Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I choose you!

I was tagged by AVY

List down 9 weird things about yourself and tag another nine.

I cant think of anything that makes me weird, bear with me if you dont think it's weird.

1.) I consider reading books for FUN. Rolling in the bed... snuggled up in covers and then reading a book makes my day. I'd rather read a good book than go "partying" in bars/clubs, (and i have nothing against it, ok? I just have a different definition of F-U-N. )

2.) I used to daydream being a spy, a princess from a faraway land, being a Jessica or an Elizabeth from Sweet Valley...

3.) I can make my ears move. No one taught me how, I was just curious to try it out. It took me hours to practice due to "boredom". And now, it's not that weird anymore because 4 out of 10 people can prolly do it.

4.) I wanna be everything! I wanna be a film-maker, a movie producer, a conductress, i wanna learn how to ice skate professionally, i wanna be a photographer, a music production artist, a scrip writer, i wanna play the violin, i wanna be the president of the philippines, i wanna be an author of a best-selling book, i wanna be a tycoon, i wanna skydive, i want to try bungee jumping, i wanna own a ship, i want a star named after me, i wan i wan .... and so on and so on.

5.) Still a Disney fan even if Im already 18. I Love Disney music, dont really care if they think it's cheesy.... their music just speaks the obvious truth: DREAMS COME TRUE.

6.) Likes to watch horror/suspense movies. Tease my siblings about being scared... but deep inside I am scared too, and I cant wait for the rooster to cry and for the sun to shine. But, my being scared lasts for the day/night I watched the movie.

7.) When I was young, i love to play ALONE with my paper dolls. I lock myself in my room and then make my own story. I dont want anyone disturbing me. (ive outgrown the paper-doll thingy.")

8.) I love it when it rains, if and only if I am in bed snuggled up. *snuggles*

9.) I think therefore I am.

I choose YOU!
Nine LIVES(tagging the NINE): Ate Mayeth, June Mae, Jona, Giovanne, Renel, Johnnel, Jesel, Darlene, and Nessa.

I shall be posting ICST convos that I find funny.

June:What are the different kinds of socket?
Giovanne: ME ME ME! I wanna answer that! Socket sa ulo, Socket sa tiyan....

June: Why are you writing down the answers? You will use it as a kodigoh noh?
Giovanne: As if! You can't even answer exams without kodigos!

Giovanne loves to watch Pokemon. And sometimes he feels like he is Ash and loves to role play in front of everybody in college. The problem is, there are no pokemon's to catch. But of course, for Giovanne, that is not a problem. What, with all the people in our school? Surely, there could be a few pokemon's pretending to be humans lurking in there.

Note: Giovanne is Ash. I would keep the names hidden na lang. The so-called attack powers reflects the personality the students notice.

Ash: Sir ****, I choose you!
Foul breath attack!
: Maam ****, I choose you!
Myriad Attack!
: ******, I choose you!
Whirlwind Attack!
Kingkong Attack!

Renel: You are becoming a monster!
Giovanne: I am already a monster.
Renel: An ugly monster.
Giovanne: I am already ugly and di ako nagiisa.
Renel: You are blind!
Giovanne: I'm not blind, just blurred.

You see, Giovanne wears glasses. Without it, he can't see.


tina said...

omg! !gusto ko din maglaro ng paper dolls nung bata pa tau!! hahaha.. pareho tau.. i don't find it weird. ewan ko.. hnd lang ako ung outgoing na bata!
potpot | 10.25.06 - 8:19 am |

buti na lng may kasama ako! ahihi.. i still have my paper dolls.. ang cute ksi ng clothes nila... but i dont play them. merely for "keepsakes" hihi'
tina | 10.25.06 - 9:14 am |

Avy said...

bwahahha! pareha ta, spy pud kuno.. headquarters nako kay office ni daddy tapos gipangdrawingan nakog maski unsa kanang buttons kuno, kasab-an lagi.. heheheh.. ^_^

more convos..
Avy | Homepage | 10.26.06 - 12:06 am |

Ate Sasha said...


paper dolls, bungee jumping, owning a ship, being a scriptwriter, writing a book... i can totally relate, tina! lalo na sa definition mo ng FUN! hahaha
achie sasha | Homepage | 10.26.06 - 3:12 am | #

sorry that's not supposed to be achie sasha... hehehe... galing kay potpot at yan ang name na nasa haloscan nya
sasha | Homepage | 10.26.06 - 3:13 am |