Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Stars That Shine

*yawn* I stretched my hands, as I woke up.

*pitter patter pitter patter*

"It's raining!", I thought. I jumped out of bed. Greeted everyone with a cheery "Good Morning!".

Ahh... how lovely. It's raining. I just love the sound... another reason to stay in bed.

I fixed myself a cup of coffee and read a good book. One with aliens visiting Planet Earth. They say they come in peace. We'll see about that Extraterrestrials.

and that's how everything began...

and that's partly the reason why I decided to just redesign my blog. I wasn't planning to change it or anything but I grew tired of the look and I'm not that fond of 3 columns anyway. That's what happens whenever I hear raindrops. Haha.

I guess I'll stay home till the rain stops. I just want to rest a bit *that is if I get to rest at all, what with a book by my side*.


  • My mom and I were doing back-to-back sessions the past two days to a couple of teachers. It's actually another new experience. You have professionals as audience. I made the introduction and also the last part of the session.
  • I still have to work out something for the office's Christmas Party this 23. *di na daw uso ang party ngayon?*
  • I can't wait for the Adobe Photoshop Seminar.
  • got to finish Margaret Cuthbert's Silent Cradle.
To Davao City residents who are interested to join the Adobe Photoshop Seminar:

Where: Felis Beach Resort
When: Dec. 14, 2007. 3pm
Speaker: Ted Padova (author of 26 Adobe related books)

with snack: Php 100.00
with dinner + certificate: Php 250.00

180 seats. you can reserve your seat through email.

Have a great week ahead!


drahcir said...

very nice new template tina... christmas na christmas na.. dyan ako bilib sa mga lay-outs mo.. fit na fit every month.. hehhe


ychel said...

wow!!! xmas is here na tlaga..i love the xmas layie uve got..so neat.

i miss you tinaa!!! busy ka pa rin ha! ive updated na nga pala ulit. and if u can vote for me kasi im nominated as blogger of the week.haha! just look for the link at my site. thankss tina! mwahugs.

Cecil Delloza-De Jesus said...

i wish i were in davao to attend to your seminar! i really want to learn adobe photoshop!

Edwin said...

Hello Tina!!!!! Nice Christmas templateeeeee. hehe great that you get to rest and its cold there as well.. hehe take care and be blessed! HUGS!

Allen said...

Wow! I like your new template. Very Christmas-sy hehe :) Take care always Tina


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Tina. Thanks for visiting my blog. I appreciate it.

Rey said...

Whoa!!! Christmas- themed blog! Who won't feel the spirit with this? :)

Sidney said...

Photoshop seminar of the beach!
Sounds great !

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fingertalks.com said...

hi tina, thanks for dropping by my bloggie. :)

wow, xmas na xmas ang dating! woot! glad to see a xmas tree here..kasi d2 sa bago kong lugar la ako makita d2 sa place namin...ok na rin un para di ako gaanong malungkot..xmas away from home :( waah..:)

happy weekend!