Friday, March 02, 2007

Not another TEN movie.

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(This tag took about 3 days)

I revealed my 5 secrets (that ended up in 6) and then my 15 amazing facts daw... and this time 10 strange/weird habits...

“Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!”

ano baaa? ano baa ang strange sa akin ?

Weird Reading Habits

  1. Whenever I am reading a novel I usually have 3 notebooks beside me, a pocket dictionary/thesaurus(which comes in handy when I'm reading classic books) and a pen. One notebook are for the words/places/things that I just encountered while reading the book along with their meanings. Second notebook are for the sayings I like and it usually includes what book it came from, and who said who. Third notebook are for the funny/sarcastic lines, and conversations.
  2. I have two big dictionaries which I started to read from A to Z before. Then I found notebooks... lots of them here at home. Which gave me an idea to segregate the interesting people, mythological characters, Bible characters, foreign languages, characters of Shakespeare's plays, Arthurian legend characters and many more into different notebooks writing them down one by one... but I did not get to finish it....
  3. If I share a story(from a book I've read) to someone and then someone happened to be eavesdropping people would think it's a movie.
  4. I love to read about Science and History before. I've read the 21 or 22 books of Childcraft and another series(just like Childcraft) i forgot but its all about Science.. from cover to cover when I was a lil girl maybe that's where Ive started to crave for books..
  5. This is not a habit but it's a fact: Once, my mom threatened to burn all my SV books cause I read too much love/spy stories and not those business books she had. Nyahaha. (But now, mom is pretty much cool with it. In fact she would surprise me with a few books Ive been ranting about like when she bought me the Da Vinci Code, and Memoirs of a Geisha to stop me from babbling about it.. nyahaha)
  6. I have a notebook full of TRIVIAs and FACTS.

  7. I'm running out of Weird Reading Habitss are my random "weird" habits.

  8. Whenever I watch 24, I pause/stop it once in awhile to write all their conversations.
  9. I can't sleep with only one pillow. I need two or more. But two can be just fine.
  10. I use the blanket but I leave my feet in open air... unless I'm scared.
  11. I don't wear make-up. But I have a couple of make-up that were given to me and that my mom trades it for bag or shoes. Nyahaha. Actually at the picture below you would see the lipsticks my mom wanted to have.. nyahahaha
Anyway, got four boxes from my aunt (who is a silent reader of my blog by the way) in California.... and this was what I got from her..

Thank YOU!! I love the two bags specially the green one.. so trendy. Mom eyed it twice nyahaha and Darlene too.. I will let her use it as well.. cause I think she really likes it. :) Thanks for the book. :P

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Ann said...

Bookworm ka talaga, but good for you para lalong lumawak ang vocabulary mo.
ann | Homepage | 03.02.07 - 3:23 pm | #

Gravatar Ako rin gusto ko yung lipsticks...hahaha!
ann | Homepage | 03.02.07 - 3:24 pm |

Ferdz said...

Wow! You're a certified bookworm. Wouldn't want to play scrabble with you. haha.
Ferdz | Homepage | 03.02.07 - 7:47 pm |

Dimaks said...

Bumili ka ng Guiness book
dimaks | Homepage | 03.02.07 - 9:15 pm |

Angelo said...

You're so good! That's a great way to learn, I wish I was so masipag when it came to reading

I also need 2 pillows to sleep, you're still too young, but when you start to need lots of pillows to be able to sleep, it may be a sign of congestive heart failure hehe.... anyways.... what a nice aunt you have! Keep up the great work
Angelo | Homepage | 03.02.07 - 11:21 pm |

Ghee said...

Those explain why you are smart,Tina!You are an avid reader.I do that too,when reading,I have my notebook to take down those interesting words/phrases

Lucky girl to have a nice Tita.Those stuffs are cool!!
ghee | Homepage | 03.02.07 - 11:41 pm |

Eli said...

husay mo naman.. gayahin ko ung notebook and a pen.. ako kasi basa lang ng basa.. kwento lang kinukuhan ko..

try reading the Dark Tower series.. para may kakwentuhan naman ako re: dun..
eli | Homepage | 03.02.07 - 11:48 pm |

Sidney said...

