Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blog Leave

I shall be taking my 2-week-leave now (what the blogosphere called "hiatus").

I might be updating this spot once in awhile at this same post, if i get myself online. So I will see ya eblibadi!

My flight for Manila will be this monday..

When I'm back, Ill be commenting on your crazy.. and i expect PLDT is OK by then, because until now, the connection is not OK. rawrr.

Please leave your comments, id appreciate it. Thanks everyone!


So i will be leaving you with some random ICST convos at a seminar we just attended.

Random convos:
SCENE: NCCC Cinema 1.

Emcee: Kaya pala nawala ang AJAX sa dishwashing world.. nasa web development na pala..
Audience: haha (*laughs*)

Avy and Me talking..
Jesel: Saba mo ba, sayang ang 150 (*Shush! Dont be noisy, our 150 will be wasted.)

*phone rings (ringtone is like a landline)
Jesel: Knsa may nagdala ug telepono? (*Who brought their telephone?)



Iskoo said...

two weeks, tagal nun! hehe. joke.
ingat ka and enjoy your blog holiday!
iskoo | Homepage | 10.01.06 - 9:54 am |

Avy said...

uy sarap naman tina! san punta?
sasha | 10.01.06 - 11:13 pm |

kulang pa ang convos.. :P
Avy | 10.01.06 - 11:30 pm |

aaaah... sige... balik ka ha?

taga-saan ka ba?
Donya Quixote | 10.02.06 - 5:13 am |

tina said...

i cant really tag in your tagboard. my connection's a mess.hehe..

balik agad!haha

pam | 10.04.06 - 10:27 am |

waaaaaaaah! san ka na?hehe..wala lang. dumadaan.
pam | 10.09.06 - 7:29 am |

Avy | 10.09.06 - 7:41 am |

waaa im in HK now.. be back in Davao tomorrow by 6-7pm.

Avy everything is expensive... if i keep on converting to peso.. haha.. i dont think i shoppeda lot. rofl. anyhow.. see u in skul
tina | 10.11.06 - 2:42 am |