Friday, March 16, 2007

Araw ng Dabaw (Davao) 2007

Thanks for all the "Get well" wishes. I'm fine, better than last Saturday. Hehe. Maybe my body just want me to rest. Hehe.

Oh and by the way it's Bryan's Birthday!!! Happy Birthday Bryan! Thank you din sa mga comments and sa pagbisita! (Tindi Birthday mo... kasabay mo ang Birthday ng Davao. Hehe)

I was browsing some news headline about a certain website that the PNP in Davao had. Soooo, me and my curiosity checked it out, it's at

If you are a Davao resident who wants to report a crime or provide the authorities with information but wants to stay anonymous you can simply log on to the site and fill out the online citizen complaint form.

Aside from that the directory for the different police station in Davao can be seen, along with the operating units of Davao City Police Office, the gallery of the most wanted people in the Philippines, and the most wanted of Davao as well, some crime prevention tips, police news and other information involving DCPO.

The site could also be very much vulnerable to pranks. DCPO Superintendent Jaime Morante warned the pranksters, that if they are caught filing false information to the police they will be exposed and charged criminally just like what Mayor Rodrigo Duterte did to 911 prank callers.

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One of the most awaited events here in Davao is "Araw ng Dabaw". It is more like Kadayawan, although Kadayawan is much more festive compared to this celebration. I actually forgot it's Araw ng Dabaw.

Schedule of Activites March 8-12,2007 and March 13-25, 2007

No classes today because of the City Parade held every year....

There are lots of trade fairs, party, music festivals, in store for everyone citywide.

And of course it is just quite fitting that the Davao's Bloggers Party would then be held this month (actually it is tomorrow).

The Davao Bloggers Party #1 is the first time that blog writers, enthusiasts, newbies and even pro-bloggers in Davao will get together and party! The Davao Blogspace currently hosts more than 30 blog feeds, but surely there are more out there, and this is what Party #1 is all about. It’s a shout-out to the world that there is an active, thriving community of bloggers in our beloved hometown.

For additional information: Davao Blogs


katia said...

hello there tina! glad to hear you are fine.

wow, astig! may ganyan pa kayo sa Davao! galing naman/

parang ang saya tuloy magpunta dyan.
katia* | Homepage | 03.15.07 - 11:28 pm |

Jhenny said...

happy davao day!
jhenny | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 1:02 am |

tin said...

hi tina! im glad you're fine now. happy davao day!
tin | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 2:34 am |

Seiji said...

Hi there. I can see your concern with your fellow citizens. ^_^ How thoughtful. By the day, Hapi Araw ng Dabaw!
Seij™ | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 4:37 am

kev said...

Sounds like a good idea reporting on-line...shame about the pranks! Here in Italy, you have to go to them...wait for hours and then get treated like crap for wasting thier t preciouse time! All because I was rude enough to get robbed!
Have a great weekend!
P.s When are you going to take up Skydiving?
kev | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 4:52 am |

dimaks said...

Maligayang araw ng dabaw.. ive never experience kadayawan festival. How I wish I had the chance when I was in the Philippines.
dimaks | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 5:12 am |

L.A. said...

wow araw nag dabaw!! as in dabaw talaga ang ispeling ha hehehe..

oi ano pla nangyari sa Blog Parteeh nyoo?? Kelan ba yan??

mabuti nmn at aus kana...
L.A | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 6:43 am |

ara said...

wow... see you there tina... I hope we could meet... can I have ur mobile phone number?
ara | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 9:14 am |

ann said...

Ang saya nga siguro ng festival dyan. Basta alam ko ang Davao ay isang napakalinis na place di ba?
ann | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 11:01 am |

ninong said...

saya naman dyan... hmmm... makapunta nga ng davao mamaya...dyan na ako mag-aalmusal... hahahaha... :D
ninong | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 11:17 am |

Arianne said...

ang saya ata ah.. haha. miss ya sis!
arianne | 03.16.07 - 11:42 am |

ychel said...

wow! hapi dabaw day to all of u there :P

good ur feeling better now take care always and have a great weekend

mwahugs..tanx alot tina. ill be fine in time tnx..hugs..
ychel | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 4:58 pm |

Chino said... parties... hope one materializes here for flip bloggers.. :P
chino | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 6:03 pm

Tresebry said...

huwaw! ispesyal mention pa! haha! matindi tlga burdei ko! madaming kasabay! hahaha! salamat sa pagbati tinaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! :D
tresebry | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 9:25 pm |

Angelo said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better Tina ooo that police website looks interesting! ang high-tech naman ang PNP ng Davao! I hope you post pictures of the Davao festivities, I've never been but hope to visit one day! Have a great weekend
Angelo | Homepage | 03.16.07 - 10:54 pm |

keekee said...

sounds very interesting. :D
keekee/janine | Homepage | 03.17.07 - 1:21 am |

Richmond said...

Bataanb Day is not celibrated here in Bataan that way.
Richmond | Homepage | 03.17.07 - 2:07 am |

Sidney said...

Glad to hear you feel better now! Just in time for the town fiesta and the bloggers Party. Enjoy !
Sidney | Homepage | 03.17.07 - 2:45 am |

Joanna said...

hello po.. ang cute po ng kulay ng blog mo.. link ex po??
joanna | Homepage | 03.17.07 - 3:34 am |

Kenneth Porio said...

Ok, people miss events at some circumstances. Well, being a Dabawenyo is far too beautiful. I tell you that.

I joined Rice Bowl Journals! (at last!) I converted my commenting to HaloScan! Bet you would comment on my posts! :-D
Kenneth | Homepage | 03.17.07 - 4:12 am |

lhyz said...

hello tina how are you? miss you.. anyways, belated happy 70th araw ng dabaw!
lhyz | Homepage | 03.17.07 - 4:56 am |

iskoo said...

mahusay ang mayor nyo, sana ma-fan-out sa buong pilipinas ang mga proyektong ganyan para maging mayapa or at least mabawasan kaguluhan sa Pilipinas.

napanood ko sa tv yung ilang parada na nagawa dahil sa araw ng davao, maganda, sana isang araw makapunta kami at makita g personal ang masayang event na ganyan. goodluck the blogger's party!
iskoo | Homepage | 03.17.07 - 5:30 am |

pam said...

sosyal naman!! haha! buti ayos ka na!

enjoy the party.
pam | Homepage | 03.17.07 - 6:51 am |

Nicole said...

Happy Bday sa friend mo ate!! hehehe, anyway nako kakatakot un sa Davao, talgang dapat ireport nila kung may mga nanyayari na hindi dapat diba? hehehe, ingat ka lagi ate.. mwaaahh
nicole | Homepage | 03.17.07 - 11:32 am |

Ferdz said...

Hay! Kelan kaya ako makakapuntang Davao. Hehehe. Glad you feel better. Balitaan mo kami sa mga makikilala mong mga bloggers ha
Ferdz | Homepage | 03.17.07 - 12:31 pm |