Monday, September 25, 2006

Warnier Brothers

I finally got to watch snakes on a plane yesterday. The first scenes were a bit dragging(for me), maybe because I can't wait to see the "snakes" on action, and how they would handle 500 snakes and they have nowhere to go, because they were flying on air.

I was even delighted when i saw a cat at the "baggage" area, and said to myself "Yay, great! A cat can fight off at least one of the snakes,and would help"
When the snakes were released (it wasn't an accident, it was planned that way), we screamed(we just want too, that's part of the reason why we wanted to watch it), guess what it attacked first? ****the CAT!***** I was like... a cat? A cat usually wins over the snake. That's not right. But the snake was kinda too BIG for the cat anyway.
The first two scenes where the snakes gets to attack on people, is the part i detest the most. Whoever made this is a pervert. LOL. I mean, of all the places to bite, why those uhmm private areas? The first one was a couple making out at the bathroom, and you can guess that they would be the first casualty. It was quite obvious. I thought they would just make out, but it was more than that. LOL. And then came the snake.. ewww... it bit the.. i dont wanna say it. What were the makers thinking? Anyway the couple died.
The next one was a guy who peed.. and you can guess again where it would bite! Another private part. It really was crazy. If there would be more of this, i've had enough! Turns out, that was the only 'crazy' part. Maybe to bring humor for all those 'green' people, but it really wasn't humorous for me. (but of course the movie is not for me! hehe)
The snakes there were 'smart', one snake cut off some wirings that would later on make the airplane go gaga. And the snakes were acting unusual, snakes usually dont attack people, if they dont get oppressed.
So, i began thinking the movie wasn't for real. This was all pure "made-up", and that this cannot be possible because there are no snakes alive in the world.. that would act, the way they acted on that plane. They were acting in frenzy, so it wasnt that realistic.
Then, I learned the snakes were "drugged" and that's why they are all SO HIGH, and it explains most of the unbelievable parts.
One part i found funny was when the dog(the owner of the dog is ala-Paris Hilton) was thrown to the BOA constrictor, just to distract it. And then the girl, hit the man who threw her dog, she was soo furious. And then the man who threw the dog, was then crushed by the BOA. Maybe, the snake wasn't satisfied when it was given the dog.
The snake could be thinking like this. "I dont want a dog, I want something bigger than that, like you!"
All in all it is an entertaining movie. Not good for young uns though, because of those supposed-to-be-censored part. Some of the parts were predictable though.

When i was making my report last friday, my classmates fired me some korny question.
Me: A warnier orr is a -
Jesel: Is that what we call, warnier old? (supposed to be one year old)
Avy: NO! that's <> A warnier is a child < /sing >
Me: Err.. it's Warnier brothers

It turned out the reporter was even kornier than the rest of them. LOL.


Donya Quixote said...

i haven't watched that yet and i don't really have plans to... but i may when it comes out on video.

i'll watch it with my dog. hehe
Donya Quixote | Homepage | 09.25.06 - 1:25 pm |

Iskoo said...

mukhang kakaibang movie yan ah, mapanood nga. hehe
iskoo | Homepage | 09.25.06 - 11:03 pm |

Me said...

very good work

well done
me | Homepage | 09.26.06 - 2:24 am |

Pam said...

the last movie i've watched was...


"take the lead"

what the crap.hahaha.

i wanna watch it when i have time!!!!
pam | Homepage | 09.27.06 - 5:25 am |