Monday, November 26, 2007

a Bash

Nov. 24 - Yhe.

I went with my sister (darlene) and big bro (Kuya Dave) to Yhe's debut. It was held in a restobar and it was closed just for her. Wow. eksklusib ai.

We were the "early birds". So we went upstairs (since it's open air) and you get to see everyone who will arrive. The moon was just shining behind us - and it was full.

It's been months since everyone got together. The "Firstborns" I mean. Most are in college already and very unreachable. Or not everyone tries hard to reach each other because everyone has his/her own life and very busy. We had a fun time updating each other about a lot of things.

I absolutely love Yhe's gown which was designed by Ate Jill and for some unknown reason wasn't in the party.

I like her concept. She actually gave tribute to people in her life, which made me (I can't say all) teary-eyed.

Nov. 26 - meeting Uso

I never really had a thing for dogs. Yes, they are cute and all.... but to actually imagine raising up a pet needs a lot of things - dedication + responsibility.

Uso is this big "Alaskan Husky Wolf". Whenever he is on a street everyone would inch away from him. That was my first impression as well. It is quite unusual to see one on these parts and so he became the "talk of the street".

But, his aura is just so different. He actually looks adorable. He is still in his 2 years. :)

Basta if ever I would want to have a pet... it would be one like Uso. Hehe. :)

I reckon, he is not an easy dog to handle. His fur coat and size screams "high maintenance". His house needs to be air-conditioned because of his fur. He needs to eat a lot. If he goes hungry he might eat you. (at least that's what I heard)

I remember 8 Below if I saw Uso makes me teary eyed once again. T_T

Thank you to Richard of Pulse Circle for including me and giving me the "You're an Amazing Blogger" award. thank you. thank you.


MeL said...

Can I see her gown? Na-curious ako bigla. :)

I love dogs!! Though I've never had a dog pet in my entire life but still I love them. I find them cute and adorable and friendly (sa amo). SO is that a Siberian Husky? I heard they have to stay in an air conditioned room nga or else they may die of heat stroke. Bilib ako s mga dog lovers na parang "anak" na nila kung ituring ang mga pets nila. Nakakatuwa. :)

Mari said...

True about dog eating "you." The wolf/animal part in him would still dominate and overcome him. Rottweilers and pit bulls are among those who are known to attack their own master. Get a chihuahua. har har har

Christian said...

Hmm... I'll also attend a debut party. Hopefully, it will push through despite the standoff in Makati today. I hope the situation would not get worse.

ferdz said...

That's one good looking dog. I really like pets, they somehow relaxes you a lot and you don't feel lonely with them around. Hehe

dimaks said...

i have a phobia of dogs :)

sherma said...

alaskan husky... what's the difference between an alaskan and siberian, aside from the breed? hehehe... pero nagagandahan ako sa siberian husky... though takot ako sa dogs... hehehe...

fruityoaty said...

I also find it hard to set aside the time to see my cousins and friends lately. Everyone has different priorities, busy lives.

I like dogs, but if I got one... it wouldn't be a big or "active" one. Too much high maintenance. A lazy small dog, LOL... yeah.

Anonymous said...

Shocks. Matatakot ako sa aso mo. Haha.

ychel said...

hey! how u doin? its been a while since i drop by here.

ive read ur previous blog about the travel to europe. sorry to hear about it but i guess its a blessing in disguise for u coz that time the weather here is really not good. everything just happened for a reason. goodluck! and i hope to see u here next year.

i love dogs. :) we have 5 dogs in the phils. hehe!

take care tina.mwahugs.

tina said...

Mel: di talaga siya gown. parang cocktail dress lang.. ill show it to you te.

Mari: Haha. chihuahua na lang ano? :P

Christian: what situation? oh the coup de etat? ;p

Ferdz: Haha. right about pets relaxing you.

Dimaks: me too.. before.

Sherma: Hehe before takot ako.. lagi kasi akong hinahabol. T_T

FruityOaty: Yup yup.. everyones so busy nowadays. everything have their own season anyway.

Gerome: wag! he is a nice dog really.. hehe

Ychel: i hope.. milan is our stop next year. Hehe. excited na sana ako makipag meet sa iyo eh. pero ok lang... HUGS... missya! tc

Dony Quixote said...

wow! what an adorable dog! i want one!


pero mukhang high maintenance nga.

rawr nanggigigil ako.

pam said...

that dog is so cute! haha! pero i'd probably freak out pag nakaharap ko na yang ganyang klaseng dog. xD

palink naman yung domain ko.. but please dont delete mystiquememoirs. thanks tina! :)

Mon said...

Uso... I love the name.

richard said...

your welcome tina.. deserving ka naman eh.. :-)

kneeko said...

woooww ganda ng aso ah.. ayos pa ang name.. asong uso hehehe

ghee said...

Hello Tina,
swerte naman ng friend mo,exclusive ang restobar for her :)

i like dogs pero may trauma ako sa malalaking aso,i prefer the small ute ones :)

take care always dear!

Mon said...

Napanaginipan kita kanina. Hanggang balikat ko lang daw yung height mo sa akin.

Pepe said...

Wow Alaskan Malamute....! Ito yung ginamit nila sa Snow Dog na movie Tin....! Actually kung laking pinas sya, sanay na sya sa init ng panahon dyan coz we have three of these before kaya lang nabundol ng trysikel ang isa so we only have two.... Their names are SKY, PEPE,and BLUE kasi blue ang one eye nya.... Pero ang talagang gusto ko ay yung German Shepherds.... Tulad nung dog sa Rin-tin-tin....! I'm planning to ask my friend to help me breed them sana kung matutuloy lang uwi ko this xmas kaya lang hindi.... I was planning to buy 3 GS puppies tapos gagawin naming breeding business.... Mahal ang puppies nun ha, 15 to 20 thaw yata ang isa....! =D

Heart of Rachel said...

That's a beautiful dog. Yes, 'Huskies' need lots of caring especially in our climate. I've seen several in the dog shows I've attended.

I love dogs. I've had small dogs in the past but they died of old age. I have black Labrador named Bruno.

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