Sunday, July 02, 2006


Woohoo! I finished Anatomy class already! La di da di da..... *hums*

We watched (me, darlene, dad nathan, ate rhea and kuya gary) Superman (Dad nathan's childhood hero) today. At first I thought (my perception, ok?) it wont be a good movie or whatever.. but once i saw it.. oh my it was actually Good. I mean the storyline was great and everything. Although someone told me it lacked the "action part" thingy, but it was good.

We had dinner (darlene, me and Dad Nathan) afterwards at some seafood restaurant that was owned by our classmate, and we decided to eat together for dinner, after our Anatomy class. Everyone was there, but we didn't catch up with some of them, because they went home early. I just got to talk to the 2 radio commentators(and they were sharing more about *healthstuff* to us). It was a good get-together minus the drinks and all (coz i dont like them.)

All in all the whole day was fine and fun :) BUT TIRING! hehe as usual...

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