Friday, September 22, 2006

My pleasure is in my labor

I was just soo busy. Two(2) reports in a week, is hardly my thing and couple it with quizzes and assignments. I guess I am still adjusting, because our school rarely gives us that much workload. Or is it my mom giving me most of the work? Or is it my sister making me burn her sound effects project?

But anyway i usually find my pleasure around my labor rather than leisure. I love being busy and being productive than just lazing around doing nothing(although, i tend to do that.. when i am awfully tired and that's not leisure anyway because I'm resting.).

I just learned our Preliminary Exams will be next week(thursday and friday). Then by Oct. 2 -3, i guess the students will prepare for the upcoming Intramurals this Oct. 4-6. Our Intramurals is kinda late. Oh well.

Since, there are a few students in our college we were all divided into three teams, by picking a number in some "fish bowl" our teachers provided for us. We suggested, it's better if it is by year level, but then the sophies are outnumbered(just like last year). And they said that it is an "aquaintance/intramurals" thingamajig, so we should socialize with the freshies.

I have no problem with that. I mean, gaining new "fresh" friends? hehe..No problem. But, i guess with the small time to prepare those cheer dances, or whatever contests they have in stored for us plus you have to get-to-know-them at the same time. You don't know blah is blah? Dya get my point? I don't know. Anyway my team this year is TEAM ONE! as in UNO!

Me and Avy will be prolly talking head-on with our 'mates because our team is fortunately a socio thing for us because it is dominated by freshies. The teacher assigned to us is the ever beautiful "engaged" Miss Gladys. But I miss last year's team, it was a great team-up, or was it? Because at least we knew most of the students in the group.

But then again I won't be battling or be socializing with Avy by then because I'm taking my so called hiatus starting that week. It's my first time to miss the Intramurals, and it's a shame to miss one, because our Intrams always made me do something different everytime. The last time(first year), I was the MC. The other time... well i dare not say it here. Bwahaha. Maybe this year i'd be eating fire in front of the audience for all i know. So yeah it's a shame to miss this one-time event, and to think this is my last Intramurals. But that's me, I'm always missing something every last school year.

I just saw "Princess Diana's Secret Tapes". I don't know when this was released or something. I was browsing videos on Youtube and i got hooked to this documentary from NBC. I remember before, when she died we were all asked to make an "essay" about our reaction. I haven't finished the series though, it was cut short because my mom asked me to do some stuffs. Anyway, Id prolly finish them later. Rawr. Prince Charles, you made her suffer.... -_-

Dear Kristina S,

"If pleasures are greatest in anticipation, just remember that this is also true of trouble." Elbert Hubbard1859-1915, Author and Publisher

I got that from my mail. My daily quote of the day. And it kinda answered my quote above.


Donya Quixote said...

grrr... prince charles... grrr... he makes me so mad... [and he has horrible teeth! hehe]
Donya Quixote | Homepage | 09.23.06 - 1:03 pm |

Pam said...

nyahehehe..kaw rin! hahaha...abala.

pinepeste talaga yung conection ko..sensya na ngayon lang ulit ako nakabalik. but i do read your posts..hindi lang makapag-comment that often..

nice layyie!


potpot said...

wah.. paweho pla teu busy.. hehehe.. amf.. kasi naman ang dami gngawa.. pudpod n daliri ko kakatype ng report
potpot | Homepage | 09.24.06 - 9:45 am |