Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Going Random 1

Nothing exciting is going on... so I might as well bombard you with Information today... and share five random nothings that might be something. I'll be having this kind of segment when the mood strikes me.. hehe

1. I.T. Parks

Cebu just had their I.T. park... and I was really eyeing Damosa's progress ever since then. I know it would be proclaimed as an I.T. park one day... and it was. Damosa (Davao Motor Sales), is a place here in Davao.... and it is being developed. New establishments opens almost every other week.

Related Topic: Arroyo okays Damosa land as IT Park

2. La Toscana - A taste of Italy

I finally got the chance to dine at La Toscana last April 1, 2007. It is an authentic Italian restaurant... with the Italian owner as it's chef. Lovely, cozy place and yummy authentic Italian dishes.

So, if you visit Davao and you are craving for an Italian dish... drop by @ La Toscana

Review over the place: HERE

3. Photo-Reading

I saw a video about Photo-Reading last night... I got three techniques that I need to work on. I know it's not enough, but-hey I will perfect it and when I get the whole Photo-reading module.. I'd be photo-readig everything! Woohoo.

So.. Watch out my Mushroom Book Stands.. I won't be buying loads of books.. I'd photo read them in a couple of minutes and see whether I want to buy it or not.


Ive seen loads of Korean business people ever since last year. They've been investing loads of money here in Davao, in fact they have already overtaken the investment of the Japs here.

In fact one of our hotels, Apo View was rented for a year by the Koreans... they opened up a Korean barbeque... hmmm that's one place I would love to try.

Info here: Korean Business Chamber in Davao


5.A Mount Apo hiker dies

I saw the news and the video of his drowning. Yes, he drowned at Lake Venado, just below the peak of Mount Apo . The natives in Apo believed the Lake is enchanted, and it was not it's first incident. Many hikers have died when they tried to swim the lake.

Come on, who wouldn't? The lake is 20 ft deep and cold, for crying out loud. The hiker was recovered after 3 days.

So, before you jump-in... safety first guys. :)


Pam said...

first ba ko?! haha. i saw the news regarding dun sa nalunod. kamusta naman kasi siya. hehehe. well. koreans are everywhere. grr.

sarap sa italian restaurant! pam | http://jaded.rakista.uk.to/ | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 12:22 am

Anonymous said...

Whoa?! 20 ft deep?? Who wouldn't be drowned in that cold water? :D
Krisha | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 12:51 am | #

ha, ganun pala kalalim dun... tsktsk...
joy | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 1:22 am | #

I prefer Italian than Korean food. So I hope the Italian business people will follow the Koreans!
Sad story about that hiker on Mt. Apo.
Sidney | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 2:26 am | #

wah! npanuod ko sa tv yung dun sa nalunod! kakatakot nga eh kc bout dun sa mga sinabi nung mga katutubo bout their god ba nagambala daw? chuva?? ayun then sbi ni mama minsan daw totoo yung mga yun
bout the koreans nman hehe naku iniinvade na ng mga korean movies utak natin pati ba nman sa business wakekeke
len | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 3:10 am | #

wow naman ang daming alam na magagandang place.. mapuntahan nga yan hehehehe muah..
lhyz | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 6:49 am |

Jhenny said...

hi tin! i saw the news about the hiker.. i wa s so sorry for what happened to him.. i guess kulang lang sa pag-iingat, and i hope wala na ulet sumunod na malunod dun...
jhenny | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 7:30 am |

Anonymous said...

wooo.. poor hiker... O_O
Mikko | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 7:53 am | #

sis!!! bago ba layout mo??? haha. sorry ngayon lang ulit naka visit. LOVED IT!!! soooo pink hehe. cuuuute :D

SUMMER NA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

iNGAT SIS ay nag update na pala ko.. hehe. Oo isang malaking milagro yun! haha.
bianx | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 7:56 am | #

ang ganda naman ng resto.. i love itallian food! oo nga eh.. madame ang meron sa anime kaysa sa mga real life people.. thankx for knocking me back to reality.. hehe..
yAgi | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 8:55 am

Dominique said...

Re: #10 -- I just had to laugh. Simple explanation knocks out superstition. Love it!
Dominique | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 11:26 am |

Angelo said...

I heard about that photo reading technique. Let me know if it's effective, maybe I should look into it coz I always have a lot of reading to do Not reading for leisure, but for work and aral purposes, so it's not fun.

Wow that's a deep lake, sounds pretty dangerous. Ingat Tina, and have a great week!
Angelo | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 10:33 pm |

Christian said...

Koreans are invading the Philippines! In the university that I enter, your day won't be complete if you won't see a Korean student walking around! Eek!
christian | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 11:41 pm |

Cat said...

morning tin

you're from Davao pala Heard you have great beaches there

just reading your post made me imagine Davao: real nature and the urban jungle rolled into one!

Davao is a very big place,and catering and creating more attractions and services will make Davao more diverse and interesting.

about the accident. Many of us are oblivious to the danger but we take chances and ignore the danger signs. but I cant help myself feel pity for that person.
cat | Homepage | 04.10.07 - 11:42 pm |

Fruity Oaty said...

