Monday, April 02, 2007

Five(5) Natural Emotions - Finale

You've read and totally come to understand the Five Natural Emotions I have shared from a book I've read. But these things are not new, everyone knows this. We just need a lil reminder now and then - (from your responses/comments I have come to realize many things).

We've all come to realize in short that these natural emotions when repressed produces unnatural emotions. Any emotion that causes harm to other people or anything that might bring you harm is unnatural. Most natural emotions have been repressed, we have been taught to repress them.

But, we must all remember that these natural emotions are our friends, our tools, the gifts with which to shape our experience. We should embrace them, and learn how to use them to our advantage without hurting anyone along the way.

Yet, all human actions comes down to two(2) emotions. All human actions are based or motivated at their deepest level by two emotions - love and fear.

All human actions creeds, bleeds into two key concerns - LOVE and FEAR.

The two are the opposite ends of this world of relativity. Every human thought and action, is based in either love or fear. All decisions affecting education, poverty, politics, nations, war, peace, terrorism, and environment, - all choices involving every subject in this world - every single choice we make arises either out of love or fear.

Let us learn how to make choices using love and not of fear. For fear-based actions causes unnatural reactions while love-based actions causes natural responses - and oh joy!.

I want to elaborate more... but I guess I'm running out of words to fully explain everything that's inside. But I know, somehow you're getting what I'm trying to say. :)

To all GRADUATES: HAPPY GRADUATION!! (may be a bit too late, but hey better late than never)

Blessed Lenten Season.... and ENJOY THE REST OF THE SUMMER!


Lhyz said...

maganda yan sis! yung nishe share u yung nababasa mo sa ibang tao.. actually halos yang love and fear magkadikit din yan, sometimes kasi we fear to love.. and sometimes we love no fear.. tama ba? or magulo? LOL.. muah..
lhyz | Homepage | 04.02.07 - 2:55 am |

Joanna said...

hello po.. sorry kung hindi nakadalaw lately busy po kasi.. anyway salamat sa mga entry mo po at madami ako natutunan.. ^_^
joanna | Homepage | 04.02.07 - 4:24 am |

Sasha said...

I so agree with everything that you wrote Tina. We can't be ruled by fear. We should also not rely solely on love. We need to make intelligent choices all the time.


Have a blessed Lenten week, Tina! You going somewhere for vacation?
sasha | Homepage | 04.02.07 - 5:48 am |

Sherica said...

Aww sis thank you for all the inspiring messages you gave me :D.
Sherica | Homepage | 04.02.07 - 5:52 am |

Seiji said...

I like the way you view things... splendid! ^_^;;
Seij™ | Homepage | 04.02.07 - 10:53 am |

Ychel said...

that was a good finale

just love everything u do. it should always comes from ur heart and will always give u joy in the end eventhough u dont get them in return.

tnx again for sharing all this.

enjoy ur summer too. happy easter in advance! i miss u.mwahugs..
ychel | Homepage | 04.02.07 - 5:21 pm |

Shari said...

Hmmm, I don't know if I'm just being too negative about things, but I view love as something very (maybe too much) romanticized in almost any aspects of our lives. The 5 natural emotions make sense, though. Enough should inspire us enough to move forward; and everything in excess can be dangerous, or, as you put it, produce unnatural emotions (although I still have to grasp this idea of having "unnatural emotions"). Nice series of reads though.
Shari | Homepage | 04.03.07 - 6:42 am |