Monday, September 11, 2006

Classes just started

My one week break is over. And i am back to school. *rawr* I just enrolled to 6 subjects this term.. and i have 6 more to go! Weee! /me jumps around with joy

My schedule is just the same. (The time and all that). I got to catch up with most of my friends in college. And again their never ending korny jokes never fails to make me laugh and at the same time you get the pain in the head feeling.. (no, not the neck.)

Here are the ICST convos:

Tina: Javoy!
JV: Aguy, murag gina pasabot nimo na baboy ko ba. (I think you want to rub the fact that im a pig.)

Scene: Balcony (no, its not the romeo and juliet scene)

Avy: Globe ka? (to Angie) (Are you Globe? *globe is a mobile phone service*)
Angie: *nods*
Giovanne: Tao siya. (She's human)
Renel: Noooo (*shrieks*) Mundo xa. Mundoo and Vanita (She's Globe. Mundoo *supossed to be Montoo it is a name of our Turk classmate* and Vanita *the sister of Montoo*)

Avy: Friend, Friend Dalmatian man cguro ka friend. (Friend, friend. I think you're a dalmatian, friend)
Renel: Nooo(*shrieks*) Mestiza ko friend. (Noo.. im a Mestiza, friend)

AVY! now you are here. Bwahaha.

There are still a lot of "funny" taglines i couldve shared but they talk soo fast... and i cant write it haha. Yes, i write it.

That's all for now. *dinner bell rings* My mom is calling me for dinner.


Donya Quixote said...

Ah, back to school again... Have fun this term!

09.11.06 - 8:01 am

tina said...

Thanks! :P

09.12.06 - 8:58 a