Thursday, July 13, 2006

I dont exactly follow what's in and what's not...

About Fashion and Style...

I make my own personal style. I dont usually follow trends.. I just make do with what is available. For me, putting together clothes, accessories, and even shoes can be just another way of showing off my creativity. I want my outfit/clothes to be unique and distinctive. After all, my look is a reflection of who I am. That's why I'm sure to make a statement no matter what I'm wearing.

About Cars?

I am driven by what is practical!
Im not one for overly risky ventures — that's probably because the tried and true works just fine for me. Whether Im driving to work or picking up a friend for dinner, I don't want to waste time. And my four-wheeled friend should reflect that. I Don't worry about flashy or fancy. The most important thing for me is reliability — a car that will get the job done (like I do), day-in and day-out.So what's the perfect car companion, the vehicle to fit my practical lifestyle? A Toyota, Honda, or Ford Escort will do the trick for me. (got ideas from tickle w/c is true.. )

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