Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Maria

I typed in "angelblush" and searched it from yahoo.

The first one I would see is from multiply, and all the other links and spots that i am on.

And then I happened to take a look at New Maria, because of the image below.

Yay! and i was really featured! so amazing!

So I am inviting you all(girls) to join that community and get your chance to be featured!

I also tried Google and searched "angelblush" and blogspot was the first in the line. There are other dating sites and blahs that has the same nick as mine, and that is NOT ME. nuh uh. You would know it is me, if

  • the name is Kristina Marie

  • from Philippines

  • and the site is not a dating site. rawr

  • Most of the people in the Random ICST convos have blogs and I have linked them in the "real life" category. They are still starting out.

    Random ICST convos:

    Scene: Strategic Information system (chaotic class)
    Sitch: Renel is going to report about one case study.

    Giovanne, JV: Penguin!
    *class hollers*
    Renel: Maam, saba kaayo sila, sigi penguin, penguin! (Maam, they are soo noisy, they always say, penguin, penguin)
    Maam Fe: Sigi saba dira, absenan nako run! (Whoever is noisy, I will mark absent!)

    Renel:......Question.... (reports in English)
    Giovanne: I have a question
    Renel: Questions will be entertained later, but I do have a question
    Avy: Huh? wala ko kasabot (huh? I don't understand)

    Me:*snickers* *giggles*
    Renel: *stops reporting* What was that? *continues*

    Renel: So that's the main problem....
    Giovanne: So, what's the point?

    Maam Fe: Naa man gud fraud.. (There is a fraud...)
    Giovanne: What? Fraud Salad ?

    Maam Fe: Kinsa na man sad nigawas oi, gi sarad-an na gani (Who went out and did not close the door?)
    Jhonnel: Si Jesel maam.
    Giovanne: Si Jesel maam.
    Renel: Naa lagi kay echo? (You have an echo)

    *Giovanne talking to someone*
    Jhonnel: Paminaw Giovanne oi! (Listen Giovanne!)
    Giovanne: *turns around* It doesn't concern me.

    Gino: *grasping for words* .... contaminate... errr
    Avy: I like the word you are using, it makes my nose bleed.

    Maam Fe: Oh, na discharge na si Johnnel.
    *everyone shocked o_O*
    Giovanne: What??! I like the terms today... contaminate.. discharge...

    1 comment:

    tina said...

    ay pang girls lang? hehe
    ralphT | 09.27.06 - 5:16 am |

    well. sira ang moment ko ng pag-eemote kaya magcocomment na lang ako.haha.

    that's really cute!

    i will visit that soon!hehe
    pam | 09.27.06 - 5:57 am |

    uy you were featured... that's great, congrats!!!!

    sige, i'll get myself listed there din. :D
    Donya Quixote | 09.27.06 - 11:22 am |

    @ralphT: unfortunately, there are no boys but uhm you can create one.. ? The juan that is not lazy... or a juan and an even better one.. rofl

    @pam: you should try visiting it!

    @Donya Quixote: saw you, there. You can get listed as well. :P
    tina | 09.28.06 - 12:35 am |

    well..ana jud ang class sa uban atong skul.
    bibo kaayo.. kay xempre the presence of those funny minded poeple is there.
    labi na c juvan and c renel.. :D
    kath | 09.28.06 - 12:02 pm |

    pakapin si jhonnel tapos naa si JV. ayy full pack! :P
    tina | 09.28.06 - 6:23 pm |