Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Visit Malaysia 2007

Malaysia is actually celebrating their 5oth year of independence. They are having a huge promotion to attract tourists and this year they sure did attract A LOT. Cable T.V. stations have a series of advertisements about "VMY 2007". It is quite fitting to Visit Malaysia this year... and I just love their "One Golden Celebration" song. Super! I wish we could have one as grand in Philippines!


There’s a place not far away
Different faces yet all the same
With a million dreams
In one golden celebration


It’s the place for us to be
It’s the time to feel so free
With a million smiles
In one golden celebration


Come and spread your wings
There’s so much to see
There’s a million colours
Right before your eyes
It’s one golden celebration

*cant find the whole song.. sorry*


We landed in Penang Island on our first day. It's where the ship "Star Cruise" docks when visiting Malaysia. Very nice place.

Anyway, our main point of visiting Malaysia was because of the farm of a company we are building our future with. We got to visit the DXN farm on our 2nd day(we traveled 2 hours from Penang to Alor Star) .

Right picture: with my parents and the pioneer of Philippines (Tatay Jimmy Quedding) and the pioneer of Mexico.

They say you haven't been to Malaysia if you did not visit "Genting Highlands" and so this was the second highlight of our trip. Fortunately, we got to ride the "world's fastest and Southeast Asia's longest cable car" called the Genting Skyway.

They say it is called the Las Vegas of Malaysia. Their resort features many hotels owned by Genting subsidiaries. We stayed at the Hotel Resort(refer to the picture on the left).

There are also different facilities in the resort like golf courses, shopping malls, concert hall, sky diving simulator and theme parks. Basically, we did not tour the whole place since we were only there for a night from (Sept.19)5pm-8am(Sept. 20). We watched their featured presentation called "FLY". The presentation was not that bad... I enjoyed the introduction where they sang "One Golden Celebration".

On our fourth day we headed to Kuala Lumpur from Genting Highlands. Along the way we visited the batik factory and the place where they sell "genuine leather". Leathers made from cows to stingrays. We also headed to KLCC and visited Aquaria.

We checked in at Berjaya Times Square, a 5 star hotel. It was a good hotel since the shopping mall is just part of the Square. Very convenient and it's one of the things I like. I did not get to tour the mall during our 2-day stay there because there was no time. Only the first 3 floors. Someone told me that there's a big roller coaster in the 5th floor. Too bad, I did not get to visit it.

Of course by this time I also met Dwinny. A good friend of mine. We forgot to take pictures. Tsk. Tsk.

We had our one day seminar in the hotel and also our Gala Night at our last night. Of course, finally I got to meet the "hot shot" / "dragon" of our company of course the one and only owner of our family business, Dr. Lim Siow Jin.

All in all I like their promotion of the "VMY 2007". It's super grand. You see their flag everywhere even on high-rises. I like the lyrics of the song and the tune.

They have big highways and nice "island bars" on highways. Although the weather tends to be a bit more like General Santos City or Cagayan de Oro they have nice paved sidewalks and clean and so that would come as a consolation. Their forests remains untouched and preserved.


Mon said...

you always go to places.

PS Ang gAnda nung template. the best.

Ernesto said...

I love SEA ummmhhhh Kula Lumpur is pretty nice

iskoo said...

yan ang di ko pa naranasa star cruise, pang mayaman daw yan. una kasi matagalan ang biyahe at mahal ang bayad sa barko, hehe. mukhang enjoy kayo, ganda ng mga shots lalo na sa cable car.

chase said...

Ooohh I like the new template dear and oh your series of photos are very nice. It seems you really had a good time!

pam said...

that's so nice. :) you get to travel all the time. hehehe. ;) ang sarap ng life ni tina. hehe. ^^

nice pics talaga! sayang, hindi ko marinig yung song. tinotopak kasi yung sound ng laptop. lol. XD

Edwin said...

Ops.. we forgot to take picture.. hehe next time na lang.. im leaving in kl but never been to aquaria.. haha or alor star.. poor me.. so when do u wanna bring me there? hehe

RennyBA said...

Thanks for this lovely report and for taking us with. I was actually in Kuala Lumpur 10 years ago and for a Norwegian that was quite exotic you know. It was a nice, hectic and friendly city I think.

Happy Anniversary to Malaysia!

CM said...

yeah, love the song too! i think I've seen the kind of advertisement before, like in Channel V or MTV, if i'm not mistaken. well, that was years ago. don't have cable anymore so I only got to see it here again. Hehehe.

lovely pics. :) glad to know you had a good time there! :)

ychel said...

hehe! im kindah late..welcome back from singapore. =P

how u doing? i guess u really enjoyed ur stay in singapore. and i think ur reall getting to be a great business woman.awww..

goodluck to you and always take care. dont stress too much.ok? i miss you tina.mwahugs.

vk said...

hi tina,

thanks for sharing your trip in Malaysia....

kaya ang tagal ko ng hindi nabasa n your visit to

i missed your daily quote...

sigi, bye n ingat ka dyan....

Mari said...

Tina, great report on your trip, just like a travelogue. Isn't it nice to see other places? I'm itching to do the same, maybe next year...when I get to pay all my bills. LOL

Thanks for sharing.

Sidney said...

Wow! What an exciting trip !
Nice new blog design.

joanna said...

wow malaysia!!! grabe nagtotour aroung the world ka na ngayon.. naks.. i wished i could also go to those cool places na yan..

ghee said...

Nice pictures,Tina!thanx for sharing...maganda ba talaga sa malaysia?sana makapunta din ako,at this year pala ang good timing dahil sa grand celebration nila?

i love yous last pic pla ;)

Bam the Great said...

Whew! MALAYSIA! :) Tama ka tin. Sana nga ganyan din dito sa 'Pinas. Aba't umabot na lang tayo ng isandaang taon, wala pa rin. Hmp. Ang gulo. Kelan kaya matatapos ang kaguluhan? Brr..

Waaah! You're shooo lucky. :) Naibog ko. Huhuhuhu..

ychel said...

hey tina!! tnx for the comment. :)

well, regarding the climate here on November..u need to bring stuffs for winter. ;) its winter here already that time so for sure it will be really cold. i mean ull gonna freeze outside.haha! not really. but anyway just tell me wen u gonna visit so at least i can give u updates hows the weather here and things. ok. ;)

take care tina...mwahugs.

keeyit said...

you looks like visit malaysia ambassador ya.. haha

Rey said...

Grabe nga ang ads ng "Malaysia, Truly Asia" anywhere.

I do go there every year.:)

arnel said...

wow. wanderlust runs in my blood again. hindi ko masyado nalibot malaysia nun, mukhang masaya dun ah! let me mark that on my list haha.

jireh said...

ako din ako din tin! hehehe :) matagal na me d nakavisit sa blog mo.. nice look :) i looooooooove black ;) see yaah :*