Monday, July 31, 2006

Back from Iligan (Happy Birthday Paolo)

As most of you know, Paolo(my brother) is studying in Iligan along with our cousin Dave.

Paolo is a great example to US in the family. How he obeyed in staying in Iligan to study, away from us. It is also a great process and challenge to my parents, me and Darlene. If it is a process to us, how much more Paolo? I miss the little kid.. who would come in and out of my room, and bug me to use the PC and all that *sigh*

I am so amazed.. how God, is processing the NEXT generation, since most of the process are centered on the next gen(young uns). I know, that God is preparing us FOR SOMETHING BIG. And i am doing everything to do whatever HE willed me to do. And what happens and oppurtunities or processes.. or revealings that would arise.. i am sure.. GOD has a plan. Everything happens for a reason.. and that is something i always try to remind myself, and that everyone should be reminded by that too. Be it good or bad. If it is bad, try to see everything in a good way.. it works out better that way, and you get to understand the whole thing. You don't get bitter instead you get stronger.

Anyhow, we visited Paolo in Iligan, since it is his 11th birthday!


We were supposed to leave by (july 28 friday)12noon but we got delayed, since Tay Edwin re-registered the car that we're going to use for travelling. And LTO promised to release it early that day, but as usual LTO is getting it's usual "lazy" attitude.. it was delayed. We waited and waited at SPS, good thing the nutrition month presentation kept me entertained, the whole time. By the time it reached 4pm we were asked to go ahead and take the bus. So 8 of us proceeded to the terminal. The next bus that is bound for CDO, would leave by 7-8pm. So we waited there, in the meantime we were also hoping that the LTO would approve the registration. But then by 6pm my mom did not allow me and my sister to go ride the bus without Ate rhea because they are the ones who knows the way to Iligan. So, since it's getting late we decided to wait for Tay Edwin's service(as to when it would be released, we do not know.)

Since everyone was tired and hungry *rawr*. We ate at SM (mom's treat). And boy were we FULL and stuffed. We just greeted Paolo a happy birthday. But while we were eating, Tay Edwin announced... *drum roll* that it was finally registered! *woot* And that we are leaving by 3am(saturday). Everyone got elated again. Me and my sister decided it's better that we sleep at Tay Edwin's place. SO that's what we did.

And we left by 3:30am. Ate some bread and scrambled eggs coupled with apples. There were 15 of us all in all. Tay Edwin, Nay Marly, Ate Kai, Papo, Me, Darlene, Maranatha, Kya gary, Ate Rea, Jethro, LJ, Cj, Tay Bong, Nico, and Kuya Janman. It was foggy along the way to Buda.

Me and Darl at the L300 *brrr cold*

We stopped over at some place (i forgot the name), they sell Carabao's Milk.. and we took turns having a picture with the horse horsey!

Me and Darl =)

The kids were all excited and they keep asking "Are we there yet?". We reached Iligan by 12:30 noon. Everyone was soo hungry.. and we ate! Haha finally.. REAL FOOD after the travel.

After a few while we left for Timuga Resort. (Ill post pics.) We played "anak-anakay" in the water. And then Nay Marly joined us too.

That's Paolo, Papo and CJ beside the pool :)

Me and Paolo after the pool fun! =)

By the time we were home, we were all tired and everyone wants to sleep. The rest of the group were playing cards while waiting for the food. The others slept and rested (im one of them hehe..) When we woke up by 7pm, there was a blackout. Food was served though. And 4 of the boys were being lectured by the parents because they went out to play DOTA w/o permission. As punishment, they washed the dishes and cleaned the kitchen after eating. We slept by 10pm.

Sunday, the next day. Mom woke us early to avoid the hustle bustle in the bathroom when everyone is awake. So we got ready by 7am. They said there is a gathering by 9am at the compound. We left by 9:30 after having a yummy breakfast (with soya milk/dxn coffee). We stayed at the compound till 3pm (we had our yummy lunch there plus the raw food).

Me and Ate Kai at the compound.

We went home by 3:15 (since the compound and the house we are staying is just near.) Me, Ate Kai and Nuth2x were playing cards, they taught me how to play "Tong-Its". After a few while we rested, woke up for dinner. The adults were watching some documentary film after dinner, the kids and the ladies went outside to talk and play cards. After the film was finished, the rest of the group slept.
But me, Darlene, Ate Kai, and Mara were still talking and took pics (playing with the black and white style).

Nuth, Darl, Me and Ate Kai (L-R)

My mom and Nay Marly were also talking about some serious matters on the other side. We slept around 11:30pm.

The next day, was our last day. We had a yummy breakfast again (eggs+corned beef=coffee haha) We dropped by at the Compound where Paolo was studying (their classes starts 7:30am, so he went ahead.) by 9am. We had pictures with everybody, since it was the last day.

We headed for CDO by 9:30am. There were two services used, so we agreed to meet at Bigby's CDO. We arrived at the place quarter to 11.

The chairs of Ice Castle (beside Bigby's). It's cute.

We had pictures, because the design of Bigby's was sooo classy & unique. If you <3 to travel you would appreciate it. We had another yummy LUNCH. *rawr* We the girls ordered, 1 salad(veggie) and 2 Food Trip Platter(since they have BIG servings, now you guessed why it's called as that lol). We finished our lunch by 11:45 and went to Lim Kit Kai to buy something. There were cute stores that we cant find in Davao, and unfortunately our parents left us to roam around the mall, so there would be no financer. *errr* They did that on purpose and we know it. *sigh* We want to buy so many things but we ended up buying hard bound books. I bought THE FIRE by Sebastian Junger the author of the PERFECT STORM. We left and headed to Iligan by 1. Then we got back to Davao by 6:45pm. But the travel to our place is quite far we arrived home by 7:30pm.

And i thank God for that trip and that we all arrived safely and blessed. :)

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