Thursday, October 26, 2006

Fear Street

I just finished War Day by Whitley Strieber and James Kunetka. My review about WarDay can be seen HERE. I've long given up on the other book a week ago which was Corruption of Blood by Robert Tatenbaum. Corruption of Blood is kind of boring anyway, and right now I'm starting R.L. Stine's 3 books in one, about Secrets. I miss reading Fear Street. It's so easy to read plus the thrill and all that.

I have a couple of Fear Street books, but most of them were borrowed and was never returned to me. :( *rawr*

What did I do the whole day ? I woke up late, checked my mails, got ready for my one and only class in numerical analysis for today, went to college (a bit late), went home, accompanied my mom and dad outside, now im here. :P

My post will be short. I want to post pictures but I'm not using my pc right now, I'm using mom's laptop ahihi. -_-

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tina said...

tinnaaaaa!!! ang pictures!! hahahha.. ^_^
i collect R.L. Stine books too.. ^_^
Avy |10.26.06 - 7:32 am | #

hintay namin picture mo sa next post
iskoo | 10.26.06 - 10:18 pm | #