Saturday, September 16, 2006

To all ye Bloggers

I know i just have to make a post about this.

To all those Bloggers with Pop-Ups. It is not an I.E bug nor a Blogger bug as what most of you "identify" it with.

I was a victim once, i thought it was just normal so i just ignored it. But someone notified me, he cant view the page because his "anti-virus" is blocking him. And he told me.. mine has. I was like.. what? So, i figured it was the "pop-ups" he was referring to. By that time, i dont have any idea what caused the pop ups.. but since he told me to take it out i looked for my own means and ways for it to be removed.

I know "java scripts" are prone to "virus/spywares" and the like. So, i took all the java scripts out from the page, and then returned them one by one. And i found out, (i even advised some bloggers from teentalk about this) that HOSTED-SCRIPTS was the culprit.

It was a shame, because it was really good and all that. The IP-tracker and the like, a great add on for "blogs", but if it is the cause of the ever annoying pop ups... well goodbye hosted-scripts.

There are some blogs out there that makes my "anti-virus" go gaga.

It was the same Pop-ups from hosted-scripts. rawrrr. I think they are evolving. lol.


I changed the look. haha. I wanted it to be just like my mom's. I was editing her blog, and then i suddenly want something like hers.. sooo here it is.


potpot said...

nice.. hehehe.. oo nga.. kaya ko tinanggal ung mga hosted scripts ko chuva dahil nga s virus.. amf.. kaya ang damneg pop up windows..

potpot | Homepage | 09.16.06 - 10:38 am |

Kuazee said...

oh thanks for sharing the tip..

link ex?
kuazee | Homepage | 09.16.06 - 6:31 pm |

Christie said...

hey. thanks for dropping by! :D

anyway, yeah. the javascripts are causing 'em. :D
christie | Homepage | 09.16.06 - 10:42 pm |

Pam said...

nampucha. totoo?? okey..will take note of that.hehe.

anyway, u're tagged.
pam | Homepage | 09.17.06 - 2:46 am | #

Donya Quixote said...

nice new layout! your mom has a blog? oh? cool naman!
Donya Quixote | Homepage | 09.17.06 - 4:25 am |

tina said...

yeah she has. but she's not posting yet. busy bee un. hihi..

tina | Homepage | 09.17.06 - 6:53 am |

Utakgago said...

isa sa pipitsugin kong dahil kung bat ako umalis ng at lumipat ng ay dahil sa pop-ups..

akala ko, sa blogger yun.

sa hosted-scripts pala (may isang nakapagsabi saken nuun).

but anyway, i'm enjoying my stay in wordpress..

IRIDOLOGIST? wow. nice naman.. hehe. so pwede ka ring manghula? dumaan!!
utakGAGO | 09.20.06 - 7:45 am

Ralpht said...

ah really? i ddnt know that....
ralphT | Homepage | 09.22.06 - 6:40 am |