Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Summer's Here!

Summer's Here! Haha. (As if I am soo into summer!) One good thing about this summer is.. I have no summer class. Zilch. Nada. Hah.

To all those blogger friends of mine who alerted me about "the-layout-glitch", thank you! :) If, it weren't for you guys.. I wouldn't have known. I guess the previous layout went gaga when you viewed it in IE or something. (I'm using Mozilla -_-)

Just so I could feel the "summer wave", I poured out a freshhh new summer look. A bit pinky and orange-y... yes. ( Sorry, to all pink-and-orange haters. Hehe)

I have soo many pending tags to-do. Ill be posting two. The other one by Mariel would be tomorrow. hehe :P


Tagged by Blogie:

3 or 4 funny things you do to relieve stress. When deadlines are fast approaching but you’re not even halfway through. When your boss is on your ass like a crazed bullrider. When you feel your salary (or allowance) just doesn’t fit your preferred lifestyle. When you partner feels he/she just isn’t getting enough from you.
Im not sure if my list would be funny....but doesnt matter. Here's what I do when I'm stressed:
  1. Obviously, I would go and read a good book. Nyahaha. (Relax and see a movie would not work for me).
  2. ICE CREAM (Vanilla) - nothing's funny about this though.
  3. and uhmmm.. space out, daydream till i doze off.
Tag: Avy, and Ychel

This is one weird tag.. I can't mention whoever tagged me... :)

1. Your lunch today - Sandwich / Choco -Vanilla Cheesecake (YumYum)
2. Last movie that you have seen? - The Core
3.Song you never got tired of listening - Remembering You - Steve Chapman
4. TV show you are watching right now - not watching... I'm in front of the PC!
5.Missing someone, a boy, perhaps? - Haaaa? Cguro.
6. Movie you want to see this month - Sooo manyy!!! I wanna watch every movie in planet earth (hayy ang korni)
7. Last song you heard/watched on MTV - I can't remember. But uhmm the last song I heard was uhmm it goes like this... "Walk on by.... walk on.. walk on by.."
8. You want to eat - Cake CAKE..did I say cake?
9.Ever cried because of a boy - Sekreto aron bibo! hahaha.
10. First movie you’ve ever seen in a movie theater - Cant remember. Ahh movie theater?? Lion King i think.
11. First blog you’ve visited today [excluding yours] - Dwinny
12. Do you want guys to be the ones who’ll make the first move? - Yeah
13. Ever had a crush on someone of the same gender? - Huh? Nope.
14. The last person you’ve ever taken a photo of ? - My sister.
15. Did somebody ever say you were good at cooking? - waaahhh.. the question is Do i cook? :P

That's all for now. Its late. Woot. Woot. :) Blessed Lenten Season. :)

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Congratulations Winners!!!! :)

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1 comment:

tina said...

ALL Comments are from HALOSCAN

Oy! Great template redesign. Love the new look. So summery.
Dominique | http://villageidiotsavant.blogspot.com | 04.03.07 - 7:21 pm | #

wow.. ang cute ng bagong layout.. :D
joy | http://bungisngis17.blogspot.com | 04.03.07 - 8:00 pm | #

summertime!!haha,your new lay out is lovely!mozilla din ang gamit ko kaya super ganda ng former lay out mo sa akin

cake lover ka rin pala?LOL!ako rin,kaya lang,medyo nag titiis
have a nice day,Tina!!
ghee | http://akoni.info | 04.03.07 - 11:26 pm | #

I hate pink. but i love your layout and crazy over the color orange. haloo. so any plans for the summer?
keekee/janine | 04.04.07 - 12:16 am | #

ahhhwww nice ate!! wala kang summer classes thats nice!!! wow summer na summer na sa blog mo ha.. hehehe.. you really love to read books dont you? pabasa naman nung libro na assign sakin then kwento mo sakin ahehehehe... joke lang. anyway thanks ate sa pag sagot ng TAG ha.. ang weird no bawal sabhin kung sino nag tag wahahaha!! ingat ka lagi ate.. happy vacation!! mwaaahh!
nicole | http://chikikay.us.to| 04.04.07 - 12:30 am | #

Gulat ako pagbukas ko ng blog mo...hehehe. Ang saya ng hitsura. Bakasyon na pala. Enjoy!
ann | http://appleofmyeyes.kadyo.com | 04.04.07 - 12:41 am | #

WelloW, Ate Tina!
Sana magkaroon ka sana ng isang award for a very inspiring blog. (Uy... nagpapa-impress!)
Super love ko ang pink & orange... so summery! :-D (Buzz: May pink na ako na t-shirt! Yehey! After 48 years... :-p)
Good luck on you summer life! :-D God Bless!
Kenneth Porio | http://kenneth4u-stellar.blogspot.com/ | 04.04.07 - 1:41 am | #

hay.. summer na at mas acyive ang blogosphere during summer.. almost everyday may post unlike pag pasukan almost twice a month lang..
peter | http://princepeter.wordpress.com/ | 04.04.07 - 2:00 am | #

wow! danda danda na ng layout! cute! summer na summer! hehe naku ate buti kpa narerelax sa books ako naku lalo yatang na sstress hehehe pro yung ice cream hehe tlagang pampagaan ng feeling lalu na ngaung summer haiii hihihi tc po palagi!
len | http://lensylgrey.chikikay.us.to | 04.04.07 - 3:02 am | #

you know what, you should be awarded, you should be included in the Blogger Awards(tama ba ang blogger awards?), really no kidding..
the color is girly but not too girly, like it
cat | http://whiskersandfurs.wordpress.com | 04.04.07 - 4:40 am | #

nice layout! happy summer!
jhenny | http://jhennypie.blogspot.com | 04.04.07 - 4:45 am | #

summer is fun! :D
may | http://rightwingfashion.co.nr | 04.04.07 - 5:22 am | #

Have a super cool summer vacation, Tina. Your new layout is refreshing.
Hermie | 04.04.07 - 5:39 am | #

tin | http://esophoric.blogspot.com | 04.04.07 - 6:12 am | #

summer for me = halo-halo :D unfortunately here now in Japan, this weird cold climate never seem to have left yet.
dimaks | http://skamid.wordpress.com | 04.05.07 - 7:27 am |