Monday, March 19, 2007


The "7oth Araw ng Dabaw" went really well and was practically safe despite the "bomb threats", what with all the 1,500 police and military personnel who were deployed and fielded to various comvergence in Davao City . Surely, it would be another one of those "safe-moments". You would see military/police officials in every corner and certain random check-ups everywhere.

The City Parade was pretty much eventful. The organizers made it like a diorama, they wanted to ensure that the Davaoenos would be educated of the Davao's rich history as well as entertained.

The weather was great(compared to last year's rainy parade), it was gloomy at first but the sky brightened up by 9am.

Since, we are nearing the election .... the organizers have warned that the parade and the rest of the highlights of the Araw ng Dabaw 2007 celebration would not be open for the politicians to campaign.

"What are you really driving at Tina? Enough ad-libs already."

But despite the warning, the festivity was swarmed with politicians and politician-wanna-be's like R.G. who actually wore his campaign red and blue shirt that shouts G_ _ _ . Just fill in the blanks. It was soooo obviousssss!!!! Really. And, there were politicians who never attended previous Davao festivals but they were there just to be seen. Sheeeeeshhhh. -_-

I'm sure Mayor Duterte was not pleased when they showed up. But, he was actually fair when he was interviewed.

"I cannot prevent anybody from greeting us, from greeting the people of Davao City," he said. "This is a free country and this is not an exclusive exercise for the city where we can bar anybody from joining the stage."

But... but... it was sooo obvious. They were there for the campaign... to show-off their faces. They had their own personal agendas as to why they would attend it.

Soo... to the next city who will have their own celebrations/festivals before the elections be prepared for a politician's smiling i-wanna-lure-you-into-voting-me face.

and isn't it quite fitting that my Quote for the Day in my sidebar is:

Politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians. -Charles de Gaulle


Ychel said...

yay! finally im the first one to give u a comment. i think dabaw's day was really fun and it would be better if the politicians wasnt there. lolzzz

take care tina. mwahugs!
ychel | Homepage | 03.19.07 - 4:52 pm |

Ghee said...

may comment box na,yehey!wla to kahapon eh..

i really wanna visit your beautiful city someday,i wanna see the festivals/parades.
nice to hear that you had a great weather during the celebration.
ghee | Homepage | 03.19.07 - 8:52 pm | #

Sasha said...

Similar thing happened to Panagbenga, Tina. Funny nga kasi they are so plastic! Imagine, kunwari interested talaga sila in joining the parade pero after being elected, they cannot be bothered with the same festival anymore.

Davao, Davao, Davao... basta within the year andyan ako for sure! Magkikita ba kayo ni Kuya Vince?
sasha | Homepage | 03.19.07 - 10:31 pm |

L.A. said...

Haha well thats politics too dirty for humans haha! Ganyan talaga malapit n yung election eh...haha

mejo repost yun kaso yung ma lng hindi yung buong post by request eh..
L.A | Homepage | 03.19.07 - 11:44 pm |

Iskoo said...

narinig ko na nga yang warning sa sana hwag bahiran ng pulitika ang imporantent event na yan, pero mukhang maraming pasaway, dapat sa kanila ibitin patiwarik sa kakulitan, hehe
iskoo | Homepage | 03.20.07 - 5:19 am |

Astrid said...

i hate it when politicians actually show off just for campaign...i think some festivals are best left alone by politics please!!
astrid | Homepage | 03.20.07 - 6:17 am | #

Sidney said...

"Politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians."

Nice quote! True!
Sidney | Homepage | 03.20.07 - 10:06 am |

Jhenny said...

oh well politicians... hay ako i hate polotics talaga much more politicians.. pare-pareho lang sila diba.. hmmm pero i will vote pa din sa election
jhenny | Homepage | 03.20.07 - 11:19 am |

tin said...

sheesh, i hate politics, as well as politicians.
tin | Homepage | 03.20.07 - 12:20 pm |

dimaks said...

clowns always know where to make play
dimaks | Homepage | 03.20.07 - 2:38 pm |

Camille said...

Gravatar oh well. yaan mo na. ganon talaga pag election na e.
camille | Homepage | 03.20.07 - 10:43 pm | #

joanna said...

pasaway talaga mga politiko.. they will grab any excuse just to campaign.. hay nako!!
joanna | Homepage | 03.21.07 - 12:48 am | #

Tresebry said...

haha! ayoko sa mga politician ngaun! pero pag ako naging presidente ng pinasm, uunlad buhay nio! :D
tresebry | Homepage | 03.21.07 - 1:37 am |

chelsea said...

sounds fun. wish i was there
chelsea | Homepage | 03.21.07 - 8:10 am |

Angelo said...

I hate politicians!! Let me guess, were these politicians former actors!?! I hate that even more! Where are the intelligent, educated, and regular people that should be running governments? Just because your face is familiar to the people does not mean you are qualified to lead the people! Sorry for the rant but I just really hate politicians....

Glad to hear the Davao festivites went well. That's cool that you had a blogger meet and greet party! Take care Tina, stay away from politicians
Angelo | Homepage | 03.21.07 - 8:17 pm |

kev said...

Please exuse my ignorance...but what is the 'Araw ng Dabaw'?
Ciao ciao
kev | Homepage | 03.22.07 - 9:37 am |

bam said...

Hahaha! hi Tin!

Politics IS getting on my nerves na rin talaga. Iba talaga ang atmosphere pag election noh? Tsk. Keep safe.
Bam | Homepage | 03.22.07 - 10:38 am |

ara said...

so, I was told by my parents not to cry on small things cause my sadness lasted so long w/o even crying, I just kept my grief but it's not okie pala, dapat let it out pala.. well tnx tina, it helps my inner personality to be healed ... I'm in a great pain right now!hehehe
ara | Homepage | 03.24.07 - 5:13 am |

chelsea said...

its a given na talaga na pag election sa pinas eh parang circus. naalala ko nung flower festival sa baguio, andaming mga politicians nung parade. kesyo naka bakasyon daw sila. sus. like who would believe them?