Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Life is Good... if you follow the Universal Rules

I ate a YELLOW WATERMELON yesterday.

I was watching the news awhile ago, and natural calamities are killing a lot of people lately. Not just here in the Philippines but also in a lot of different countries.

I was watching about President GMA's stand about evacuating the OFW's in Lebanon and people against her are again talking about if they have enough budget.. blah blah. What is more important LIVES or MONEY? Before you think about MONEY you think about what you can do FIRST, like SERVING PEOPLE for example. It is the ONLY JUST USE OF POWER, SERVING PEOPLE, and that is what Pres. GMA is trying to do, little by little. And they don't see it, because they always see the BAD instead of the GOOD. That's why they will never be succesfull, NEVER. Why are they so against a president, who did nothing but thought about the lives of the pinoys in Lebanon? If GMA does something, they are always behind her back and they always try to see the bad thing about anything that GMA does that is good.

I am not for her nor against her. She is the president of this country, and she needs respect, just like EVERYONE would want to be respected if they are in her position. Do you think other countries would respect US, if they see we dont respect the PRESIDENT? People always blurb about other countries not respecting them, how can they respect us, if we cant respect our leader ourselves?

And one more thing, those people who are always against her, is NOT DOING ANYTHING TO MAKE THIS COUNTRY BETTER!!! At least, even if they said she is being a hypocrite, she is doing something about our country, whereas those people who rally and protest about her IS DOING NOTHING! BUT go OUT IN THE SUN, and protest about this and that, making our country look worse.. instead of going out and making money and being PRODUCTIVE.

And there is nothing wrong with Pres. GMA's SONA. It was a good vision for the future. Why do they always worry about BUDGET?? Who cares about the BUDGET!

Benjamin Diokno, a former budget secretary, said what Ms Arroyo “has failed to address, time and time again, are the issues that block this country’s growth: Corruption, violence, political stability, rule of law and population growth.”

Why should Pres. Arroyo focus on something we all do not want to happen? Yes, it does happen, but why do we have to focus on something that we do not want, when we can focus on something we would WANT. That's why we get more of "what we do not want" because that is what we are focusing. We focus too much on the PROBLEM, that the SOLUTION was not taken care of.

Tobias(bishop), who earlier admitted to providing sanctuary to a troubled military mutineer, cited massive unemployment and underemployment, heavy debt servicing, and the supposed absence of real economic development.

Tobias said the government was again trying to paint a bright picture by claiming that only 11 percent (4 million to 5 million people) of the labor force was unemployed.

In reality, he said the figure was 16 percent of a potential labor force of 40 million Filipinos.

Well, at least PGMA is trying to paint a bright picture, while Bishop Tobias splashes black and white over the scenerio...

I agree with Davao del Norte Vice Gov. Anthony del Rosario (btw, he is a businessman, so he gets the drill).

"Critics are saying that her plans could hardly be achieved until the end of her term on 2010. Of course, all those she planned may not be completed but what is important is that whoever seats as the next leader would know where to start." says del rosario.

He agreed that the president laid on the table a clear and detailed blueprint of nation-building where everyone is given a role to play. Del Rosario expects bitter reaction from the opposition such as the issue on the source of the money to fund those projects. However, he stands by the claim of the president that the effort should come from all sectors of the society including the local government units, the private sector, and funding agencies.

Press Secretary Ignacio Bunye stated that the government has the funds to jumpstart implementation and continuity will be guaranteed by a balance of domestic resources and prudent loans that will not cause a burden on the rising generations but lift the country from the oppression of abject poverty.

Meanwhile, del Rosario observed along with a number of Mindanaoans that PGMA's SONA mentioned less about her plans for Mindanao as compared with the projects for the other mega regions.

" She might not have mentioned all of her plans for Mindanao. But we'll just see later how PGMA would help this mega region. Let's give her a chance to prove her plans for the country", he explained.

However, he too admitted that it is not just the president's burden but the whole country's responsibility as well.

I sooo agree with del Rosario. At least there are still people who are sane, and concerned about the nation and no personal agendas. THINK POSITIVE, but do not be blinded also by what is happening, and do something about it, instead of ranting and raving. Enough said.

I am sorry.. i really just have to state my opinions. GO PRES. GLORIA! You can do it. Let the DOGS BARK, but the CARAVAN must move on! BE BLESSED!

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