Thursday, September 14, 2006

Unlimited Eagles

I wasn't able to post the other day.. because my inet connection was sooo slow.. or maybe there was no connection at all. I don't know what's wrong with PLDT. Is it my modem? or is it PLDT? Anyway, if this goes on.. i'd have to call them and ask.

Since i finished reading Parsifal Mosaic.. I'm starting "Corruption of Blood" by Robert K. Tatenbaum. -_-

I have 2 quizzes this friday. 2 reports were handed out. 1 is to be reported this monday.. about the Economy of the Philippines along with what is entrepreneurship.

Im not so fond with my "economics" class. I dont have any problem with the teacher.. the teacher is ok (she is new). But the subject is soo "negative". It talks about... "limited resources". My golly, if only economists knew... there is no such thing as "limited". Everything is UNLIMITED, even text messages are. It's all in the mind, humans love to "limit" themselves. You will notice that everyday.

"I can't do that, I'm JUST...." "It would take me probably 20 years to achieve that.."

They did not start yet, but they are already limiting their capabilities. Change your paradigm, from limited to unlimited. There is no such thing as IMPOSSIBLE. Everything is possible. Yes, that's an abused phrase... but it is true. Everyone acknowledges this "truth", but they don't put it to action.

Random Convos from ICST:


from someone: Pag globe na lagi Jesel (Jesel, switch to Globe)
Giovan: Sige na ba, pag globe na kay mag smart naming tanan (Switch to globe and we will start using Smart.)
Jesel: Lagi, sige lang ka delay ang message sa smart (Yes ill switch, smart always have "delayed messages")
Giovan: Ok man ang Smart, kung kabalo ka mugamit (Smart is ok, if you know how to use it)
Jesel: Unsaon man daw be? (And how do you use it?)
Giovan: Dali lang na. Ioff nimo imo cellphone, kuhaon ang sim unya ibalik nasad nimo. (Easy, just turn off your cellphone, get your sim then place it back.)
Jesel: Unya mag sige na lng ug off on off on. (And then, you would always turn it off on and then off and on?)
Giovan: Aw, naa pa may lain na pama-agi.. ilabay na lang na imong cellphone (Well, there are other ways, you can always throw your phone.)

About internship. Yes, our OJT will start next term along with our THESIS 1 and everyone is getting psyched.

Johnnel: Didto na lang ta sa Pryce Tower. Naa didto si Flor (Let's apply at Pryce Tower, Flor is there)
From everyone: Nag unsa si Flor didto? (What is she doing there?)
Giovan: Floor Manager

There were a lot of things that we talked about yesterday. Most of them are funny views about this person and that person. They just made it "funny" in a way, but most of them are actually "negative" POV of people in college, that gives out promises and then.. well... i dont have to make it public.. nyahaha they might be reading this.

Last night i Had a dream.. again.. this time about an EAGLE.
Well, the last part was i saw an eagle. I cant remember the first part of the dream. Anyway, i was standing at a thin "electricty line",( im not sure.. if it was an electricity line)and then a BIG EAGLE perched beside me. I was so shocked and then all i can think of that time was "i want to take a video or a picture of the eagle". Then i went down from the electricity line, i told everyone about the eagle, and exclaimed:

"Wow! I think that eagle escaped from "Philippine Eagle". (Btw, Philippine Eagle is a place where all the eagles are taken care of.. that's where the famous.. "Pag-asa" stayed.)

The eagle went back.. and swooped down and as if showing off.

Anyway.. i again looked for the meaning, and i came up with:

*The eagle is a symbol of great wisdom and vision. As such, it is often associated as a sacred emblem that sets the dreamer apart for special uses by the Great Spirit.

- I can feel it...

*In Hebrew and Greek Literature, the eagle is a symbol of power. To dream of the eagle is to be spiritually validated as a person of great wisdom and insight concerning both this world and the spiritual realities beyond.

- Another sign..

*If the eagle is flying free, the dreamer needs to be prepared for an opportunity to soar above the mundane, either professionally or spiritually, or both.

-I am preparing... ages ago pa.

*If the eagle is perched on a tree or in a nest, someone close to the dreamer is looking out for her.

- uhmm it was perched at first... at an electrical line with me.. soo.. someone's watching over me? :P I knew that!

*Your dream depends on its details, but if the birds in your dream were flying free, it may be symbolic of spiritual, psychological, or physical freedom. An eagle is a powerful bird and the unconscious message may be prosperity, success, and liberation from tedium.

-mhmm.... amazing!

Thank you Lord, for giving me all the signs i needed. I need it. Meaning im on the right track... LOVE YOU! THANK YOU....for everything... for the wisdom and the understanding... that you impart on me.. daily. And then.. thank you for the INCREASE... and that everyone who talks to me will INCREASE too.. just the way you want it. Thy WILL BE DONE on EARTH as it is in HEAVEN.


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