Friday, August 17, 2007

Kadayawan 07

I remember riding the plane from Cebu last week, and I was gushing about the people in the plane with us which happens to be from different nationalities. I was seated beside a Korean during my Bacolod-Cebu flight and then a German during the Cebu-Davao flight.

When I saw the rest of the people boarding the plane that was scheduled to leave for Davao.... I was wondering how come there were a lot of kids (half-Pinoys) everywhere.. and how we are getting so many tourists and all. Koreans, Japanese, German, American... you name it the plane had it.

When we arrived at the airport, ethnic music filled the air.... a music that is so familiar you would always categorize it as a "Kadayawan music" and I remembered why we are hoarding tourists and visitors and it's because of Kadayawan. Silly me.

It's Kadayawan all over again. Fruits are everywhere..... and they come in cheap. Durian, lansones, mangosteen (which is amazingly cheap nowadays...) and rambutan.

I've been eating rambutan the past few days and gosh you'd wonder why my nails looked like it's a mini pot. (Ok, ok.. that was lame.) I'm planning to eat the durian either today or tomorrow. Good thing our office is just downtown and we(business partners and I) will have it as our base. Haha.

I'm planning to enjoy the 3-fun-filled day activity starting today until Sunday. Haha. See you on the streets! "Kita na lang ta sa kalsada guys!"

For the schedule of activities... I have decided to post the events for the rest of the remaining week..

Kadayawan 2007 Schedule of Events.
Source: Kadayawan.

Hudayakaan sa Kadayawan Food and Music Fiesta
August 3-19
4 PM-12 MN, NCCC Mall Parking Area

Agro Industrial Trade Fair
August 8-23
10 AM-10 PM, SM City Davao

Canon Kadayawan Photo Contest
13-19 August

Ikebana International Flower Exhibit
16-18 August
9 AM-9 PM, NCCC Mall Activity Center

5-Stag Derby
15-18 August
Aquino Coliseum, Cabaguio Avenue

- Daily Events -

15-16 August
Sayaw Mindanaw – Isang Pagpupugay (8 AM-5 PM, CAP Auditorium)

16-17 August
Sayaw Mindanaw – Isang Pagpupugay (6 PM-9 PM, NCCC Mall Activity Center)

16 August
Cultural Celebration: Maranao Tribe (8 AM-5 PM, Rizal Park)
Davao River Festival (8 AM-5 PM, Davao Riverfront)
Forum on Indigenous Peoples’ Education (Grand Men Seng Hotel)

17 August
Cultural Celebration: Ata Tribe (8 AM-5 PM, Rizal Park)
Durian Festival Opening (LandCo Compound)
Performing Dabaw: Homage to Home-grown Artists (CAP Auditorium)
Republic of Davao: The Reggae Combo (8 PM, RMC Gym)
SK Midnight Fun Run (9 PM-12 MN, assembly area: SM City Davao Car Park B3)

17-18 August
MEDSA Mayor’s Cup – An Invitational Golf Tournament

17-19 August
1st National Dog Ultimate Challenge (Damosa Gateway, Market Basket)

18 August
Indak-indak sa Kadalanan (8 AM onwards, View Parade Map)
Daghang Salamat Dabaw! An NCCC Kadayawan Celebration (NCCC Mall Activity Area)

19 August
Floral Float Parade (8 AM-12 NN, View Parade Map)

Post-Kadayawan Activities:
21-25 August
LUMAD: Celebrating Indigenous Wisdom and Creativity (2nd Indigenous Peoples’ Visual Art Show and Auction) – (NCCC Mall)

30 August-02 September
Trade Exhibit – Organized by the Peace and Equityt Foundation Launching the Badjau products of Basilan


Sidney said...

Enjoy the fiesta!

len said...

ui! ui! hehe wow dami tourist ah from different countries pa anu yung kadayawan festival ate?? anu pnaka theme nya?? about fruits?? hehe miss ko na mga prutas sa pinas haiiz tc po plagi! mwuah!

richard said...

wow! kadayawan na.. sayang, may timpupo rin dito eh.. ahheheh.. conflict... examinatin week din namin.. ahhahaha!

nood na lang ako TV.. :-)

dimaks said...

parang EDSA to ah, kita na lang sa kalsada :) i miss mangosteen!

CM said...

Wow! Daming event! Enjoy the fest tina!

iskoo said...

di pa ako naka-attend ng kadayawan, buti ka pa, enjoy the festival. nga pala kapag nagkita kayo ni richard sa bloggers gahtering pa-picture kayo ha, hehe

joanna said...

uy kadayawan!!!! ang saya nyan.. parang nakapunta na eh noh?? wish ko lang sana one day makapunta rin ako dyan..

oh well, enjoy the kadayawan festival sis..

tsaka post ka ng mga pics ha..

chase said...

Wow how I wish I can also experience kadayawan later!

arnel said...

ah,, wanderlust strikes my head again. enjoy the fiesta. :)

tina said...

sidney: will do!

len: thanksgiving festival.

richarD: aww..diba fruit festival dyan?? conflict talaga...

dimaks: haha yeahhh kita kits sa kalsada... ;p

tin: yup.. grabe nakakalito..

iskoo: haha,.. sige ask ko sya magpapic kami dalawa.. kung payag sya.. haha

aCey said...

sounds like a wonderful place to visit!

nice blog you got here.

vk said...

wow durian, rambutan...sus kalami ani uy...esp. durian, i like it very much, bisan mahal basta lami ug busog....

nindota sa duna moy fest?,...wa pa gyd ko kaanha ug DAVAO, really, wa man pod nangimbitar
layo pod sa amoa.....way ika pamilite....

I think, daghan German on this time diha, kay vacation time man diri, tig uli sa mga taga diha....daghan taga Davao bya diri.

pero balik na sila diri pod, kay classes started na pod sa monday, diri sa among region....

sigi, thanks for always visiting me, tina.....thanks also for the comments....

kim is really Pinay and artistic....proud of her.

Mari said...

The half-Pinoy kids are off from school, so there they go to the Pinoy parent's home town.

Hmm...festival. I miss those festivities back home.

dodong flores said...

This event is in my list for events to be visited this year but I missed it :(

Abigail said...

sorry late comment... i wasnt able to do the usual blog hopping eh :)

curious lang ako kung ano gnawa mo dito sa bacolod? :)

pag maskara festival dito nangyayari din yan. many tourists. fun talaga :)