Monday, August 27, 2007


This meme is entitled "In the Spotlight". I'm not the one who loves to be in the spotlight. Although, in my daydreams I dream about being in the spotlight but when it happens to me, say for example like in my debut I was the focus of everyone but it feels different, and I feel awkward about it, since I'm used as an entourage, flower maiden a bridal dancer etc...

Anyway this sounds like a nice meme with a twist...

This was from Ate Dessie of Fingertalks who loves to tag me talaga! haha :) But, it's fun anyway... so I'll do this.

What you do is look for Questions you want to answer HERE and then you post and answer them, one by one. :)

  • When did you start blogging?
I guess the answer can be found HERE.

  • Is this your first meme?
Nope. This is not my first Meme. My first meme can be found HERE.

  • What's your favorite childhood memory?
When I went to Manila for the MYB(Million Youth Babad) without parents. I had tons of fun. We went to Laguna and Tagaytay. Haayyyy....

  • Are you a spiritual person?

Tagged by: Bluepanjeet and YagitnaBata

  • Three things that scares me
  1. Driving { I still have to get over this... }
  2. Snakes { ewwww..... }

  • Three people who make me laugh
  1. Ate Lui & Ate Kai
  2. Giovanne
  3. Ate Cristala & Kuya Marlon
I exceeded. Heck. T_T
  • Three Things I love
  1. butterflies
  2. rainbows
  3. all that glitters
  • Three Things I hate
errr, I usually try to find a reason to like something I hate... but then... just for the sake of this.. here's my list:

  1. limitations
  2. spitting on the wrong places e.g. sidewalk or road.
  3. people throwing trash just about everywhere.
  • Three things I don't understand
  1. time
  2. how electricity works... (haha)

  • Three things on my desk
  1. books
  2. notebooks
  3. pens
  • Three things I am doing right now
  1. burning
  2. uploading pictures
  3. checking blogs
  • Three things I want to do before I die
  1. bungee jumping
  2. travel the whole world
  3. share/give a LOT!!
  • Three things I can do
  1. I can have my own concert when I'm alone.
  2. I can dance now.. harhar
  3. I can mhmmmm speak in front of oh so many people.
  • Three things I can't do
  1. anything I don't feel like/love doing....
  2. betray family & friends...
  3. shake off friends when they need my help
  • Three things I think you should listen to
  1. nature... (birds... the wind...)
  2. Desiderata
  3. silence.
  • Three things you should never listen to
  1. a foolish person
  2. a person who's all TALK but no WALK.
  3. clanging cymbal
  • Three Things I would like to learn
  1. tap dancing? Bwahahaha. (just read a book about it..)
  2. Tai Chi (I want I wantttt!!)
  3. Photoreading (I SHOULD!)
  • Three favorite foods
  1. Cakes (e.g. Mango Charlotte, Blueberry Cheesecake)
  2. Lasagna
  3. Tuna Sisig
  • Three shows I watched as a kid
  1. Saved by the Bell
  2. Are you afraid of the Dark?
  3. Rescue 911
  • Three sets of people I'm tagging
  1. anyone
  2. can do this tag
  3. :)
Ive been veryyyy busyy. Super duper. I mean this tag was in my drafts for weeks!! Grabe. But, I'm having fun most of the time anyway, even though it's quite tiring and I have to give up lots of things most of the time.... but heck.... everything's WELL.

I'll be catching up on you guys! Have a great DAY! Stay HAPPY! :)


CM said...

Well, at least, in spite of the busy schedules, nasisingit mo parin mag blog. Hehehe.

Godbless Tina! :) I think you need a break na. Hehehe. :)

Krisha said...

Aja aja! I think your're so busy. try not to stress yourself too much! :) Ingats lagi! :)

Sidney said...

Better too busy than bored!

pam said...

wow! daming tags! hehe! ^^ nakakatuwa kasi, nahahalukay [ang lalim. ;) ] mo pa talaga yung archives mo. :P

be blessed! take care!

sasha said...

Hay lahat yata tayo talaga busy, Tina. Tapos lately sakitin pa ako kaya ang tamad ko naman. Buti ka nga busy nakaka-update pa ako 1 week binibilang paminsan hehehe

Kumusta? Basta ingat lagi and balitaan mo kami from time to time ok?

God bless! Mwah!

joanna said...

parehas tayo nung 3 things to do before we die.. bungee jumping at travel around the world..

tapos parehas din tayo dun sa 3 things you hate, ayoko din ng mga nagtatapon at dumudura sa kalye..


iskoo said...

masarap ang tuna sisig, lalo na kung sa favao galing ang isda, ano nga ba yung bilihan ng isda malapit sa sm davao?

