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I was tagged by Ate Dessie (Fingertalks).

Why do I blog?

I first encountered "blogging" when I was browsing MySpace and they have this new feature. 1.} I was thinking of trying it out and have my online journal. I was 16 back then, ignorant and pretty much engrossed with IRC-ing. I was basically, in front of the PC most of the time, because I assist in my parent's Service Center.

My first post was March 6, 2004. I only succeeded in having 5 posts, because after my posts we(me and the firstborns with their family) were "shipped" to Cebu for a wedding and our "going back to Davao" was pretty much endangered because we were encouraged to stay for a month or so at what we called the "Mission House". So, we lived with our spiritual family for a month with no internet connection. I think I only got to online once for that month and that was to stay online in IRC and check Friendster. Blogging in myspace was long forgotten.

Then, I was invited by Avy here at Blogger and started my own blog April 19, 2005. * 1st post *. I only managed to post one entry and then I forgot everything about it for a year, since I'm pretty much consumed with IRC and all my focus went there.

May 9, 2005, I also opened another blog in Friendster when they added a "blog" along with the "photo album". It became my-not-so-regular-blog, since blogging did not infect my system yet.

One time early 2006, I was browsing the internet and chanced upon blogs with cute layouts. So, I decided to revive my blog to 2.) learn how to make those fancy layouts. I decided to update my blog(May 2006), and then posted a Did you know? segment. From then on, I started getting hooked to blogging and each day my "addiction" to blogging grows. First few months of blogging 3.) was to chronicle what happened during the day and an 4.) outlet of my emotions . Check out the example of my chronicles complete with date and time.

But, as days progress and as I read different blogs... my reasons for blogging changes. Just like life, you meet different people and then meeting someone who inspired you.... you suddenly wanna be like that person but of course with a personal twist and ingredients that reflects YOU... and makes a UNIQUE you.

5.) I wanted to share a part of me, my experiences, and what I learned in life and of course to learn something from you bloggers, through your posts as well.

I have observed your posts and through it, I have come to understand you as YOU.

As my blogging experience progress, like Ate Dessie I have come to be much more sensitive to other people who reads my blog as well. Careful, not to offend and at the same time take it all out without REPRESSING my opinion. If I have offended some of your beliefs in some of my posts..... pardon me because I never meant it to be that way. I understand we all have different views, and these are my views... I'm just sharing them... and of course some of my views might change as I seek wisdom through knowledge and experiencing it.

Somehow, some of my posts may seem informative.. I don't want to be a person who gives the impression of knowing-it-all, because I don't. There are things, I wanna know... I wanna remember too.... and that's one of my quest in life.

Don't believe anything I write in this blog unless it RESONATES WITH YOUR SOUL.

6. )I am not here to impose anything to you.... but I am here to share... and relate... because for me that's part of life.

I chanced upon K.Blogie's post about Jayvee of A bugged life's project.

The project of defining one's own conviction.

I think it is quite important to know what our blog convictions are just like knowing our purpose in life. To know one's purpose is to know one's direction, and of course it gives greater meaning to your blog. It is not JUST ANOTHER BLOG but one with A PURPOSE.

My Blog Conviction: I want to share my experiences to fellow bloggers who might get a thing or two about loving life and living in abundance.

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It is good to see that you are clear with your blog convinction. I believe most bloggers have an idea on what they want to do back when they started - although there may be some uncertainty with it. As times passed, flexibility and creativity may come into play. Although for some, they may realize that blogging is not for them.

enoc said...

nice post. nice history. inspiring... :D
Enoc | Homepage | 05.05.07 - 9:45 pm

Ann said...

Gravatar Hello Tina! I really enjoy reading your posts, Parang hindi blog ng isang teen-ager.
ann | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 12:18 am | #

kath said...

uu.. hehe! nka kita na jud ko og white na bikini. :D

Blog blog blog... tungod pud sa inyo na like npud nko ang pg blog. hehe!
Katharine | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 12:59 am |

Shari said...

Great reasons, nice blog conviction. I've been meaning to write about my own as soon as Jayvee started that project, but what I feel and think, I can't quite put into words. Hay.
Shari | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 4:03 am |

tin said...

Even I learned a lot from your blog. Thanks for the inspiring and wonderful views you posted in your blog.
tin | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 5:54 am |

tin said...

masaya naman eh... kaya tuloy lang! :D
dotep | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 8:22 am |

beekee said...

great, great post. you are a true-blue blogger, i can say. HAHA. :P
beekee | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 9:15 am

Ferdz said...

