Friday, October 27, 2006


So i had my pc checked by Bordz accompanied by Avy and Red today. Basically, Bordz assessed it could have been the power supply which was in too much stress due to heat. (my power supply is built in, and they said it usually breaks down easily.) So, what they did was turn the aircon on... let my CPU breathe(come out from it's hot "shell") and it should not be overheated. So, now... it's doing perfectly fine.

While waiting for my CPU to cool down.. we played "trivia" among ourselves. (I have this "brain teaser" sort of thing.. where it contains kiddie trivias and not-so-kiddie trivias).

There were a couple of funny answers, and here are some of them.

Tina: Who wrote "A Christmas Carol?".
Red: Santa Claus!

Tina: Black Beauty was a girl, or a horse?
Bordz: a girl!

Tina: When you "boot" a computer, are you starting it up or...
Red:Unsa na boot? katong gipalit? ( Anong "boot" ? yung binili?)

Note: Red did not know that the spelling was "boot", he thought it was "bought", and thought i pronounced it wrong. Now, how bad was my pronounciation? tsk.tsk..

Tina: Where do coconuts grow? Ground, vines, or treetops?
Bordz: Ground

Tina: What kind of vegetable is a Chinese bok choy?
Bordz: Feng Shui!

Tina:If you write at your pen pal in Dublinn, what country will you place in the address?
Avy,Red,Bordz: England!
Tina: No, it starts with the letter "I"
Red: Ingland

Note: That they were not answering as a "joke", they were a convinced with their "guessing".
It was fun! -_-

Two days ago, me, Avy and Nessa were in Room A, eating Cream-O.

I took their "Cream-oed" eyes. And saw the difference...

Which one looks better on them? Cream-Oed or not?

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tina said...

I look better!!.. hahahahhaha.. ^_^
Avy | 10.27.06 - 10:16 pm | #

haha, natawa naman ako sa Ingland. nice answers!
cruise | 10.28.06 - 1:47 am | #

Avy: hahah you both look good!

cruise: naku! sumakit tyan ko sa kakatawa nang sinabi nya ung "Ingland".
tina | Homepage | 11.06.06 - 8:34 pm |