Sunday, July 02, 2006

Anatomy Class

So yeah, i started my anatomy class after i finished my Sclerology class. Yikes! My schedule is soo hectic, and it leaves me with little sleep! *sigh*

June 20:

Our anatomy teacher introduced himself. I would try to post some pictures.. later when i upload it.. not up close though.:P hihi Anyway he is good teacher, (young). But he is a bit stressed out cause he teaches from 8am-9pm non stop! Imagine that! I bet he is neurogenic.

Since most of my classmates are not really "students" but iridologists who decided to take the anatomy class cause it is a requirement for the Exam to become a "certified Iridology practitioner". I am the youngest in the class, and almost everyone is married, only two of us are not. You can just imagine, how fun and different it is from other classes.

Our class is interesting, i mean the students that is.

I have two classmates who are radio commentators (local) and inventors at the same time. *WOW* And one of them, invented a cheap yet amazing "waterfuel". Yay.. *stellar*

I have a classmate who does hypnotherapy, and is a historian at the same time.

A classmate who is going to Kenya for missions and is a composer/singer(part of my family)

A classmate earning bucks $$$$

A classmate, who is a leader on some organizational group.

A classmate.. who is a year older than i am.

A classmate... who sings in the church...

And 2 business oriented people...

My Anatomy class starts every 5pm to 9pm..

June 21

We discussed the Integumentary System today.

Oh and just a reminder our class... its a special class about anatomy for non medical courses. So you might wonder, why it is so fast, since Anatomy and Physiology is a very long/hard subject.

June 22

Our teacher got fever. (Because of his schedule. tsk tsk) Class is cancelled.

June 23

We discussed the Skeletal System

June 24

Muscular System

June 26

Nervous System...

June 27

Endocrine System

June 28

Cardiovascular System/ Circulatory System

June 29

Respiratory System/ Digestive System

June 30

Lymphatic/Immune System and we had an exam today!!

I did not get to answer most of the "identification" part. It is hard to memorize MEDICAL TERMS!!! ack!!

our teacher lecturing...

The radio commentator and "water fuel" inventor.. hihi

That's me and Dad Nathan..

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