Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Ive been hearing about a lot of Pinoy achievements lately, and i want to post them here. But it would be too lengthy and all that. So i decided to make a different blog, when it comes to "pinoy's".

The idea struck me, when i attended some seminar in Grand Men Seng Hotel last Saturday about a certain Pinoy product, and in the end of his "SONA-like presentation" he commended all the PINOY's who won this and that. Which gave me a lot of ideas about what to blog about that day, but come to think of it... my blog post would be too long. Considering my constricted page, because i added a lot of stuffs in here to"entertain" you. uhmm Did it? Hehe

So, i began thinking about what to name the subdomain of the blog. The "Sikat ang pinoy" phrase suddenly popped in my mind. So i said to myself, if the subdomain name of "sikatangpinoy.blogspot.com" is not taken, it is meant to be MINE! (bwahaha). And sure enough, when i got home that day...... tada! It wasnt taken.

I registered it, made the layout today... and i finished it. That's me, if i want to do something... right away.. i make it RIGHT AWAY!

Please visit http://sikatangpinoy.blogspot.com


That would do it! Haha.

Btw. My beloved mentor in IRIDOLOGY just had her work published about Q2 SPA in Philippine Star today.

Today, i went to DFA to fix my passport! Yeah, i am travelling the WORLD! bwahaha but dont get my wrong.. there is still no place like HOME (PHILIPPINES)

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