Sunday, December 31, 2006

Farewell 2006

What a year! 2006 is about to end and the whole world’s about to welcome 2007 with a big loud bang. Although there are no loud, sparkling fireworks here in Davao since they are banned, well that gives another New Year minus the fireworks. J

This year made me experience a lot of “firsts” in my life.

Last year was my first time to celebrate the new year out of the house… and into the Nationwide Family Camp we endured for days *from Dec. 25 – Jan. 1* How’s that for a holiday? It was fun anyway… and a whole new experience.

* to sing in public with the family… and followed by a lot of singing presentations.

* to travel out of the country.

* to fly business class and use the business lounge (it’s free… so why not take the chance?)

* road-trip with friends for an hour and a half drive to a wedding and without a chaperone.

* See a panda.

* make a layout all by myself

* manage and edit a mini-video + music video

* take an international exam

* be in an organization. (IIPA and PCAM)

* an official (treasurer) of IIPA Davao Chapter

* to be late in class and it went on till the end of the year

* to make matters worst… I even have a couple of consecutive abscences..

* first time to see a Yellow watermelon.

* to be tagged

* to ride a tram and a double decker bus.

* to ace a math subject. Woohoo!

and a whole lot more of firsts…

I thought the election would be done by the year 2008. Silly me. Not up to date. It’s on 2007 and I was even lazing around not worried about registering in COMELEC. Now, I’m with the “rush-rush” registrants.

My first day was December 30, 2006, when my mom called me 8 in the morning to inform me that it would be the last day of registering and all that. I rounded up a couple of my classmates to join me in COMELEC at Magsaysay Park, only Avy and JV went along with me to register, but JV gave up after a few minutes of trying to get the form. It was not a good sight actually. Sweaty people and bad smell hovering. *Gah*

Me and Avy decided to be early today. We arrived at the park like 5:20. It was drizzling and we waited there patiently. Laughing at some korny jokes or just watching other teenagers. We were just keeping ourselves busy, not minding the negative side. The gates opened 8 am… and everyone rushed out like prisoners released. Shouting, pushing. Avy, Ate Alice and I just slowed down not minding the rushing people.. because it’s still the same.. we will all be inside in a few moments anyway. To make the long story short… we got the forms 11:44 and ate a quick lunch and passed the forms by 2pm. I was asked to go back this January 2 for the picture, and Avy on January 3.

I was quite disappointed with COMELEC (Davao) specially the ones handling District 2. They are not organized. They would tell you there are no more forms and then the people would go away, and in a few minutes they will tell you the forms are available. They are like toying with the people.

The lines in District 2 was not good. Dami sumisingit. Rawr. It was exhausting and suffocating plus with the blaring heat of the sun and the smell. *Gosh* The place smells like dog poop and to make matters worst, someone farted. Sweaty people pushing you around made it even more exasperating. I don’t like to be pushed nor do I like to push other people in front of me. I called my mom that time wanting to cry already and give up because I cannot take it anymore… our line can’t get anywhere with all the people trying to overtake. I told her there are no more forms. My mom told me “How can that be? With all the money we-the people are paying (referring to tax) they would suddenly run out of forms? No… No.. You better get your forms. Don’t go home without getting one. And that’s Philippines. You have to go through that experience… you must understand how our system works.”

Yeah. Crappy system, I must say. I was even asking myself why in the world am I there? I don’t care about the election. It doesn’t matter. Who wins, wins. End of story.

When I arrived home, I was dropping hints to everyone how tired I was, how the people were, how the place smelled. My mom would then reply…

“Oh well, everyone needs to go through with that… Now you know how it is like in the Philippines eh?”

Yeah, and I wish one day it would improve. A better system, one that would benefit everybody even to the ones who serve the people.

I’m not exactly complaining, I’m just observing. Although, yeah awhile ago I was. But, then I must experience this….. and get something from it. A lesson perhaps, one that I could apply to other experiences as well.

It was a good day. All’s well that ends well. No matter what process you’ve gone through.

It’s a nice thing to end the year. This is another first. Going to all the trouble on New Year’s Eve, and helping in the kitchen right away without getting a good rest because our relatives are coming over. A whole lot of them… and so there goes my movie marathon into the bin. I won’t be able to do it then. *sigh*

Oh my cheeks turned pink to red. Nyahaha. Na sunburn pa ako ni 2006. Salamat sa pabaon haaa?

Happy NEW YEAR!!!


Arianne said...

hmm. i wanna register, too. but then, san ako boboto? haha.

so cool naman ng holidays mo. sana kami rin. but we hardly go out together.. *sigh*

oh well. happy new year sis!

good luck! more travels for you, happiness and a sound health. =)

take care!
arianne | Homepage | 01.02.07 - 9:09 am |

Treserbry said...

tsk... 8 hours kaming pumila sa city hall namin... pagkadating sa dulo, tsk, naubusan ng form. tinamad na akong bumalik. tsktsk.
tresebry | Homepage | 01.02.07 - 11:34 am |

Monic said...

im so jealous ate, u saw a panda.
i wanna see one too.. aaaarrgh hehe xD
monic | Homepage | 01.02.07 - 12:31 pm |

Ann said...

I am glad to hear that there were lots of good things happened to you in 2006.

Have a happy and blessed new year!
ann | Homepage | 01.02.07 - 3:09 pm |

L.A. said...

HAHA sa wakas naka-pag commentin ako hihi!

wow andaming 1st ha? haha buti ka pa nakapagregister well as for me tinatamad akong mag register dito smin sa Q.C, sayang di 2loy ako kikita ng salapi sa mga magbabayad na mayor etc para iboto sila...waaah sayang yung pera haha!

L.A | Homepage | 01.02.07 - 10:46 pm |

Mon said...

"First time mo?"- coke commercial
mon | Homepage | 01.03.07 - 3:26 am |

Seiji said...

So many first time, eh? Hehe kewl... Hope you had fun with those first times and have fun to those coming first times.... Happy New Year!
Seiji | Homepage | 01.03.07 - 5:42 am |

Cruise said...

daming first, at ang marami sa first mo ang masasabing breakthrough tulad ng pagsakay sa eroplano on a business class trip, ako di pa ako nakaranas ng ganoon.

dito din daming problem sa registration. palagay ko hanggang di i-co-computerized ang registration at election, di maayos ang systema dito sa atin
cruise | Homepage | 01.03.07 - 7:56 am |

Weng said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaa.. me too nhirapan sa pagparegister... imagine, 4times akong pnabalik ng COMELEC eh papasa n lng ako ng form, kahaba pa nmn ng pila! di mn lang nila inicp ung effort ng tao!
weng | Homepage | 01.05.07 - 5:33 am |