Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I never thought I could be tagged by this because I'm not a mom. Hehe. But.... the one who tagged me .... Ate Mari thought I should write about what I think about my mom and what she does...

Rules: Put up a post "Real Moms (insert what they do here)", followed by an explanation, a photo, and a "Real Moms. Making...". Then tag five people.

A real mom loves unconditionally. Whatever it is that you do(crossing the line, annoying them to bits, being stubborn), they might punish you but their love stays the same.


A real mom disciplines with love. This goes with loving unconditionally.

A real mom is a treasure..... she is like a diamond that sparkles.

A real mom talks much. I remember a quote I found online....

"Some mothers are kissing mothers, while others are scolding mothers, but it's love just the same, and most mothers kiss and scold together." (and my mom is the kiss-and-scold-type)

A real mom has a TOUCH different from others. We often hear people call it the "mother's touch". It sure is different... because they are made of tenderness....

A real mom knows.. a mom understands what their kids won't say.... they know... because they are intuitive.

A real mom shows the path.... and lights your way in the dark. What with all the love they show.... the discipline... the talks.... it is for our future....

So.. I am supposed to tag five people...

I'm tagging Ate Serey, and Ate Ann (I know you both are busy but... do this when you have the time.. hehe) and I'll be tagging the singles: Katia, Krisha, and Joy.

Enjoy the rest of the SUMMER! (Oh and this Saturday and Sunday.. it's back to Salumay for me... with 3 of my friends-turned-biz-partners)


Anonymous said...

Ate Tina!!!

Yes... a perfect entry for the approaching Mother's Day...

Please promote my blog to your friends and/or to some people you can trust to support it. Thanks!
Kenneth | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 5:03 am | #

thanks for sharing! loved this post!

i remember i have a related article on mothers. i will post it soon.
dessy | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 5:06 am | #

Ditto!! Ditto!! ^_^m/
Seij™ | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 6:11 am | #

kelan ba ang mother's day? haha
ralphT | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 8:58 am | #

Yiheeee. I love my mom, and I love Tina. =)
Pot | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 9:01 am |

Anonymous said...

Wow! So true! I really admire moms. They inspired their children. Kelan nga ba mom's day?
Tin | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 9:34 am | #

hey yah!! hehe..been a while since i last commented and have visited ur site. im doing good and my dudes here.haha! tnx a lot for the concern and prayers.

well, i just had a fight with my mom this weekend! it was really bad..but yeah wat uve posted was all true. very well said. tak care tina..i missed you.hehe! have a great week..mwahugs
ychel | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 7:19 pm | #

kagagaling ko lang sa site ni Mari,pwede rin naman palang tag ang hindi pa mom.

your mom is a good one i love that love unconditionally.

haha,mom talks much!! well,we need to,per0 ako,pag pagod na sa kasasalita,dinadaan ko na lang sa pakikinig at smile sa kanila,hehe
ghee | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 8:48 pm | #

hehehe, I like the part Real Mom talks much sweet
cat | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 10:16 pm | #

hey ate tina!! nice.. true yan lahat para sa mga moms.. our moms are simply the best!!! hehehe... ingat ate.. mwah
nicole | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 10:53 pm |

tina said...

ralphT: sa may ung mothers day

Pot: Hehe. love you too! hhee

Tin: yup yup. Its on may i think

Ychel : oops sana ok na kayo ng mom mo.

Ate Ghee: haha.. mom do talk a lot... pero ok naman un... thats what makes a mom din dba? hehehe

Cat: somehow... kailangan din natin i appreciate .. ung mga ganyan nila hehehe

Nicole: yup yup. Simply the best!!! t c..
tina | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 11:02 pm |

Zherwin said...

familiar ka ba sa song na Daughters ni John Mayer? ganito yung chorus nya:

"Fathers, be good to your daughters
Daughters will love like you do
Girls become lovers who turn into mothers
So mothers, be good to your daughters too"
Zherwin | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 11:11 pm |

tric said...

Hi! Blog hopping!

I was touched by this post. I wish I had this kind of relationship with my mom.

Anyway, take care!
tric | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 11:14 pm |

Shoshana said...

Tina, what a nice tribute to your Mom. I hope my daughter can say the same. I try to scold less, but my daughter gives me almost no reason to scold. I do not know why she isn't super spoiled. She's the only girl in 5 children, and we live next door to my sister who only has a son.
Shoshana | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 11:14 pm |

Mikko said...

my mom's the loudmouth-scolding-always holding back- at times, KJ- did I say loudmouth?-and unsweet- type of mom.

but yeah, i could still feel her mom-ness despite it.

sa kanya cguro ako nagmana, sweet at silent worker for other's welfare pero stubborn ipakita sa buong katauhan.


my dad's the real mom-like attitude.
sweet, in and out.
always gives me stuff.
teaches me stuff.

frankly, i'm closer with my dad, but i love them both just the same. :]
Mikko | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 11:19 pm |

tina said...

Zherwin: di ko pa narinig yan ah... try ko search yan... hehe. nice lyrics

Tric: hi tric! thanks for dropping by.

Ate Soshana: Hehe you have a sweet daughter.. im sure you raised her up well.. :P

Mikko: hehe... daddy's boy ? hehe. naku... we all love our parents just the same. hehe
tina | Homepage | 04.17.07 - 11:59 pm |

Anonymous said...

My mom passed away on april 25, 2003.
Monmon | Homepage | 04.18.07 - 12:38 am | #

Korek! Moms love unconditionally, doing and giving everything w/o expecting anything in return.

Tag din ako ni Mari dyan...hehehe, baka abutan ng mother's bago ko yan masagot, super busy nga. But thanks for tagging me. Gagawin ko yan.promise.
ann | Homepage | 04.18.07 - 12:40 am | #

nice tribute to your mom. loving daughter! =)
may | Homepage | 04.18.07 - 12:48 am | #

Hiya hiya! :D true! I love my mom... awwww.. haha! You tagged me! :D haha! :D Gonna make the post now! Adeiu! :D tama ba spelling?
Krisha | Homepage | 04.18.07 - 12:56 am | #

2 na kayong bloger ang nabasahan ko ng ganito, talagang the best ang mom, kasi di mauubusan ng decription para tawaging real mom sila.
iskoo | Homepage | 04.18.07 - 3:18 am |

Mari said...

Oops, I missed this one.

I knew you could do it. Right on, girl. Everything you said about moms is right. And you would know the other side when you get there.

Thanks for doing this tag.
Mari | Homepage | 04.18.07 - 7:43 pm |