Thursday, September 28, 2006

United Attendance

The images below is from the Attendance sheet of our SIS clas. Yeah, the chaotic one.

The one i encircled (is that a circle? hehe) is mine. The rest I placed their names beside... (i usually quote them from my RANDOM ICST convos...) so you would know them.

And you can see.. who started that fad. That's Renel on top of the line. The country slot is kinda funny, because we all have to think of some country that starts with UNITED. There are only 3 countries that starts with UNITED. So we have to think of something much more zanier than just a "country".

The next slot is the QUOTE.... ;p random quotes..

A closer look:

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Iskoo said...

kulet ng attendance sheet na yan... hehehe

naaliw ako sa United Tiki-tiki, United Colors of Benitton, at United States of the Philippines!!!
iskoo | 09.28.06 - 10:38 pm | #