Friday, October 13, 2006

Hong Kong

Things I learned and noticed in HK.

*They are strong believers of Feng Shui
* Mr. Lee (the richest man in HK) has two sons. One is married, the other is single. (So, is there anyone who wants to snag the single one?)
* Tourist Guides in HK gets commission in any place they take you.
*Armed with a map and a lot of coins, you won't need any tourist guides.
*It is required that you pay in 'coins' and the exact amount(or more) in a bus/tram and if you pay less than the amount you would be reprimanded.
*They have different kinds of transportation, (and I have tried them all). One is the MTR(their train), a Double Decker bus, a normal BIG(single) bus for tourists, a TRAM (old fashioned, British transpo ), a FERRY, and a TAXI.
*Everything is expensive if you keep on converting and you wont get to buy anything. So, stop converting.
*They have different NIGHT MARKETS, and the most EXPENSIVE and the most UNREASONABLE prices among the NIGHT MARKET is MongKok.

MongKok - should be your last stop among the NIGHT MARKETS. Everything in MONGKOK is attractive, but it’s expensive unless you know how to bargain in a Chinese-kinda-way.

Prince Edward - has lots of different stationeries (Disney, Sanrio), cute school supplies that are cheap. Cheap necklaces (but attractive), socks, tithes, shirts, shawls, shoes, boots, original surplus shirts that are not 'so' cheap.

Jordan - you get different choices of colorful, fashionable, imitation watches. They are great buys, cause their watches are cute.

There is a place near Prince Edward, where you get to buy different clothes in WHOLESALE. Everything is cheap, but you cannot get in retail unless they place it in a box.

NOTE: Divisoria and 168 are waayyyy better and cheaper than all those 3 markets put together.

They told me there are still more night markets, but I did not get to visit the others.

*OUTLETS of Giordano, Esprits and a whole lot more is better than all the things available in NIGHT MARKET. Outlets has SALES also. Better look out for those RED-50%-off-SIGNS around you.

*FINE DINING is not in their culture.
*Chinese waiters serves in a 'rude-kind-of-way'.
*Learn how to use chopsticks.
*Korean dishes is better than all those Chinese dimsum/dumplings put together.
*So far, Yoshinoya is the cheapest fast food chain I've seen. (18HK dollars)
*Korean BBQ buffet is the cheapest and the yummiest buffet (60 HK dollars)
*Population: 98% Chinese 1 %Indian 1%(mixed with Pinoys and expats)
*Try to visit the Ocean Terminal, they say artists from the Philippines and other countries shop there.
*Don’t buy from UNAUTHORIZED gadget STORE. If you want gadgets, go buy in an expensive-looking mall, with all the originals there. Don't be fooled by their gadget stores there.

TIP: Before you check those kind of gadget stores, check online (in webs) how much they are selling this camera or that phone from the websites of Canon, Sony, Sanyo, JVC, Nokia, before you buy any phone or cameras there.

*Water is expensive. The cheapest bottle of water I have seen is 2.90 HKdollars.
*Their tap water is not potable. You must heat it first and then let it cool down in a few minutes before you drink it.

*Take a look at Jewelry City....

*All taxis are using LPG.
*If you are riding a taxi and you have a luggage that you placed at the back of it, you also pay an extra for the luggage aside from the taxi meter.

*Visit Ocean Park, and the Avenue of stars.
*DISNEYLAND is GREAT! (It is smaller than the one in Tokyo or US, but it's fun!)

Hong Kong is a good place to visit, but I don't think it is livable. It has all the city lights, it has a wonderful, well constructed harbor, it is tourist-friendly, a fashion lovers haven in Asia, it has green streets (the trees even if the buildings are towering above you.), lots of original outlets of different known stores (Shirley Temple, Rolex, Giordano, Esprit.. etc.. etc.) and everything that makes Hong Kong a wonderful vacation setting.

But, when it comes to actually living in it, for me, it is not that good. And, I have to say, Philippines is still better. I'm not being biased or anything, I just think the people are better here and Pinoys have a different 'overall' attitude than other people, and a better culture and better 'public relation(PR)'.

I am blessed that I am from Philippines, and I am grateful that I am living here.


To travel and visit the countries of the world… to see it's beauty... study their culture... learning their language (just like Rizal. and we are both cute in height haha) is one of my dreams. And I always KNEW that my DREAMS, my FANTASIES, my DESIRES that lies deep inside my heart... will COME TO PASS and WILL HAPPEN.

One by one... you will see the DESIRES (on the left side) will happen and they will all turn red as I crash each one as they TURNED into REALITY.

What are your dreams? Do you believe in the beauty of your dreams? Do you believe you can make your dreams happen?


Avy said...

tiinnaaaa!!!.. salamat sa u know wat.. hehhehe.. :P dali post mo na ung ginawa natin kanina.. hihihi.. i'm excited.. i even plugged that future post of yours in my blog.. hehehhe.. :D
Avy | Homepage | 10.13.06 - 7:54 am

Iskoo said...

dyan ang may pinaka murang giordano. prang SM nila ata ang giordano.
iskoo | Homepage | 10.13.06 - 11:58 am |

Donya Quixote said...

saya naman ng vacation (?) mo!

maganda shopping sa thailand... wla lang...
Donya Quixote | 10.14.06 - 12:00 am |

sabi nga nila... mas mura daw doon. hihi
tina | 10.14.06 - 10:29 am |

Pam and Cruise said...


ang sarap naman niyan! hehe
pam |10.14.06 - 10:56 am |

pagdating sa shopping HK talaga ang the best. pero tama ka sa Divi mas mura pa rin.

pero sa quality ano sa tingin mo ang mas maganda? di ko pa kasi masyado na compare. feeling ko ang supplier ng Divi at HK ay iisa lang (china) ...kutob lang hehehe
cruise | 10.14.06 - 10:03 pm |