Friday, October 20, 2006

two sides of the coin

I have been busy for a whole lot of reasons. A LOT has been going on in my "so-wonderful-life". Few of them might seem unfortunate to some people... but really it's not. There are always two sides of the coin... and it is your choice(and it has been only been UP TO YOU) as to which side you want to see.

I've "remembered" a lot these past few months, along with my mom's personal development trainings, reading a LOT of self help books, reflecting, centering myself, meditating (parang yogist ano?) but really as in meditating. There are different ways of meditating you know.. it really depends where you can get and collect your thoughts and all that. And i dont just mean my thoughts.... i usually get "out-of-my-mind", and listen to the language of my soul... and that is my FEELINGS.

Feelings are very important.. never ever supress them.
But always remember, that feelings of the soul are never negative they are always positive.
You see our soul is really pure, and it is our MIND who sometimes masquerades as feelings.... that produces negative "feelings". Feelings that comes from the SOUL are feelings that represents LOVE, while the so called "feelings" of the mind are feelings that represents Fear.

Fear leads to a lot of things. Fear of losing someone, produces a not so good feeling... which leads you to jealousy. Fear of doing something... leads you to worry. Fear of this and that always leads to a not-so-good-feeling.

You need to know whether the "feelings" you are having is in harmony with YOUR REAL NATURE.

I keep saying this over and over: Life is beautiful... it is also wonderful... but it depends on how you make it.

You are the creator of your own LIFE. It is you who is responsible to what is happening to you right now. You cannot blame other people to what happened to you right now.... nor can you blame GOD.

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tina said...

life is really wonderful..hehehe.. kahit yung tipong panget talaga ang lahat, if you look on the bright side, kahit gano ka-panget, gumaganda..diba?hehe.
pam | 10.21.06 - 4:41 am |

this entry's so timing.
lin |10.22.06 - 12:02 am |

i agree, we must renew our minds and align to feeling of love.

good post
cruise | 10.22.06 - 10:06 am |

"life is what you make it."
ralphT | 10.23.06 - 2:58 am |