Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hail hail to my new skin!

Ok i think something is wrong with today. I guess their server is lagging. Oh well.

This is the first BLOG SKIN ive ever made. I started and finished this 2(june25) days ago. And i think (IMO) that this is a good skin for a first timer. -_-

It was also my first time to make real "use" of photoshop 7.

And today, i finished my sister's blogskin. She was bugging me about it. So take a look at it, I might as well plug her own "Spot"

Just click the link below


My mom also bought me a new pair of shoes from CELINE 3 days ago. They were on sale.. so dont blame me. -_-

And i personally think, it is a good buy. It is always a good buy if something is ON SALE.

One of the reasons, i am also exuberant today is because i finally have the ringtone direct to my phone... from 24 series. Haha, it is soo cute (for me that is).

It is really true... when you imagine it.. it happens.. amazing

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