Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Movies and Chips

It's supposed to be a marathon but then they arrived kinda late and I guess last night most of them had A LONG NIGHT so we watched only 2 movies. Renel, June, Avy, Kath, Jesel and I watched One Missed Call 3 and The Covenant. Screaming our heads off with the scary/funny-movie. Scary and funny is what happens when a movie attempts to be scary and your friends would laugh it all off making jokes and a lil scream here and there when the phone rings with a message that says "Death excemption by forwarding". And as usual like all Japanese horror movies it's confusing and you'd know all about why-this-why-that in the end (but it's still confusing).

Nothing would beat the movie "The Eye Infinity". We were expecting it would be scary but it was funny in a good way. Nyahaha. Really. You better watch it... but don't expect it will be that good but for me at that time it was funny... and whenever I remember it, it makes me laugh and I'd share to all the people around me why.

Movie Reviews will be up at Espresso Break WP.

I don't know why some of you can't see my post but if ever one day you can't view it just refresh it maybe it did not load or something.


Dwin said...

I am downloading nowwwwwwwww The Covenant and The Secret.. hehe glad u had fun today.. loads of chips haaaa? u not scare i will call u big ........... hahaha ..
dwin | Homepage | 03.07.07 - 10:39 am |

Mousey said...

hahah... nagbaon ka pa chips sakaling very scary sa chips na lang ituon.
mousey | Homepage | 03.07.07 - 11:19 am |

Sexy Mom said...

after the marathon movies, a review?
sexy mom | Homepage | 03.07.07 - 2:01 pm |

Chino said...

the shittiest movie i saw was the village.. shitty
chino | Homepage | 03.07.07 - 2:29 pm |

Mics said...

miss ko ng manuod ng sine at kumain ng nachos, cheese at jalapeƱo. hehehe...
mics | 03.07.07 - 5:46 pm |

Ychel said...

aha! im gonna try those movies..

take care tina.mwah
ychel | Homepage | 03.07.07 - 6:06 pm |

Ann said...

Mabagal lang syang mag load at nauunang lumabas ang side bar mo pero konting tyaga lang lalabas din yung post.
ann | Homepage | 03.07.07 - 7:09 pm |

BrVince said...

asa mo nitan-aw?
brVince | Homepage | 03.07.07 - 9:38 pm |

Angelo said...

I have not watched a movie in so long! I think the last one I saw in a theatre was Superman Returns, I need to get out.... at least have a movie night in or something, sounds like it was a fun night Tina! I love scaring people during horror movies, it adds to the experience hehe
Angelo | Homepage | 03.07.07 - 10:49 pm |

Sidney said...

Scary movies... not really something for me!
I might not sleep at night after watching a horror movie.
Sidney | Homepage | 03.07.07 - 11:23 pm |

Andianka said...

even if i wasn't scared at all... once i watched a horror film i end up having nightmares. promise... they all stick into the head or something. but im getting used to it somehow.

liked the covenant... not that grand, but still okay for a movie trip.

waaaah! matagal tagal na din akong di nakakapag movie marathon... sigh! :D
andianka | Homepage | 03.08.07 - 12:15 pm |

Eli said...

sige, once mabasa ko sa Expresso Break ang review ng The Eye Infinity.. panoorin ko.. gandahan mo review.. hehehe...

(dapat iba sa books and iba sa movie..
eli | Homepage | 03.08.07 - 1:43 pm |

Katia said...

Haven't watched both movies,

but i remember watchin one missed call 1 with my classmates, we were screaming our heads of, and then followed by laughter, watching horror movies are sure fun! haha, yeah, japanese horror movies are really confusing..

is one missed call 2 and 3 better than the first?

Dimaks said...

these days im more inclined to watching old kung fu movies dated back in 1970s.. barely the year that i was not born yet
dimaks | Homepage | 03.08.07 - 7:03 pm |

Ghee said...

ngayon,kita ko na lahat ng post kasi wala nang virus pero wala namn akong problema opening your site eversince

very confusing nga ang japanese horror movies,pero mas affected ako kesa sa english horror films,mas natakot ako kasi yata dito ako nakatira,feel na feel ko

I havent watch it yet.late kasi kami,Ill remember your tip
ghee | Homepage | 03.08.07 - 10:54 pm |

Ferdz said...

I also enjoy japanese horros. Some kinda makes you think, hindi lng puro gulat
Ferdz | Homepage | 03.09.07 - 8:13 am |

NOna said...

scary movies? ewan ko ba kahit sobrang nakakatakot hindi ako natitinag? paano kinokontra ko kaagad na hindi tutuo eto, movie lang iyan hahaha! weird ano?
nona | 03.09.07 - 9:57 am |

Mauwy said...

ahm. nakakatawa nga yung one missed call. mejo hindi kapanipaniwala,, pero mapapaisip ka talaga.. eheheh... [:
Mauwy | Homepage | 03.09.07 - 10:46 am |

L.A. said...

Tina am back! yehey! haha wow nmn movie marathon! ako sa summer pa makakapag ganyan andamiko png dvd d2 eh super! haha!

oo nga ang gulo ng mga japanese movie nakakalito!!

am back na!
L.A | Homepage | 03.09.07 - 12:19 pm |