Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Alas exams are over. We have a week break.
and i have a lot of things to do...

* Read all the books i need to read, and want to read.
* Pass my requirements either tomorrow or friday.. and also enroll for the next term.
* Answer my take home sclerology exam.
* Finish my 40 eyes for PCAM accreditation.
* Organize mom's newly purchased domain/site! (courtesy of AIDWEBHOST )
* More CD's to burn.
* and of course, sleeping on time and drinking my WATER regularly.

My body reacts when i lack water/sleep, and gives me rashes/allergies and sometimes even worst they kinda "bloat".

For the past two days, my eyes would go "bloat" whenever i wake up.. and even my left hand.. it would numb then bloat. Sorry for the term "bloat" since im not sure how to describe them. And then today.. it was my LIPS.

Oh my.. i have exams and all that and i have a report. Anyway.. i placed Gano massage oil (its herbal) and even the Ganozhi Toothpaste (herbal too), and after 2 hours it wasnt "that" obvious. I cant possibly let my group down for not showing up in our final exam(we will defend our feasibility study), so being the "Anxiety-Tetanic slash Neurogenic" woman that i am, i went to college.

I was like 30 mins late for my Linear Algebra exam, but my teacher is in her usual gracious attitude and i already informed her about my sitch. So, she made me take it (i got my results it was a 97%, not bad for i was in a hurry that time).

The "bloat" in my lips wasnt that evident, and so thank God (i really declared that it wont be noticed.. and i thank you LORD!) because it wasnt evident. And i have to tell a few close friends to take a "close" look at my "kissable" lips! nyahaha..

LESSON TO BE LEARNED: Be a steward to your body, never ever take it forgranted. Practice deep breathing everyday, dont stress yourself, and always drink the ELIXIR of LIFE... WATER.


Literally, dreams at night.

I saw myself planting some tree in the garden with my aunt, and then i noticed my hand grew numb and then saw some worms trying to get into my SKIN! ACK!! i hate worms (yes i dont talk about what i hate.. but really.. i dislike worms.. i dont like to be near worms...), and then i panicked when i saw it trying to get inside ME. I tried to pull them out, one by one.. and oh my.. when i pulled them out, you can see blood dripping..(its like they sucked my blood) and they grew large.. ewwww.

Remembering it still sends shivers down my spine. I took them out.. and threw them away one by one, not minding the pain that seeps through. I can see myself cry.. feel myself cry.

I woke up, feeling relieved that it was just A DREAM.

Women are gifted by being "intuitive", women usually dreams a lot. Anyhow, i was so bothered about that dream, that i decided to look it up online. i /googled it.

I gathered most of them and here they are:

* To associate these characteristics with any individuals, including yourself indicates that you are seeing a very negative side of them and have a generally low opinion of them (or yourself).

The statement above is true, i saw a couple of negative side about the people around me, i wont name names. Just some thought, that some *mutters* people *mutters* are way low. And yeah ive noticed a few negative aspects of mine.

And they are a sign to change the way i look at them. And believe me, i am trying. :)

* To dream of worms, denotes that you will be oppressed by the low intriguing of disreputable persons.

This one correlates with the first meaning. And yeah i was "oppressed" the next day. Again.. i wont name names.

* Old, superstition based dream interpretations say that dreaming about worms is a warning about poor health.

My dreaming about worms, manifested also with my "massive" allergy and kinda obvious ones lately.

* For a young woman to dream they crawl on her, foretells that her aspirations will always tend to the material. If she kills or throws them off, she will shake loose from the material lethargy and seek to live in morality and spirituality.

The next meaning is just so true. Maybe, i would not admit it before, that i am also guilty about being too consumed by "material" stuffs. But all that changed months back, when i read a couple of self-help books that are really enlightening.

And today, if you take a look at my layout.. its all about life, love, happiness, serving, spirituality.. & reality and no signs of superficial stuffs. Cause its all bout LOVE AND LIFE.

Dreams have meanings... just see behind all those PICTURE LANGUAGES that your dream is trying to unravel unto you. :)

RANDOM Conversation FROM ICST (my college):

System Analysis and Design Conversation.

They are talking about yesterday, when they made their project at Jesel's crib.

Jesel: Oi kamo ba, makakita lang gani mo ug unlan matulog dayon mo. Dili mo mutabang! (hey! you guys are annoying. Whenever you see a pillow, you go to sleep right away, and would never help me)).
Jhunnel: Taka lang ka! Pag abot nako, ikaw ray natulog ug naghigda! (Lies! When i arrived, you were the one sleeping, and lying in the bed!)
Jesel: Bag-o ra ko nahuman ug type ato ba, dugay kaayo ka niabot! (I just finished typing that time! You arrived late!)
Giovan: Oi! Correction! Wala siya nihigda, nipilit si Jesel oi! (Hey! Correction! Jesel didnt lie down, she sticked to the wall!)

*just for laughs, jesel is often teased in college as a lizard. and no.. she is not offended by it, just like most of us who were also nicknamed by a couple of "unliked" rodents/animals.*

RANDOM QUOTES in ICST excerpts from the "mass message" created by JV:

*GIOVAN: if you dont give a damn to what i say, then forget about friendship! Bullsh*t!
*Maam MINA: bf, nangangati ang kamay ko pag di 21 karat (bf, my hand would have allergies if its not 21 Karat) - (as if) -
*Renel: Silence means YEZ!
*Sir Mel: Purpose driven Life
*Bee: wag kanang umiyak bee, mahal na mahal kita. (dont cry bee, i love you very much)


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