Korean and Italian - 2 of my favourite ethnic cuisines. OK, I'm food-obsessed, LOL.
fruityoaty | Homepage | 04.11.07 - 1:53 am |

Iskoo said...

nakakalungkot yuung hiker sa mt apo, malamig nga sa lake venado at dahil di naman flowing ang tubig ay talagang ma-burak ang ilalim ng lake. at may mga canal yan na malalalim, hirap ma trap sa mga canal na yan.
iskoo | Homepage | 04.11.07 - 1:56 am |

Mari said...

Sorry to hear about that guy who drowned in the lake. 20 ft is deep, but doesn't matter, some people drown at 5 ft deep if they don't know the water--river or lake. Cool resto you got here.
Mari | Homepage | 04.11.07 - 3:25 am |

Shari said...

Italian, for me, means pasta. And anything pasta is delicious. Although I've never really dined in an Italian restaurant before. I'm more of a foodcourt person. Davao Tuna Grill? :D

Koreans. They're here, they're there there, they're everywhere.

I'll just rephrase this:

So, before you jump-in... safety first guys.

So, before you jump-in... don't jump in at all! :p
Shari | Homepage | 04.11.07 - 4:01 am |

Bea said...

This is one of the things that I like about your blog, sis, I learn a lot about the South.
bea | Homepage | 04.11.07 - 7:14 am |

Raine said...

haven't tried out toscana but have heard good reviews so hope i can dine there soon
interested in korean foods?you can try out kimchi along bajada, you can eat kimbap and drink soju just like in korean novelas/movies
raine | Homepage | 04.11.07 - 7:37 am

Ferdz said...

It's always sad to hear that another fellow mountaineer to die during a climb. Minsan talaga kahit gaano ka kaingat, di mo maiiwasan ang ganyang pangyayari.

Dami na palang karagdagang mabibisita sa Davao. Kelangan ko na talaga mag sched ng trip dyan.
Ferdz | Homepage | 04.11.07 - 10:48 pm |

Cruise said...

talaga palang ang sisipag ng mga koreans, siguro nakita ninla talaga ang malaking potential ng Davao for business opportunity
cruise | Homepage | 04.11.07 - 11:44 pm |

Richard said...

italian restaurant?? ayoko dyan! baka ma-OP ako.. wahahha! i prefer dun sa malapit sa Gaisano yung barbecuehan, yummy! hhehe

yung nalunod? in my own opinion, siguro dahil sa sobrang lamig, baka nagka leg cramps, bikog! hehe.. so yun siguro.. a.. e.. ewan..
richard | Homepage | 04.12.07 - 2:14 am |

Fingertalks said...

hi angel,

thanks much for your "birthday" greetings to my blog! will link you up, ha?
fingertalks | Homepage | 04.12.07 - 2:30 am |

Anonymous said...

Maraming koreans dito sa Bataan economic zone. dominated nila lahat ng industries dito.
Monmon | Homepage | 04.12.07 - 4:12 am | #

Gravatar oh yes. we're being invaded by Koreans. lol
ralphT | Homepage | 04.12.07 - 4:42 am |

Joanna said...

ayan yehey makakapagcomment na ko.. hindi ko kasi makita yung mga post mo yesterday eh.. may error ata.. anyway sensya na po at ngayon lang ulit nakadalaw dito sa site mo kasi umuwi po ako province.. belated happy easter po.. ^_^
joanna | Homepage | 04.12.07 - 7:32 am |

UTOY said...

aba naman kasi 20 ft...korean pa...hehehe
U.T.O.Y | Homepage | 04.12.07 - 9:29 am

tina said...

ano ba yan.. nagcomment ako.. bakit wala?
ARIANNE | Http://cheesecakesugar.blogspot.com | 04.12.07 - 9:35 am | #

Gravatar this things makes me wanna visit teh pinas so much!! its been like 3 years since i was there. huhuhu. summer get aways i hope for.
monic | 04.12.07 - 3:00 pm |

Chase said...

I think the IT park in Cebu was built since 2000 or something like that. But it was populated with classy bars and pubs.

I havent been to Davao yet but I hope I can soon.
chase | Homepage | 04.12.07 - 7:50 pm |

Zherwin said...

hi tina, drop by from fingertalks' site.
looks like there are a lot more to see in davao, when i went there five or six years ago (work related) i've only been to the airport, marco polo, client, the venue, marco polo, the tiange fronting the hotel and then airport again. masyadong exciting davao trip ko no? hehehe.

hope to go back again and explore the place.
Zherwin | Homepage | 04.12.07 - 10:00 pm |

Anonymous said...

thanks for the info! i hope something i can visit cebu,davao basta dyan. di pa ako kasi nakakapunta dyan.

happy weekend tina!
mousey | Homepage | 04.13.07 - 1:39 am | #

Yeah, Ate Tina, SAFETY FIRST>>>

I am totally went weirdo when I decided where to study when I am in college. Read my blog entry and give me an advice, college stude ka naman, e!

Check out my new layout on May! Hope you would enjoy!

(Hint: The layout will have the Sun on it! (and it will be quite EMO.) :-p
Kenneth | Homepage | 04.13.07 - 5:02 am | #

Si tin2 ko naman, while pushing the trolley sa supermarket may hawak na book yan nagbabasa at bago kami makarating sa counter tapos na nya yun. then babalik sa book section at iba yung bibilhin...hehehe.
ann | Homepage | 04.14.07 - 1:43 am |

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