Nice glimpse of your blog history there. Yeah. I agree, it's all about finding your conviction and what some say your Niche. Or else, your just some other blog in cyberspace.
Ferdz | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 10:00 am |

ghee said...

wow!!you started blogging when u were 16?nakakabilib ang mga teener bloggers talaga!this is really a good journal,at least we can be a part of your growing

keep it up,Tina!!

me,two years ago lang yata nung humawak ng computer,LOL!at nangapa lang talaga dahil jap ang `puter ko,
ghee | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 12:26 pm |

Arianne said...

hey. i commented eh. nawala?
arianne | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 1:08 pm

Summer said...

i think halos lht ng bloggers yan ang mgging sagot nila eh dba heheh
Summer | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 10:30 pm |

sidney said...

Good reasons to blog !
Sidney | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 10:39 pm |

Mikko said...


i went to read ur first post.
wla lang. hehe.

i blog simply because i felt like it. nyahaha.

TC, ate tina!
Mikko | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 10:40 pm |

Jhenny said...

nice post tina and nice history of you being a blogger
jhenny | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 10:44 pm |

cat said...

that's nice to know Tina
cat | Homepage | 05.06.07 - 11:19 pm | #

Joanna said...

parang purpose driven blog ah.. hehehe.. ang ganda naman ng history nung blog mo.. buti natatandaan mo pa yung mga dates.. ^_^
joanna | Homepage | 05.07.07 - 2:11 am

potpot said...

hahaha. katulad nga ng sabi ng isang blogger.. (si tangkie ata un) i blog to EXPRESS not to impress.. hihihi
potpot | Homepage | 05.07.07 - 3:04 am |

jhed said...

Re: Your conviction.


All I can say is.. WOW!
Jhed | Homepage | 05.07.07 - 3:08 am

richmond said...

You are a cool blogger...
Richmond | Homepage | 05.07.07 - 3:22 am |

gerome said...

hehe. i start blogging here in blogspot, but i was too young then to understand the concept of blogging. i'm still stuck on writing down my thoughts manually and keeping them at a place where nobody can see it. hehe. but my blogging became more regular two years ago, i think, and one of my heart-felt posts would be my post on my hi-5 blog. wala lang, share ko lang din po. :D
gerome | Homepage | 05.07.07 - 7:10 am | #

krisha said...

Blogging.. blogging.. blogging.. Grabe.. Napakalaking part na yan ng buhay ko ngayon.. haaay.. Same sayo may blogging history din ako.. Saya noh? :D
Krisha | Homepage | 05.07.07 - 9:23 am |

dimaks said...

I think you can make a book out of that history, featuring your conviction to blogging
dimaks | Homepage | 05.07.07 - 1:03 pm |

Mari said...

Blog, blog, and more blog
What is there to do but blog.
Just don't let your grades down the muck.
Or your mom and dad would go amuck.
He he he

I like reading your blog. Yeah, I can always pick up something. Great post. Keep it up.
Mari | Homepage | 05.07.07 - 5:54 pm | #

katharine said... open ang third eye.. hhmm.. I think so.. I don't know pla. I hate to admit the fact..pero dli unta noh..pero hadlok mn gud xa.. one thing is for sure...ang bigat pala ng spirit.
Katharine | Homepage | 05.07.07 - 10:10 pm | #

Sasha said...

Alam mo Tina, I agree with Dimaks hehehe

You're such a smart lady. You can really share a lot to us fellow bloggers. Ang dami mong alam na, we may know already but we're just ignoring. Thanks for all the great posts! And I'm glad I met you online, girl

Happy Tuesday! More blogging time for all of us!
sasha | Homepage | 05.07.07 - 10:56 pm | #

Chase said...

That's a nice blogging history. And also make me learned alot about you as well!
chase | Homepage | 05.08.07 - 1:04 am

Kenneth Porio said...

Nice History, Ate Tina!

I'm now SUPER INSPIRED to BLOG, BLOG and BLOG! I know that life is TRULY ABUNDANT if you truly believe.

Thanks for your post! I'll make a history of my blog some other time!

God Bless!
Kenneth | Homepage | 05.09.07 - 1:11 am |

Fingertalks said...

wow! 16! so cool! me, i started blogging when i was in my late 20's. waah, nasaan ako ng mga panahong yaon?

keep up ur cool blog, tina.
fingertalks | Homepage | 05.11.07 - 11:19 pm |

Anonymous said...

nice one, i just made a lot of some other new emo backgrounds on my blog