Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Got this tag from Mariel.

1. You're stuck inside Farenheit 451. What book do you want to be?

How do i answer this?

Ive searched about this certain question in the meme.. some believes:

  • it is a book you want to memorize: if that's the case it would have to be The Bible. You see there are a lot of ageless wisdom in the book, that I want to keep in mind forever and also when other people talk about a certain character in the Bible, I can relate. There are a lot of sayings that's been going around in the family like, being a Melchizedek (one that tries to be the middleperson), having your Isaac(Isaac would mean the sacrifice), being Judas (traitor) and the likes..
  • which book do you want to be [saved] ? : Ive seen some meme's adding "saved" at the end.. sooo.. if that's the case it would have to be rawrrr.. I can't think of ONE book to save.. I want to save each and every book in the world!!!
I think the second question makes sense, because I read what Fahrenheit451 (unfortunately, I haven't read it yet) is all about. It's about a fireman whose task was to burn books and houses that hold them and persecute who owns them. Basically it's about an era where books are not allowed (sounds like Equilibrium; the banning of emotions). Sounds interesting.

2. Have you ever had a crush on a fictional character?

Uhmm.. *me thinks* I guess so. Haha. When I was like in fourth grade till H.S. I was pretty much fond of reading Sweet Valley books and I somehow got attached with the characters over there... and basically liking a few guy characters. Hehe.

3. The last books you bought were:

Gideon's Torch (Charles Colson), Season (Constance O'day Flannery), Into the Garden (V.C. Andrews), and Always a Thief(Kay Hooper)

4. The last books given to you were:

*me thinks* If you count me coercing my mom to buy me the Angels & Demons and the Alchemist last January... or the time when my mom treated me and my siblings at National Bookstore and pick all the books we like... till the fat lady sings (unfortunately we only had 45 minutes to go look for books we like that time).

5. Three books that would have made more of a difference in life had I read them years earlier:

I don't think any book would make a difference if I've read those earlier... because you have to basically consider the fact whether you could actually understand it if you read it before or you are aware with what you are reading...

Ive read the Alchemist 2-3 years ago before and basically it did not have a HUGE impact on me when I decided to re-read it again this year....

I believe these books(specially self-help) have come to me at the right time and when the reader is ready... the book will arrive. Muwahaha. (Just like when the student is ready, the teacher will arrive)

6. Three books I borrowed and don't want to return anymore:

Can it be three books THEY borrowed that I want back? haha.

If I have to borrow maybe it's those HP books, but everyone's possessive with their HP books.. no one wants to lend me those. Hah. You wait. I'll buy all seven when I get the $.

7. Three books I wanted to like more:

  1. The Soul of a New Machine by Tracy Kidder (a Pulitzer prize winner) - It's too techie.. and veryyy descriptive.. it bores me!!! I did not finish it.. but I want to....
  2. Digital Fortress by Dan Brown - Uhmm it has the same plot with Deception Point.
  3. Deception Point by Dan Brown - you figure it out.

8. Three books I pretended to have read:

Uhmmm... I don't know... wala.

9. Three books I am happy I bought last year: (I'm making mine four!)

  1. The Charm School by Nelson DeMille - EXCITING. I did not know about Nelson Demille and then when I finally gotten around to reading his book, his book seems to be everywhere on second-hand-bookstores and hardbound for crying out loud. He wrote General's Daughter the one made into a movie... amazing!
  2. Follow the Stars Home by LuAnne Rice - Lovely, heartwarming book. Ever since... Ive scoured bookstores for her novels. Lovely paperback designs as well.
  3. Fortune is a Woman by Elizabeth Adler - nice nice book. love it. (still searching for books written by her)
  4. Games of the Hangman by Victor O`Reilly - Great book!!! Very thrilling. (still searching for books written by Victor. )

10. Three books I wish I had written:

  1. The Icarus Agenda by Robert Ludlum
  2. Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling
  3. The Chronicles of Narnia(all 7!) by C.S. Lewis
Haha Notice something on the list? 2 of them are best sellers making money $$$$$. Bwahaha. If I have to be a writer, it should be something everyone raves about. Haha.

Im tagging Ate Sasha and Arianne (If you guys have time.. kasi mga readers din kayo eh!)


I really want to join the Mount Apo Hike this year... but I guess it's not yet time. Hayyy... some of the family will go climb starting tomorrow!! T_T Next year... I will.. I should!!!

I'll be leaving for Salumay tomorrow. One of the coldest part daw here in Davao... Im not sure if its really part of the city or something....

We will be staying there for a night. Be back by Friday night I guess. :)


Anonymous said...

Hi Tins...

Should i say SEE YOU NXT Year sa Mt. Apo??? hehehe.

Looking forward jud ko ana ha.
I heard 1st borns are going to..
hahaha. Malingaw ko mag huna2x kng manguban mo tanan. toinks!

Cge lang.. kaya ra kau. Spirulina lang katapat ana..

Secret ko yan sa Apo.. Promise, d jud ka dali makapoy! hahaha. Dala jud ana..

- te cARLa -

Ann said...

sana mahilig din akong magbasa :P
pero ngayon ngstart na ako.
ann | 04.04.07 - 11:24 am |

Sasha said...