Ferdz said...

Wow! It's better doing lots of things than being idle. Ok yang pagiging busy.

What's a "Photoreader"? parang palm reading pero photo?

chase said...

Well I am as busy as you are dear and I like it!

ychel said...


finally i get to hop on ur place again. sori for not dropping by often.

by the way tnx for the drop and the comment. take care. dont stress too much. i miss you.mwahugs.

OMGsunshine said...

yes maam, im back in california. How are you? yea, i know your busy and all like you mentioned but really, how are you? lol anyway, take care!

I hate people who spits anywhere, really. its so effin disgusting. :)

tina said...

Tin: At least nga rin. Hehe. Thanks. :)

Krisha: Yeah.. i will try not to stress it out much. Thanks...

Sidney: Yup! Yup!

Pam: naku kulang pa yan... ang dami pang pending!! boohoo

Ate Sash: Hay naku.... ako nga rin di masyado nakakadaan sa place mo.. errr... stay healthy ate

tina said...

JOanna: Wow ha.. parehas pa talaga tayo sa 3 things! hehe. *appear!*

Iskoo: Citra Mina :)

Ferdz: its reading a book.. photographically. hehe. better than "fast reading"

Chase: Same uS! ;p

Ate Ychel: Its ok ate.. *HUGS* Thanks...

Keekee: Wooo... ok.. Im doing great! you? hehe.

Mari said...

Three Things:

1. Snakes scare me too.
2. At least you find the time to update your blog.
3. Take care.

fruityoaty said...

I was afraid of learning to drive for so MANY YEARS. I just decided to overcome my fear just recently this year.

I'm afraid of snakes, too.

Bungee jumping... strangely, I wasn't afraid of doing that. Yeah, crazy me went bungee jumping many years ago, when I was much younger, crazier and not so afraid of dying. It's weird how I was afraid of driving, but not jumping off a bridge and possibly dying.

I can still feel the slight burning rub/pull on my ankles.

aCey said...

hope you get to spoil yourself with some rest. you deserve to reward yourself! :)

Nicole said...

hi ate tins!!! wow ha.. daming nag tag..
love na love ka tlga hehehe

ako din takot sa snakes.. sa lahat ng reptiles wahahaha!! ingat ka lagi ate.. mwah!

OMGsunshine said...

hello! me again! haha. Not much. i guess i'm doing good. :)

Gean said...

Driving scares me too. Specifically, motors. May katangahan experience kasi ako sa motor and it left a scar. Haha.

Richmond said...

Three things I hate;
1. Our neighbors.
2. Smokers
3. bus conductors

dimaks said...

tuna sisig? haha, i remember tuna tocino which i bought few years ago while i was in gensan. was really yummy!

Rey said...

Catchy title... i like that. hehe.

Anonymous said...

I'm back!!!

Kahit ako e marami ring nakatambak sa Drafts ko. Ayun, e hindi kasi ako nakapagbanggit na sasailalim muna ako sa "blog hiatus." Hehe, now I'm back. Sana.

Miss ko na nga kayo e. :'(

Ganda ng meme. Made me learn more about you. ;)

bluepanjeet | OTWOMD™ said...

hello tins. Thanks for the link love. By the way I already have a new blog URL. I forgot to update you. It's

its not anymore freehostia. nag-alsabalutan na akodun hehe.

Krisha said...

Lahat talaga super busy. Haix,. Kainggit nga la salle ngayon dahil sembreak na nila. Oh anyway, ako rin. Ayokong nasa spotllight ako. Siguro may tamang panahon para dun. Pero para sa akin, not now. Haha! :)

rv said...

busy as a bee! lol pahinga ka naman!

Mikko said...

o.. di kna naka-HaloScan ah? :)

musta na ate tina? :D

cenxa na di na nadadaan. nawawalan ako ng gana mag-blog e. pano, laggers pc ko. dami-dami-daming sira. O_O

mejo nagpopost pa din naman ako once in a long while. haha.

pero il be back as soon as paayos na PC ko. motherboard kasi may sira e... T_T

des said...

hello tina!

so sowee...for not being able to read this post asap..and for not being able to visit ur bloggie as often as I wanted no Internet yet..

hope u have a happy day always...

yeah, will soon tag u once I got the Internet..ahahha..

dodongflores said...

Hi, Tina...
Good thing to learn a few things in you :)