Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Since, we are all adept in "looking for new opportunities" to make money just around the corner or even to look for something new and worthwhile, we can't help but be tempted to attend two expo's that might inspire us to make our own business. If you are from Davao, why not attend one of them?

This week, there would be two expos of different variety.

One is the Davao City Cyber Expo 2007 which is organized by some people I know. The gathering is a three day event from June 22-24, 2007 and will be held at NCCC Mall (Ma-a). They said this is the biggest "tech themed event" in Davao. So... it's a Wow!

For more info: HERE

If it weren't for Ate Janice who befriended an organizer who happened to pass by our Service Center and gave her an invitation card I would not know about this.

This is the "Food Processing and Packaging Technology Expo 2007" which would be held at Bangko Sentral (Davao City, Philippines) a four day event from June 20-23, 2007 10am-7pm daily.

There are two seminar rooms. So, I can't possibly attend every seminar because I can't be in two places at one time... (and Jhed, if I could have the power this could be one aside from the teleportation thing which would save me money and time... hehe).

So, I am now outlining my "must-attend" seminars which I am interested.. and my organizer will be put to use! Yehey!!!!

Tomorrow, I will attend their "Workshop using Fresh, Frozen and Canned Products for Fresh & Dried Noodle Making with Bonus Recipe: Siopao Making, Kakanin, Puto & Other local Pastries, Pizza-Making, Cooking Rice in Volume for catering, Restaurants & Etc." - Seminar Room A (10am-7pm).

It's a long seminar.... I think I will excuse myself from my one-hour class tomorrow for this. Haha.

For June 21, 2007... I will attend their afternoon session, since I have my Thesis II class which I can't skip. T_T. I wanted to attend the "Innovative Baking" pa naman. Oh well.

1pm-3pm: "Beverage Mixing Seminar (Coffee, Cocktails & Non-Alcoholic Drinks)" - Seminar Room B
4pm-5pm: "Developing Your Own Healthy Fruit & Vegetable Beverages" -Seminar Room B

For June 22, 2007: (Maybe I can skip some seminars and go to the Cyber Expo... Hehe)

June 23, 2007: Coffee Class (11am-2pm) Seminar Room B.

Mind you, all seminars are free and so is the entrance. Sana may food tasting. Hehe. Joke.


Renel!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!

You've been one of my friends...... others may misunderstand you... pero you stayed "TRUE TO YOURSELF". Keep it up Renel... it's what makes you..YOU and I <3 you for that!
Thanks for all the free TAXI rides.... free food.... and all!! haha

SHOUT OUT: Naa ka sa Davao????!! Asa man ka??! I-double treat na lang tamo ni Nessa sa Papa Razzi!

Akoy' napahiya. Muwahaha.


Tina: Oi Renel!! Belated! 19 naman diay oi. I treat na lang tamo ni Nessa *Hey Renel! Belated! It's already 19! I'll just treat you and Nessa.*
Renel: Unsay belated oi? *What belated?*
Tina: Diba, June 18 man ka? *Your birthday's on June 18, right?*
Renel: 19 oi! Hakhakhak
Tina: Ha? Timing diay ko. Perti. Haha. Naulaw ko. *What? So I'm on time.. Haha. I'm embarassed.*
Renel: Ok ra ui naa paman ko camiguin dai kay attend ko kasal ako cousin gahapon. Mga ugma or thursday pa gani ko mag exam madam. *It's ok. I'm still in Camiguin, dear.. I attended a wedding of a cousin yesterday. I think I'll take my exam tomorrow or Thursday madam.*

That's the Renel that I know! hahaha


Avy said...

gabii nag text man toh sya gabii naa daw sya didto sa khuai thai ambot unsa spelling basto kato na to. hehe :D

len said...

hehehe natuwa ako magbasa nung bisaya naalala ko yung mga kamaganak namin sa cebu ^_^ hehehehe ok yung seminar dami ka ma222nan hehehe kaso ang tagal pro mukang interesting naman yung mga matututunan kaya d naman cguro nkakaboring ^_^ d pa ko nkakaattend sa mga ganung seminar hihihi nweiz gudluck ate tc plagi!

CM said...

mukang interesting ang mga expos na yan ah at hook na hook ka dyan. heheheh!

Krisha said...

Hindi ako masyadong mahilig sa seminars eh.. Pero gusto ko yung about sa cooking... Haha! Para matuto naman ako magluto! Haha! :D

des said...

same here tina. am hooked to attending such opportunities. lalo na pag free. hehe.

happy birthday to ur friend!

Kev Cruz said...

Tomorrow, I will attend their "Workshop using Fresh, Frozen and Canned Products for Fresh & Dried Noodle Making with Bonus Recipe: Siopao Making, Kakanin, Puto & Other local Pastries, Pizza-Making, Cooking Rice in Volume for catering, Restaurants & Etc." - Seminar Room A (10am-7pm).

Cool! how about flying over to Milan and cook me a nice dinner (-;
take care...
as for Pizza..I am the King!

Jhed said...

Astral projection yata yun. Haha! Ang dami mo namang mga seminars, buti may time ka pa para sa mga ganun. Galing naman! :)

pam said...

natawa naman ako. tagalog na ang mga comments dito. hehehe. :D

interesting yang mga ganyan ah. haha. naku, if ever may ganyan dito sa baguio, for sure, hindi ako makaka-attend.

hahaha. ^^

nicole said...

nakakatuwa naman ate ung pic mo dun sa sidebar.. ang ganda. may puno pa tlga ha.. ang cute.. anyway workshop??? hhmmm gusto ko din niyan pero full na sched ko this summer dahil sa comp graphics na yan ahihihi.. ingat ka lagi ate mwaaahh!

sweetshamah said...

Hello ate kris!!! bwahaha!! nabasa baya namo ni mama...adto diay ka og seminar..wala ko kabalo...kato siguro tong gitago tago ninyo sa ako...???

Anonymous said...

Ang pinakahuling pagkakataon na nakapunta ako sa isang seminar e 'yung ginanap dito sa Shangri-La EDSA, 'yung samahan ng mga call centers. Siguro mga dalawang taon na ang nakalilipas at 'yun ang naging susi kaya ako nagkaroon ng trabaho dati.

Kenneth said...

Hi! Ate Tina! Natuwa ako dyan sa post mo. Interesting talaga ang expos. :-)
Good luck on ur lyf!

Bam the Great said...

Parang gusto ko pumasok dun sa Coffee Class. Makikiinom lang ng kape. hehe.

cat said...

for sure, there will be lots of free foods for tasting :)

jef menguin said...

REally, life meant to be abundant.

Thank you.

Vicki said...

hello tina,

kanindot sa mga seminars mo....gusto pod ingon ani....basta cooking, baking, and eating of course.

nya free pa sa?...how about tasting...free din?...or siguro free BH....lol

thanks again, and have a nice friday there......sorry tagal naka visit,

bc kaunti, malapit na vacation sa mga bata, kim graduation, sascha field trip-school nila, then bdays nila 2 sa 1st wk of july, kaya utos-utos ang time ko....

thank you for always visiting me...thank you....tc there....

alam mo, masaya ang buhay student...enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

hey there! i am interested in seminars like the one you've attended.. sayang di ako umabot on time.. too late! geez.. anyway im asking favor sana if you have any info about cooking or pizza-making part 2 (sa philippines) reach me out at: yanyany_iii@yahoo.com just wanted to quench my thirst in knowledge :) so much thanks!