I agree with the others. Super bookworm & smart!
You must be a living encyclopedia!
Sidney | Homepage | 03.03.07 - 5:44 am |

Pam said...

dumaan! ito muna gamit ko. down ang rakista.

anyway, kamusta naman ang pagja-jot down ng conversations.hehe.
pam | Homepage | 03.03.07 - 7:19 am |

Mousey said...

smart girl!

i like also taking down notes some new words and sentences that i encounter while reading and if it is newspaper or magazine i love cutting them out. hahah..
mousey | Homepage | 03.03.07 - 7:45 am |

Aisha said...

wehh ntwa tlga ako dun sa reading part mo grabe! haha
Aisha | Homepage | 03.03.07 - 8:23 am |

Nona said...

how I wish kasing sipag mo ako magbasa Tin...and huh! with different kinds of notebooks to jot down. no wonder, you're a smart girl.
may secret reader ka pala, saya naman may cool gifts pa.
nona | Homepage | 03.03.07 - 11:15 am |

Monique said...

ate ur a certified bookworm.
and about the pillow things. i cud never sleep with one. when i tot that was weird heheheh. buti n lng
monique | Homepage | 03.03.07 - 12:32 pm

Ychel said...

hala! siguro pinanganak ka ng may kakambal na libro..haha! kidding :P

well, just read and read then tell me the stories..lolz..

im out of town this weekend eventhough im still not feeling really well. but im doing good dont worry.lovyah tina.mwah
ychel | Homepage | 03.03.07 - 8:08 pm |

Mics said...

books, books, books... never pa sa life ko ang nakabasa ng kumplete kahit isang libro lang. -.-'

anyway, mustasa sis? :P
mics | Homepage | 03.03.07 - 10:29 pm |

Sasha said...

I can totally relate! Except that you're too masipag to write down those things you mentioned. Ako naman I try to write down those beautiful lines pero sometimes I forget, lalo na when I'm too absorbed with what I'm reading
sasha | Homepage | 03.04.07 - 1:40 am |

Tin said...

wala rin akong hilig sa make-up. Hindi nga ako nag popowder, or lipgloss. Kaya pag nasa banyo ako, onting suklay lang, solve na! Hahaha!

Bookwarm ka talaga sis. Haha! So far, ano ang naging pinakagusto mong book? Magaya nga yang ginagawa mo. yung 3 notebooks,. It looks fun. :P
tin | Homepage | 03.04.07 - 4:51 am |

Bam said...

Hahaha! Gusto ko magpa-tag. hehehe.
bam | Homepage | 03.04.07 - 11:16 am |

Nicole said...

hi ate tina!! nako nice one kasi talagang dapat may dictionary and thesaurus tlga sa tabi para alam ung mga words na hindi alam diba? hehehe!!! ingat ka algi ate.. mwaaahh!!
nicole | Homepage | 03.04.07 - 6:38 pm |

Bea said...

hey dear tina! pareho tayo sa number six. i used to have notebooks of trivias and facts. then i also have a notebook for current events info. i'm so fond of general information kasi. USED TO because since i started working, naging super busy na ako, hindi ko na masyado naasikaso. wag ka na lang muna dumalaw sa blog ko kasi wala pa ring update. suuuuper busy pa rin ako. pero di makatiis na hindi dumalaw dito hehehe
bea | Homepage | 03.04.07 - 8:19 pm |

ara said...

wow.. cool stuff
ara | Homepage | 03.05.07 - 6:41 pm |

Andianka said...

oh im so jealous you get to receive a not able to get one coz i havent found time to search through booksales or bookstores lately. kaya nga hooked ako sa bloghopping ngayon.

hehe! finally nabasa ko din entries mo! have a nice day!
andianka | Homepage | 03.06.07 - 10:16 am |

Chris Eriz said...

heheheh galing naman

maganda yan para ma-improve yung vocabulary mo at para lumawak ang iyong knowledge

heheheh pati mga mythological creatures? me too. i am also fascinated with both fictional and real creatures.

ako sinubukan ko gumawa ng 20 words of the day araw-araw. di rin natuloy heheheh. mahina kasi ako sa vocabulary

kaya nga sinusubukan kong magbasa ng iba't-ibang libro para mag-improve yung grammar at vocabulary ko

pwede ka na gumawa ng website ng mga quotes ng mga palabas at novels heheheheh

sensya kung ngayon lang ako nakapagcomment dito

anyhoo may bago na kong blogs. lumipat na ko.
chris eriz | Homepage | 03.12.07 - 12:56 pm |