Sunday, March 18, 2007

Davao Blogger's Party 1

We made history!

That's what they said last night when we attended the first ever Davao Blogger's Party. It was the first blogger's party organized outside Metro Manila.

When Jona and I arrived at NetFront Cafe (it's the newest internet cafe/coffee shop in the city), we saw Avy, Pearl, Red and Ced outside. It took us a couple of minutes before actually deciding to go inside. You see, we were the "shy bunch". Nyahaha. Anyway, we mustered up the courage... actually it was Red who went inside first.

Before, we went inside we got the chance to finally meet up with Bam. Hellooo Bam! It was soo nice meeting you there and finally hearing you chatter. :P Legendary, it's what Avy would call it. Really. Really. Nice meeting you there. Thanks for helping us out at the Google-lympics.

We met Mr.Blogie, Mr. Dominique, Mr. Jun , Ria and a whole lot more. People from Bisaya Bloggers were there as well. Most of them are aquainted with each other, already and most of them are a friendly bunch.

What I enjoyed most were the presentations, because I learned a lot. It was actually worth the blogger's time because they gave out tips about how to make maney just by blogging and more.

Mr. Blogie presented the DavaoBlogs. Ms. Aileen Apolo the Google Representative of Philippines was there and everyone got the chance to ask her about "Google Adsense/Adwords". She talked about Web Marketing. Mr. Abe from Yugatech, presented the Blogging Best Practices and Ms. Janette Toral of Digital Filipino, presented the Digital Filipino Club.

So, you see aside from the "socializing" and the "getting-to-know-you's" we were there to learn from each other as well. It was a fun night, although I was sooo silent most of the time. Hehe.

Before they ended the party we had the "Google-lympics" which actually took up most of the time but gave others, those who did not participate the chance to be aquainted with each other.

Bam and Mr. Dominique of VillageIdiotSavant won the most-wanted shirt from Google, while Pearl and I both got the Stiks and Stones game from Google.

I'm sorry no pictures. I'm soo lola, forgetting the camera. Rawr. Anyway, I'll be scouring other blogs for the pictures they will upload. Hehe. :)

Credit: the picture with the bloggers was from Mr. Dominique.

All in all it was a great night! :)


Anonymous said...

try thg

Ria Jose said...

EY! Glad to have met you too. I hope we'll see more of each other. ;)

L.A. said...

Wow am glad na naganap na yung blog party nyo dyan haha ang say noh? madami akong nauwing goodies nung blog party namin yehey! ikw din Abe pla andyan hmmm ang saya...yan at least parehas na tayong naka punta sa blog party...wla b kayong site nun sa blog partehh nyo???
L.A | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 3:56 am |

astrid said...

wow, ang saya naman nun!
astrid | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 4:17 am |

Kneeko said...

wwooww wow... EB sa Davao.. pede man ba kami dira Tins? hehe Sadya ah..
kneeko | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 4:35 am |

Janette Toral said...

Indeed, Davao bloggers made history last night! Congrats to all of you and hope you can join us also at iBlog3!
Janette Toral | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 5:09 am |

Richmond said...

Bataan blogger party kelan kaya?

isa lang ang kilala kong taga bataan na blogger... her's been blogging since high school... kaso medyo tinatamad na syang magsulat eh.
Richmond | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 5:12 am |

kat said...

hey there! didn't get the chance to meet you last night. was really a great experience being at the party.

and like you, I've been scouting blogs for some pics as well...heheh..
anywyz..hope we get to the next party, most probably.. link ex tayo ah? tc.
kat | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 5:20 am |

BrVince said...

naks eh? ok kaayo, unta na na pud sa summer para ka-attend pud ko hehehe.... :D
brVince | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 5:21 am |

Blogie said...

hi guys! i'm sooo glad you enjoyed the party! so next time you'll be there again, right?

some pictures i took are now up at Ang Dabawenyo.
Blogie | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 6:03 am |

Iskoo said...

mukhang naging nasaya ang bloggers party, oo nga daw pwede nga daw kumita sa pag-bo-blog nice
iskoo | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 6:23 am |

pam said...

