Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Greetings from HK

This is my last day in HK.

So Long... Farewell.

Yes I am in HongKong. Thanks to DXN for this free travel seminar incentive. And of course all my praises and thanks to GOD for everything. (San ka pa? Eh libre toh! haha)

I was in fact debating with myself.. about to blog or not to blog from here(i can always blog more about my experiences.. when im at home). The whole Travel Seminar Incentive Group left 2 days ago.

Leaving all the other DXN Distributors(including me and Nay Melma *a family friend*) who extended for a few days and meet with their relatives living here. My parents were supposed to be with me, and everyone who qualified for this trip asked me as to where they are and all that. My mom was supposed to lecture about "ATTITUDE" to everyone, but my parents were not able to make it, due to an unexpected circumstance.

This is my first time to be out of the country and obviously my first time to be in Hong Kong. I am coming back with my family. Hong Kong is no fun if you're travelling alone... at least for me it's not. I keep wishing they are here.. specially when i'm at their shopping center or malls... hayyy how you wish... your parents are around! haha. But, it's really different if you have a couple of your friends or your family along.

People DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU WEAR! By golly... everyone's colorful from here... you can wear whatever you think is IN. hehe. Or maybe, because it's october and it is halloween so everyone's wearing it WEIRD. Just kidding.
Hong Kong fashion is cute and it suits their weather, i dont think i can wear what they are wearing right now, if i am in the Philippines. It might look 'ok' here... but like their boots (i just love their boots.) you cannot wear it in the PH if it's UBER hot! I love taking a look at what the chinese are wearing... they all look cute.

There are a couple of NIGHT MARKETS... and they are not that cheap. Well some stuffs are... specially if you are in PRINCE EDWARD. I dont really trust the not-so-authorized-dealers of gadget stuffs here. I will tell you all about the "why" i do not trust them on my next post as i recount what happened during my stay here.

I have tried all their public transportation for experience. And i have to tell you... when im back in PH... ive had ENOUGH OF THE DIMSUM... chinese food and all the like. NO more DIMSUM/Chinese food for me. Blech.

Anyhow.. ill be sharing to you what i learned during my stay here. I know most of them are not new to you. Or you have been here and obseved the same as well... but nevertheless i wanna share.

Oh and to all DXN Members... do avail for the next two trips for next year. We will be in MALAYSIA and a CARRIBEAN CRUISE(800 TSI points for this one.. if you want ur hubby/wife to be with you 1600 TSI POINTS.) This time.. i wanna work for that. Ack! I have to share the good news then... that YOU TOO can avail it. Just prepare the passport and the gates for travelling abroad shall be open. Till here.

SEE YOOUUU!! (I shall be commenting on your blogs.. when im home.)


Iskoo said...

congrats, gld to hear that you enjoyed your HK trip. i suddenly remember the first time visited HK sarap kumain sa dimsum, makha ako sa maraming bagay dyan sa HK. dami rin namang pinoy kaya parang pinas din sa ibang parte ng Hk lalo na kung weekend

iskoo | Homepage | 10.11.06 - 8:48 am |

Pam said...

you are one lucky human being! haha. the last time i went out of the country was when i was 4years old.

pam | Homepage | 10.11.06 - 10:34 pm |

Jenniffer said...

wow! buti ka pa nakapag HK, ate ko anjan eh.. di pa ako dinadala.. and ur too young, pano yun?
jeniffer | Homepage | 10.12.06 - 11:26 am |