I am tagged pala! I will do this in my next post, Tina

Nai-insecure ako sa dami ng nabasa mo! Grabe!!! Feeling ko tuloy ano ba naman yung mga nabasa ko? Hahahaha

I will tell you more sa post ko.

Thanks for tagging me, Tina!
sasha | Homepage | 04.04.07 - 12:09 pm |

Random said...

i love harry potter! haha.. fictional character? ako madame akong crushie.. hehe..
yAgi | Homepage | 04.04.07 - 12:56 pm | #

Gravatar hanep ka tlga ate.. book mahilig ka tlga sa books no?

ako nagkacrush nako sa fictional character wahahaha!! kakatuwa no? so ayun mas madami ka na time mag basa kasi summer na yehey!! hehe ingat ka lagi ate.. mwah
nicole | Homepage | 04.04.07 - 5:09 pm | #

Gravatar hey! gonna answer ur tag soon. :P

take care and have a good time. enjoy ur lenten season.mwahugs..

i love the layout..really!
ychel | Homepage | 04.04.07 - 6:53 pm |

tina said...

wow!what a good girl you are,Tina!The Bible!thats great!

goodluck,who knows you might be a best seller novelist someday!go for it,gurl!!

hugs back!
ghee | Homepage | 04.05.07 - 1:30 am | #

Gravatar nyay! all about books hehe sna eh may tyaga din ako tumapos magbasa ng mkakapal na books haii hihih kea pla ang gagaling nyo mag english wide reader po keo naku pagaaralan ko narin na magtyagang magbasa prang andami mo na pong books na nbasa hindi ba nkakalito?? hehe tc po plagi!
len | Homepage | 04.05.07 - 2:33 am | #

Gravatar Summer! That must make me a winter bum then (-;
Take care, my very good friend!
kev | Homepage | 04.05.07 - 2:51 am |

tina said...

ALl comments are originally posted in Haloscan:

Ah, so, you're a bookie. he he he I used to be one, in fact, I have books here I bought last year, but have just read a couple of pages and left it there to gather dust. I have gone to another frontier...ha ha...the same frontier old love--painting.

Wows, you read the Bible? I have one I recently bought, but it's written in layman's language. I thought it's very interesting, but I have not gone farther than 4 pages.
Mari || 04.05.07 - 3:08 am |

it isn't obvious that you love to read.

nice new layout eh? haha galing, hindi halata summer bum ahihi joke lang. great summer ahead! :D
arnel || 04.05.07 - 5:46 am | #

im reading The Samurai Strategies your new layout.. so cool to the eyes!!
dimaks | | 04.05.07 - 7:29 am | #

kagara ng layout! hehehe! summer na summer! ^_^

ako, i like HP 6. men!! hehehehe.
pam | | 04.05.07 - 10:14 am | #

bslitssn mo ksmi kung ns publidh ns book mo, hihihi.

ingat and enjoy the holiday in Salumay...
iskoo | | 04.06.07 - 12:55 am | #

you know what, digital fortress is my least favorite of Dan Brown's but I really like Deception Point

geeez, usually the books I have read are either borrowed or my sis owns it or a gift. Ang dami mong books, pahiramLOL
cat || 04.06.07 - 7:54 am | #

dami dami mo na palang nabasa. Ahahaha! Meron din ako na author si Victor O Reill, yung The Devil's Footprints. Nakita ko sa likod na author din sya ng Games of the Hangman. Parehas din siguro yan nung Footprints kasi thrilling din!!

tsaka yung Deception, balak ko bilin pero dahil nabanggit mo na parehas ng plot sa Digital, Angels and Demons nalang muna. Ahahaha!

The Alchemist unang basa ko, may impact agad sakin. 4th year HS ako nun, and dahil hiram ko lang sya at di pedeng overnight, the whole day. kahit my klase, binabasa ko. Hahaha! Galing ko magtago sa teacher e, kala lesson niya binabasa ko. :p
Tin | | 04.06.07 - 1:57 pm | #

wow that's a whole lot of books! i wish i can be hooked on books like you. i love books, i have time, but i don't have the drive to read so i'm sticking to short stories. haha. nice entries btw. have a fabulous day.
mej | | 04.06.07 - 11:03 pm | #

amazed parn ako, you've read so many books, nakaka-intimidate. hehe.

i should introduce you to my friend lia. i think you'll get along. hahaha.

happy summer. :D
sanipriya | | 04.07.07 - 12:23 am | #

sis ang cute ng new layout mo summer na summer yeeehh! galing naman my gift pala ako sanyo grab mo na lang sa site ko.. muah.. moochess from me
lhyz | | 04.07.07 - 1:33 am | #

it always amazes me how some people can read so many books and remember everything... O_O

it takes me weeks to finish a book, and i hardly even remember the details.
all that sinks in is the basic idea of the story, and the very main characters.. O_O

nice new layout, ate tina. it looks neat.
Mikko | Http:// | 04.07.07 - 5:17 am | #

Gravatar Haha! Mount Apo hike? Sounds interesting! :D
Krisha | Homepage | 04.07.07 - 6:06 am | #

I love to read but now I usually prefer books that relates to fashion like The Devil Wears Prada.

I am such a sucker for SVH before and do you believe that I cried on those stuff before
Chase | Homepage | 04.07.07 - 7:36 am |