Monday, September 18, 2006

the lone flower on a dusty road...

My report in Entrepreneurship went well. I passed my assignments, i'm a good student this term... im making sure that im taking up every quiz that they are having and all that. Because i know i will be absent for 2 weeks. And at least I have good grades before i go on 'hiatus' in college. Bwahahaha.

Ill be pressuring my teachers to give me more reports/projects. I dont really care anyway. I dont care about the "workload" as long as i get my 2-week-break. (I hope my teachers wont read this *crossfingers*)

Ive done this last term.. i was also absent for almost 2 weeks, because i was taking a special "2-week-course" in iridology and sclerology. And i was about to take the International Exam to get the "CCI" (it's like M.D. for doctors or Phd). Anyway, i know i can rig this 2 week break i will be having. -_-

Oh, i have to thank Avy for accompanying me to cross the street. Not that, i dont know "how to", but that street was like... "so new" to me. And im not sure, if i can cross it because there is no pedestrian lane or whatsoever and there was a "traffic officer" near us. And maybe she accompanied me, because i was taking her sweet time to leave the place and i was kinda delaying her. hehe sorry for that Avy.

My teacher in economics was replaced by our teacher in Entrepreneurship. I dont know why, the new teacher left right away. Maybe, i scared her away when i told her we have "unlimited resources" if we choose to have it that way. J/K.

Our teacher made us research about where DID OUR DEBT STARTED. Well, silly cute me just have to ask that question in class, and then instead of my teacher answering it, he said

"Good question, that will be your assignment to be passed this friday with your reaction."

Everyone in class, just have to look at me (am i that beautiful?) nyahaha, and cried..

"Tina, make our reports. This is your fault."

Oopss.. so much for CLASS PARTICIPATION. I swear, I won't ask silly questions next time around, if that is the case. I mean, it is ok if it was only me who has to research.. i dont wanna burden other classmates for that. Then again, they need the little assignments now and then, we dont have that everyday anyway.

Last Sunday, I was in one of my mom's radical/provoking training. I learned a lot. And it changed my outlook in life. Now, i'm appreciating every "little" thing that has beauty in it. Even if it is just a small lone flower beside the dusty road.. or the blue sky, i can see beyond the horizon, whenever I'm at the top of the road.. (coz i can see it in front of me)if im walking home.

I take in the little details, and see the beauty around me. And I have learned how to appreciate those things that I usually frown upon... and to look for something in it that would make me smile. Or even to those old people(where my heart usually cries out and want to help them)... I'd smile at them and silently say "Bless you". But of course, aside from appreciating... im also grateful for everything that goes along the way. Be it good or bad.
Life is indeed beautiful.

Random ICST convos:

Maam Yvonne(in a loud voice) to Sir Marion: Sir Marion Wala man diay kay klase. Why did you not help me? (Sir Marion, You dont have a class. Why did you not help me?)
J.V. (joiners): You do not talk to a teacher like that.

Pearl: Maam, they won't report maam. (referring to her groupmates)
Renel: Pearl, you do it na lang. (are you maam liezyl?)
Pearl: But I already reported, last Friday. And i dont know this.
Johnnel: Pearl, just report it... so we can get this over with.
Pearl: Do you want me to just read it, then?!
Giovanne: Well, what's new?


Ralpht said...

'convos'... nice term! hehe
ralphT | Homepage | 09.18.06 - 11:45 pm |

potpot said...

wah.. bt nmn gusto m ng sobrang daming report.. skt s ulo nun..!!!
potpot | Homepage | 09.19.06 - 7:49 am | #

tina said...

para "catch up" sa grade... para sa 2 weeks na hindi ako papasok.. hehe
tina | Homepage | 09.20.06 - 12:42 am |

Iskoo said...

trainingreally helps, kung may time lang at resources, i will really involve myself on training for personal development
iskoo | Homepage | 09.21.06 - 3:36 am |