Gravatar nice, saya naman! glad you had fun!
pam | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 7:20 am | #

Dwin said...

hehe.. cool ha goolge-lympics..
dwin | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 7:26 am |

ghee said...

that was nice Tina!not just an ordinary EB but blogger meeting as well.I only know Bam and Avy

not only socializing,but learning how to make money out of blogging huh try payperpost na rin,Tina,you have all the qualifications nman,my first and last post??hahaha,was approved finally,tamad lang akong mag take ng opportunities nila.dont forget to click the badge below my entries,get paid to review my post,para u become one of my referrals nman

you are silent pala?
have a great week ahead,gurl!!
ghee | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 10:07 am |

Dominique said...

"Mister" Dominique? Hmmm....

Dominique | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 10:37 am |

eli said...

im sure nag enjoy kayong lhat jan.. saya talaga no?...

you and sheng lang alam kong taga davao,.. but i guess she's not there...
eli | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 12:59 pm | #

Dimaks said...

wow very remarkable event.. congrats! indeed you got valuable tips on internet marketing share naman dyan, hehe.
dimaks | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 2:50 pm |

Utakgago said...

wow pati ba naman sa davao may blogger party na!!!

ahihi, nakita ko si avy sa picture! galing ko talaga. hehehe.

sana sa bulacan rin.
utakGAGO | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 5:10 pm

ychel said...

im soo jealous! lolz..sana meron din yan dito!haha..then its nice u have so much fun..sana ako rin..gusto ko mamit lahat ng blogger friends ko

have a great week tina! tnx..mwahugs.
ychel | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 8:38 pm |

katia said...

wow! asteeeg, blog party for Davao bloggers? galing naman,. never been to one before.

i guess its really great to be able to meet personally those people you just have know from the net..

haha, eh di know now how to earn money through blogging?
tC sis!
k a t i a. | Homepage | 03.18.07 - 10:33 pm |

ann said...

Sayang di ako naka attend...hehehe.

After the EB lalo kayong magiging close nyan.
ann | Homepage | 03.19.07 - 1:43 am |

Joanna said...

wow may Eb pala ang mga bloggers.. parang masaya ata yun.. ako kasi di pa ko nakakasama sa mga ganyan kasi 1 month pa lang ako nagbobog.. hehehe.. ay sis inadd na pala kita sa link ex ko.. ^_^
joanna | Homepage | 03.19.07 - 1:45 am |

Aisha said...

waw history.. sa davao hehe mukang enjoy syng la pics hehe
Aisha | Homepage | 03.19.07 - 3:59 am |

Nicole said...

nice ate you really had made a history hahaha.. nice buti nag enjoy ka ganda nman ng GOOGLE thing.. hehe.. ingat ka lagi ate.. mwah
nicole | Homepage | 03.19.07 - 8:10 am |

kev said...

Sounds like you had a really good time! I've never heard of the google-lypics...but then again I've only been blogging for a couple of months!
kev | Homepage | 03.19.07 - 8:10 am | #

Sidney said...

Nice to hear you had a great time at the Davao blogger’s meet.
I am a bit skeptical about making money with your blog. Abe claims he makes a lot of money but I still wonder how this is possible.
But, you can always try.
Sidney | Homepage | 03.19.07 - 9:01 am |

tin said...

Wow! Nice event. Davao Blogger's party! I hope there will be a blogger party here too, in metro manila. Hehe.
tin | Homepage | 03.20.07 - 12:16 pm |

raine said...

it was cool but too bad we really didn't get the chance to know all those who came, nag-baryo2x man gud cge lang next time around ...
raine | Homepage | 03.21.07 - 10:37 pm |

Shoshana said...

Wow...I am finally very old at 34...all you guys look vedy, vedy young!
Shoshana | Homepage | 03.22.07 - 12:40 am |

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