Saturday, July 08, 2006

Wohoo!! Kristina Marie S., CCI

Ok ok.. by the way my subject would sound, it would mean a GOOD news right? Is it just me? or do you notice it too? Anyway.. I just passed the International IIPA EXAM and i can practice worldwide!!! Wow!! And i can place "CCI" beside my name.... woohhoo!

/me *hollers*

Oh well... my grade wasn't "that" high, cause i never reached the 90% only above 80 (i got 82.5).
If i could reach it by 90 I couldve been an Iridology Instructor.... but that would be someting i have to master on, before i could lecture and would take me a long time. But hey, I passed that's what matters.

We were supposed to have dinner at YAHONG's but it was full so we ate a restobar (i frgot the name ill edit this once i find out. )

the restooooo.....

That'sme ordering... mhmm what's the specialty?

I am just soooo happy today! Even though i still have to burn a couple of CD's hehe... I AM HAPPY.. and I thank GOD for making me pass the exam even though, I did not get to study and i slept late because i was burning cd's when i shouldve rested and prepared for the exam, but nevertheless i am thankful.

Ahhh the joy of being ONE with CHRIST...................

and Im the youngesttt wooo! cool

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