Friday, July 07, 2006

PCAM/IIPA meeting

I did not get the chance to post yesterday...(July 6,2006) but yesterday was my first PCAM(Philippine College for the Advancement of Medicine) and IIPA (International Iridology Practitioners Association) meeting .

There were a lot of plans, all new and exciting, to launch the recognition of the two organization. Anyhow, i was voted as the Treasurer for IIPA(Davao Chapter). That means additional work. Oh well, it's a privelage to be part of the team and the treasurer.

JUst wanted to share that part though... about the first meeting. I wish i could go to the PCAM convention at puerto Princesa... that would be sooo great. But whatever God wills to be.. im ok with it. :)

And today is a very nerve wracking day because today would be the International exam for the certification as a Comprehensive Iridology Practitioner... Oh well.... See ya.. I have to prepare for it ..

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