Wednesday, November 21, 2007


No. Nothing of the sort. No shipwrecks really.

You might ask why in the world am I blogging when I should have been enjoying the cold weather in Europe. Wait. Where is my lovely intro? I was talking to myself awhile ago -no make that making a speech about what to write. It just went right out - and now all I have to do is just remember them. *jumps up and down as she catches her bubbling thoughts*

*think think*

Ok. Here goes. *regains composure*

Cruises are meant to be special right? I mean, at least for me. Cruising is one of my ultimate desire. Not just a dream. It's a deeeh-saaay-reeee deep down inside.

And so... since cruises are meant to be special it shouldn't be spoiled with Tupperwares right? Yes. Humans who acts like Tupperwares. As mean girls would have it. - Plastics. That was harsh. But, that's what I know.

It was just quite fitting then and I call it Divine Intervention that we did not get to go with them. Simply put, our Visas were denied and the management did not even have the decency to inform us - up until the last minute.

What a shame, yes. Most people would probably be enraged by this. Specially if it is your desire going down the drain.

But for me it's actually a blessing in a horrendous - ok - I'm exaggerating na- disguise.

I was thrilled that I'm finally going to Europe and all. I was excited but - that usual "magical feeling" is missing. That's right. The magical feeling. I call that magical cause you're anticipating what will happen, what you will see and all that. Basta, it's magical.

I'll be listing the reasons why the "magical feeling" of traveling was blocked:

  1. the cold weather. I love cold weathers but not when cruising. I have this idea of cruises where you get to be on deck and you do the munimuni.
  2. the people we will be with. Part of the group would be three(3) couples which company I pretty much don't like. If it's cold and we are with them.... you'd probably be thinking that hell has frozen over or something.
  3. the baggage. travel light they say. how can you travel light when you need big coats the whole trip? And you need to change clothes in the cruise for the dinner(which would prolly require a long gown or cocktail dresses) and breakfast/lunch which requires casual formal outfit (no jeans allowed) and walking clothes for the shore excursions. Three sets in a day? And I haven't enrolled in a class called "The Art of Travelling Light".

Anyway, to make my story short. I am just grateful that we (the lucky 29) did not get to be with them for this cold trip and that we will be arranged for another trip equally the same with the first trip. But, not this year anymore. It would be next year. I'm hoping it's spring.

We found out that we got denied because when we applied no "documention" was attached. We gave all our documentation to the management. They were responsible for that. And now... There are (2) two possible reasons why it happened.:

1.) Lack of Experience / Mismanagement.

2.) Sabotage / Conspiracy.

Meaning, I can go to Yeh yeh's debut! Yahoo Yahoo! :) And yes! I am back. No scheduled trips till December. Weeeee.. :) I'll be hopping by your blogs now.


mousey said...

uy exciting naman yan! have fun bring a lot of pictures when you come back.

Allen said...

Wow! That's nice. Atleast you get another chance on the shuffling of who you are going to be with next time. You can have more time to prepare hehe

Have a nice day. ^_^

dimaks said...

aw.. i hate that sabotage and conspiracy thing. but as they say, some things may go and some will come in replacement :)

MeL said...

Hmm, kaya pala muntikan ka na mawala sa blogosphere. :) Buti na lang at di kayo natuloy this year. Wala ang nakakairitang couple sa trip.

Mon said...

You really are having your time. Haaay gusto ko na ring grumaduate.

blacksoul said...

kainngit sarap maging rich

Donya Quixote said...

awwww. what happened exactly? pero at least next year you can go! woohoo!

Sidney said...

Sad to hear about that... but lets hope you are on the next Cruise!

It is hard to get a visa nowadays for Europe. I even don't try to bring some of my in laws to Europe because it is getting so difficult. All the paperwork, the stress, the money... it is just not worth it for a short stay.

joanna said...

atleast kahit di man kayo natuloy ngayon eh hindi nyo na sila mkakasama next time, yung mga hindi nyo gustong makasama.. wah travel light?? oo nga pano mo gagawin yun kung sandamakmak na dapit ang kailangan mo.. hehehe..

ghee said...

cruising is one of my big`s desire,too!!wow!good for you that your trip would be next month,at least you would enjoy it more without the tupperwares?haha!

happy weekend!

tina said...

Mousey: hehe. will do when i get there next year.

Allen: Yup... at least no more.. plastics. hihi

Dimaks: who doesnt? but its ok.. if it makes them happy.

Mel: Hehe. buti na lang talaga!

tina said...

Mon: weee.. graduate na! graduate na!

blacksoul: nyeh. free trip un..

donya quixote: a thing to be investigated on. pero ok lang hehe may next year pa.

sidney: yup. they said its hard to get a visa in europe specially italy.. and its cold weather.. the consul was wondering what we will do with its cold weather.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sometimes it's best to delay and stay put rather than rushing on stuff. Most probably you wouldn't enjoy as much as you want if ever you'd tag along.

And then, there's the mismanagement-slash-conspiracy thingy? What are people up to, these days? It's pretty saddening.

Buckle up for next year! :D

Mari said...

Yey, cruise. You can still take a peek at your blog while you're on the ship. Most of them have computers - laptops mostly - and you get to use them for free. Take lots of pix and share with us. Okay, dokey?

arnel said...

pictures, as always. don't forget to have fun too, as the tupperwares are not with you anymore. :)

ann said...

Hi Tina! Privilege pa rin ba yan ng company ng mom mo?

pam said...

huwaaaat???? but at least diba... hmm. may positive side na rin at least.

at europe naman pala. wahehe. xD sosyal. ;)

pics.. pag natuloy na. :D

dragonfly patrol said...

wow! cruisin'
my dream someday...sana ako rin

barrycade said...

i'd like to go and see europe, too, but i think it will take some time before i'll be able to do.

and you are right -- sometimes travels are made more enjoyable by the company you're with.

Angelo said...

That's too bad (sort of) that you didn't get to go on that cruise. Why are you cruising in Europe anyways!? Come to the Caribbean instead, the people are much nicer and warmer! You could even ditch those cold fishes you don't want to hang with. Hey, are there cruises that stop in the Philippines? I think it would be great to cruise SE Asia. Oh well, I totally understand how you could like cold weather, I used to miss cold weather when I was living in the Philippines. But now that I'm back here and it's winter, I can't possibly even imagine how I ever missed this crap! Don't worry, there will be plenty of cruises for you in the future. Have a great week!

jireh said...

things happen for a reason :) (gasgas na na line...hehehe) miss u little big sis:) muaaahhugz¤

dodong flores said...

Ops, looking forward to that big adventure :)

arianne said...

sis! sayang! akala ko makikita na kitaaa! anyways, true, ndi naman talaga makakatravel ng light lalo na ngayong magwiwinter d2 sa europe. imagine mo para ka na nasa ref. :p hahaha. anyways, sana magkita din tayo someday. well, ill be going home na this april :] i miss you! take care sis! ;)