Thursday, April 26, 2007

Davao Spots

I got tagged by Raine.

Instructions: A tag for Davao bloggers! Honorary Dabawenyos, feel free to jump in!This tag game is about your favorite haunts in our beloved Davao City. Where do you go for much-needed relaxation? What about for working out those flabs? Where do you find yourself when you’re with someone you want to impress? Let’s bring all of these Davao places out in the blogosphere!

Here goes my list:

COFFEE : Figaro

DATES : What ? Mhmm dates? Treat me lavishly... Eden Nature Park. Bwahaha. or La Toscana would be fine. Di naman ako demanding.

BIZ MEETINGS: Our home is good for biz meetings. Actually I don't know... Uhmm prolly Marco Polo.. it's the best hotel in town and perfect for almost everything (expensive nga lang).

HANGING OUT : Lachi's, Our home (again, I don't hang out that much eh, I hang-in most of the time.. ayy ang korny!), and Jack's Ridge very windy and not that far.

PARTYING : I don't know. I don't go out. I never went out.


Breakfast: Paradise Beach Resort (I tried getting up early with the family just to have breakfast at the island).

Lunch: Bigby's (for big appetites), or for eat-all-you-can places? Cafe Marco(Marco Polo)

Dessert: Lachi's or Bistro Rosario *my fave Mango Charlotte*(for cakes or desserts)

Dinner: Dusk till Dawn (for people who love native chicken *they open from dusk pm till dawn am), Ah fat Seafood Restaurant(Chinese resto, yummy food. you can order ostrich dishes or even peking duck if they have one available) & Sen Ton Whan.

Catering: Leandro's

MASSAGE : I never had a massage session.. but I do have a card at some massage center that I did not use.. Heck, I even forgot the name....

WORKING OUT : I don't work out... but there's one place where most of my classmates go "Holiday Spa".


GETTING AWAY FROM IT ALL: Seems like Davao is a place for getting away from it all... Salumay (it's still part of Davao City), Samal Island (be it Pearl Farm, Paradise Island or Malipano *very private*), Loleng's Mountain Resort and Eden Nature Park.

Im tagging everyone who resides in Davao... na hindi pa na tag... and of course to those who visited Davao who wants to do the tag. I'm sure Kenneth would love to do this... will you? Hehe.


sidney said...

I will remember those names in case I ever visit Davao.
Sidney | Homepage | 04.26.07 - 1:52 am |

Kenneth Porio said...

Yey! Ate Tina! Whoo Hooo! )

Yup, Ate Tina, wait for my posts about those some "budget-versions" of the finest spots in Davao. Just watch out!

God bless! Keep blogging!
Kenneth | Homepage | 04.26.07 - 2:02 am |

tin said...

Hmmm,, my pagka-home buddy ka pala tina. I wish I could visit Davao too.
Tin | Homepage | 04.26.07 - 5:14 am |

enoc said...

yun bang mga gusto pumunta ng davao... ayaw mo i-tag? :D
enoc | Homepage | 04.26.07 - 5:36 am |

pam said...

wee! hehehe! sana makarating din ako sa davao. haha.

figaro ba kamo? lol. starbucks ako eh.hehehe. take care! pero i like it there too.haha ^^
pam | Homepage | 04.26.07 - 7:39 am |

bam said...

Whoo! Mabuhay ang Davao. Hehehe.. :P

I wish I can go to Salumay.
bam | Homepage | 04.26.07 - 7:40 am |

Ralpht said...

when i was there in Davao, we stayed there at the Marco Polo hotel. hehe

we also ate at Jack's Ridge, and went to eden. hehe
ralphT | Homepage | 04.26.07 - 8:02 am |

Ferdz said...

Interesting post. Nagka idea tuloy ako kung saan ako pupunta in case na mapadpad ako sa Davao. Heard about Eden Nature Park, para daw syang equivalent ng Sonya's Garden dito
Ferdz | Homepage | 04.26.07 - 9:24 am |

eli said...

hope someday, one day, makarating ako davao.. .. sna magyaya ung sister ng wife ko..
eli | Homepage | 04.26.07 - 2:05 pm |

raine said...

thanks for doing the meme....natuwa ako kc nakabreakdown talaga into lunch,dinner,dessert hehehe di ka masyado mahilig mag foodtrip hehehe
raine | Homepage | 04.26.07 - 10:48 pm |

ann said...

Try mo magpa body massage, nakaka relax...
ann | Homepage | 04.27.07 - 12:37 am |

cat said...

daming pagkain, next destination:DAVAO
cat | Homepage | 04.27.07 - 12:42 am | #

Zherwin said...

tina, kontakin ka namin ha pag nagawi ulit kami ng Davao! :D

yung card mo sa spa, gamitin mo, you'll never regret it. :D
Zherwin | Homepage | 04.27.07 - 1:13 am | #

iskoo said...

mukhang masarap yang Mango Charlotte. sa isang sikat na bakeshop laging mango cake ang binibili ko. di kasi masyadong matamis.
iskoo | Homepage | 04.27.07 - 1:29 am | #

Mari said...

I didn't know there's a lot of places to go to in Davao. I'll remember these names once I amble along down there. Never been to that place. Thanks for all the info.
Mari | Homepage | 04.27.07 - 3:51 am

joanna said...

ang sarap naman tignan nun mango charlotte.. nagutom tuloy ako kahit kakain ko lang.. nyahahaha.. ang saya naman dyan sa davao.. sana one day makapunta rin ako dyan..
joanna | Homepage | 04.27.07 - 8:45 am |

Nicole said...

wow ate mabait na dalaga ka ha... never went out naks!!! ok un ate kesa sa wild diba? hehehe... Davao? well sa totoo lang hindi pa ako nakapunta jan huhuhu... dami pang places sa pinas na di ko pa napupuntahan hehehe.. ingat ka lagi ate tina.. mwah
nicole | Homepage | 04.27.07 - 9:35 am |

angelo said...

oh man that mango charlotte looks goooo-ud! :9 Wow I wish I could go to Davao, if not for that cake, then to see all the cool stuff there. I always wanted to go just to see the Philippine Eagle. My brother and mom went to the Pearl Farm there, they ate sea urchins straight from the ocean! Hope to see you in Davao one day Tina
Angelo | Homepage | 04.27.07 - 5:32 pm |

mousey said...

sana maka apak din ako sa davao! at ikaw ang tourist guide ko hahah... sa panaginip!
mousey | Homepage | 04.27.07 - 5:56 pm |

glenna said...

sana makapunta din ako ng davao.
glenna | Homepage | 04.28.07 - 5:47 am |

sherma said...

nagutom ako dun, ah! hehehe... di pa ako nakakapunta ng davao... huhuhu...
sherma | Homepage | 04.28.07 - 6:07 am |