cool! i love the apple tree look. :)

Looks like there's a mad rush for books. :) My friend Pam bought The Fasting Girl and Racists in SM for less than 300Php. Dalawa na yun. :)

Graveh na toh! :)

Have a great week ahead. :)

Shari said...

Huwawawaw. Shucks. Namiss ko ang mga libro dati sa NBS Cubao, ang price range ng second-hand books dun, P1-35. Sa P300/week budget ko, nakakabili ako ng mahigit 10 libro agad. Kaya mabilis kong naparami koleksyon ko. Kaso ewan ko ba, biglang naging sobrang mahal ng mga libro ngayon. Hay naku.