Sunday, June 17, 2007

Vague Recollections

To a great father I know I would never outgrow.

I may outgrow all my clothes, the sometimes silly books I'm reading, from Korny movies to my shoes... but not You.

I remember the time when I was in grade school and I forgot to mention early that I have to collect 5 different flowers as an assignment for our science class. I remember how you woke up as early before 6am to collect flowers down the street for me, wearing your old blue jacket. I remember, it was my first time to see "Baby's Breath" and that's one flower I won't forget. I remember seeing the pink and white Kalachuchi's that grew beside Water District before. Maybe, that's why I like pink and white.

I remember the time when you picked me up from school and we would ride the bus home. [ We used to have buses as a means to go around the city, but now you only get to ride buses out-of-town ]

I remember how you would tag me along during Christmas parties of the Davao Navy and giving me all the loot with fruits and candies.

I just knew that you were the one who cleared away the wood during the morning before I met an accident in the afternoon when I was younger. Falling 10 feet from the roof down to the cemented ground of our furniture-shop slash house. If the wood was still there... I don't know what could have happened. I don't remember any pain, all I remember was me staring at the plastic roof I went through.... My head and brains were intact. Maybe, that's why I believe in miracles and that I have a purpose to fulfill.

It was your van I saw and I told mom's secretary to drop me there when we were in the jeepney before we met another accident a minute after which killed two of the passengers, but it left me with no bruises or anything. It was then, I knew that it's true how they show accidents in movies how everything stands still during accidents. Where, you can't hear anything but the loud shrill of the brakes when we collided into a bus. It's still fresh and I can still remember the scene. I was so small, the people around who stopped to help pulled me out first crying "Bata! Naay bata! Unahi ang bata!" *A kid! there's a kid! get the kid first* I was so small, they pulled me out from the window and I left TWO of my new shoes which were kind of loose at that time. It was then, that I avoided staying at the front seat for a couple of years because of the impact the seats were pushed forward and they can't move because they were stuck.

Recently, you gave up some of your ballpens and accompanied me to buy the Biggest Ballpen to add to my collection.

A lot more recollections...... that are just to numerous for one post. A lot more to say but words are not enough.

Thank you for the pictures you took. I guess, it's where I have come to love "photography" or maybe just taking pictures for memories.

You may not be that affectionate before(maybe it's the military training) but you are. I see it in your eyes. We see it when you smile and crack jokes. Oh, what with your sense of humor that only a precious few would hear? Your navy jokes.... what you've done during the past.... will stay with us.

Thank you for showing us the path. We are your legacy... and we will live up to it. I know the efforts you've done for building the next generation. We'll see to it we do so with the next.


For all the Father's.... I know who have done soooo much to raise US "kids" UP. I am honoring you too. Happy Father's Day!


OMGsunshine said...

Happy Father's Day to your dad, tins! (:

CM said...

Wow, you sure have a lot of memories with your father. Happy father's day to your dad! :)

Mari said...

What a memory-filled essay for your father. You are a great young lady, Tina, and I'm sure your father is very proud of you. Happy Father's Day to your dad.

len said...

awww =( buti pa kyo ng dad mu ate close na close parang meron tlagang matinding bonding between you and ur dad kmi kc ni papa nung tumanda nko d na ganun ka close eh kc lagi rin xa nsa ibang bansa pro ngaun nman magkasama na kmi ^_^ happy fathers day ate mwuah!

antonette said...

happy father's day!! buti ka pa kasi you grew up with your dad.. me, never had the chance.. =(

ychel said...


happy father's day too to ur father! :)

just like the others i dont have my real father wen i was little. didnt experience anything like being together with him spending time and playing with him coz his always out of the country.which i always wanted to be called "daddy's girl". and after my existence of over 25 yrs here on earth i finally found a new one. got a new dad hu gave me everything i want but the most important is his love eventhough im not her real daughter. :)

take care tina. and have a good week ahead!

utakGAGO said...

this post left me staring at the ceiling.


happy father's day to your dad!

angelblush said...

Keekee: Thanks! *HUGS*

Tin: Ahehe. yeah...cherished memoriess.... ahihihi

Mari: Thanks ate Mari! :)

Len: di naman kami maxadong close. as in super close. Hehe. pero.. im trying too... im sure may memories ka kahit maliit..... (lil memories ko yan eehhh)

antonette: yes, im blessed in many ways... and you are too... pero in a different away. im just grateful for what I have now.

Ychel: hi.. finally knew about your papi as you call him... you always talk about him.... happy papi's day sa dad mo hehe..

Utakgago: hello... im sure you have the same feelings about your dad.. or maybe different... hehe.. whatever it is.. happy father's day sa dad mo!

pam said...

that's really sweet! XD happy father's day sa kanya! mwah! :D

SexyMom said...

we all have vague recollections of our dads. belated happy father's day to him.

mousey said...

namiss ko tuloy sobra ang itay ko sa post mo heheh.

happy father's day sa dad mo!

ganda ng new look! mas ok ito akupado na lahat ang sulat mo.

chase said...

OMG i love your blog's new look and also happy father's day to your dad dear!

sasha said...

Late ako... Happy dad's day to your dad, Tina :)

Love the new look! :)

bluepanjeet said...

I like your blog. it has sensible entries. worth reading :)

Happy father's day to your pop.

joanna said...

nakakaiyak naman yung entry mo.. may kurot sa puso.. im sure na matutuwa ang daddy mo pag nabasa mo yang sinulat mo.. happy father's day din sa daddy mo..

sweetshamah said...

Hello ate Kristine!!! wahehe..kahilak ko sa imong gisulat bah...T___T lol..

"Happy Father's Day" kay papa!!

monic said...

happy fathers day to your dad belated n lng po! anyways ang close nmn nyo ng dad mo and and ang sweet po ng essay!

Jhed said...

Kung ako ang tatay mo, maluluha na ako. That was very well written.

The accidents surprised me. Ang dami mo na palang napagdaanan.

dimaks said...

beautifully said.. greetings to your dad.

cat said...

awwww this is so sweet. Your dad is your angel :)

belated happy father's day to your dad and to the fathers in yourlife!